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Robert FrostA Detailed Study Brief Biography Robert Lee Frost was born March 26 1874 in San Francisco Father Will Frost dies Family returns to Lawrence MA for.
burial Robert enters Lawrence H S 1888 Publishes first poem La Noche Triste in May 1890 Graduates co valedictorian of Lawrence H S with Elinor White Enters Dartmouth College in 1892 Leaves before the end of 1893 1895 works in a mill as a reporter teacher.
Marries Elinor White Dec 19 1895 First child Elliot born Enters Harvard College 1897 Leaves 1899 returns toLawrence Robert and Elinor have 5 more children 1899 Brief Bio continued First child Elliot dies at age 3 in 1900.
Mother Isabelle dies of cancer 4 months later Sixth child Elinor dies within days of birth 1907 Fifth child Marjorie dies during childbirth Wife Elinor dies of a heart attack 1938 Third child son Carol dies of suicide 1940.
Some Recognition Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry 1923 New Hampshire 1931 Collected Poems 1937 A Further Range.
1943 A Witness Tree Gold Medal for Poetry National Institute of Artsand Letters 1939 Gold Medal Poetry Society of America 1941 Award Academy of American Poets 1953.
Congressional Gold Medal 1960 presented by John F Kennedy 1962 Inaugural Poet for John F Kennedy 1961 A Modest AmbitionIt has been noted that Frost s.
ambition as a writer was towrite a few poems that itwould be hard to get rid of R H Winnick Frost s stylistic hallmarks.
Frost is often described as a pastoral poet a Of or relating to the country or countrylife rural b Charmingly simple and serene idyllic c Of relating to or being a literary or.
other artistic work that portrays or evokesrural life usually in an idealized way Those who criticize Frost label him as detached from modern society content to sing of sweetnostalgia for the good things of the past .
Look more closely Frost uses rural imagery to exploresomething of larger symbolic ormetaphysical significance Nature can be either or both the.
central theme of a poem or merely abackdrop or physicalsetting for a very humanor even existential theme Some hallmarks of Frost s.
SUBJECTS ALSO rural scenes and psychologicallandscapes struggle farming and experiencefarmers will.
the natural world purposefulness acceptance Some themes Relationship to fellow man Tragedy.
Strong and sensitive feelings for thenon human natural world Fate death Trust in oneself fellow man the I want them all to sound different .
Listen for the tune Robert FrostBe careful to examine thepossibilities of sound andwordplay in the poems Tone and Drama.
It s the tone I m in love with that whatpoetry is tone R F Literature is performance in words R F Frost uses drama and situation to vary thetones He employs distinctive human.
tonalities generally subdued and low key ranging the scale of human emotion Short to medium length poems generally Highly structured in terms of meter .
rhythm and rhyme Traditional stanzaic organization I would sooner write free verse as playtennis with the net down R F Metaphor.
Poetry permits the one possible way to sayone thing and mean another R F The figure of a poem is the same as for love it begins with delight and ends in wisdom A poem is a thought felt thing .
Many poems begin with observation andfollow with connection In this sense we may see a poem s pattern as Nature Contemplation.
Clarification Frost may use nature as a background beginning with the observation of somethingin nature and then moves toward aconnection to some human situation or.
I m not a nature poet There is almost alwaysa person in my poems R F Please take a look at Design I found a dimpled spider fat and white On a white heal all holding up a moth.
Like a white piece of rigid satin cloth Assorted characters of death and blight NatureMixed ready to begin the morning right 5Like the ingredients of a witches broth A snow drop spider a flower like a froth .
And dead wings carried like a paper kite What had that flower to do with being white VoltaThe wayside blue and innocent heal all 10What brought the kindred spider to that height Then steered the white moth thither in the night .
What but design of darkness to appall If design govern in a thing so small ContemplationYou may be well served to adopt the phrase Frost poses the question .
rather than Frost s message is Frost believed poetry should engage ideas butnot take sides He rarely answeredquestions directly He said Poetry is.
gloating He also said Never larrup anemotion Frost was often thought of as aregional poet New England butdescribed himself as a realmist .
His poems are universal but told inthe setting he knew and loved Good fencesHumor make goodneighbors .
The height of poetry is a kind of mischief Look for his puns and double entendresEx And whom I was like to give offense Mending Wall Remember .
Subject Themethe topic that the the main thoughtpoet has chosen to that it expresseswrite about about the subject Something.
psychological believed or felt Examples for Mowing Working at a task one loves is itsown best reward .
The joy of work is sweeter than anyListen for the tune.” – Robert Frost Be careful to examine the possibilities of sound and wordplay in the poems Tone and Drama “It’s the tone I’m in love with; that what poetry is, tone.” – R.F. “Literature is performance in words.” – R.F. Frost uses drama and situation to vary the tones.

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