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TEACHINGS OF THE LIVING PROPHETSRussell Marion Nelson Born September 9 1924 in Brigham City Utah Married Dantzel White in the Salt LakeTemple in 1945 .
9 daughters and 1 son Dantzel died unexpectedly on 12 February Married Wendy L Watson on 6 April 2006 General President of the Sunday School Sustained to Twelve and ordained an Apostle.
1984 by President Spencer W Kimball uponthe death of LeGrand Richards Called the same day as Dallin H Oaks Organist BA and MD From University of Utah.
PHD from University of Minnesota at age 22 Honorary degrees from BYU USU Snow Collegeand three professorships from three universitiesin the People s Republic of China Served two years in the Army.
Performed the first successful open heart surgeryin Utah 1955 Personal physician to President Spencer W He had been recruited for a role in a play and when he arrived at the theater for the.
first rehearsal he heard the soprano voiceof a dark haired young woman on thestage He stopped suddenly and asked thedirector Who is that beautiful girl singingup there That s Dantzel White .
I thought she was the most beautiful girl Ihad ever seen and sensed that she was theone I would marry Dantzel felt the sameway Three years later they were married inthe Salt Lake Temple .
Dantzel s talent is singing Previous to their marriage shehad received a scholarship to theJuilliard School of Music butexchanged it for the privilege of.
She sung for a number of yearswith the Mormon Tabernacle I get up before anybody else and that gives me time for personalscripture reading private prayer and about a half hour playing thehymns and Johann Sebastian Bach on the organ By the time I leave.
home in the morning my mind is filled with good things thescriptures and fine music This gets my day off to a good startbetter than any other way I ve found President Nelson is fluent in Mandarin During a Regional Representatives Seminar.
in 1978 President Kimball invited membersto extend our own talents in whateverspecialty we might have President Nelsonfollowed that council He hired a tutor toteach him and his wife Mandarin while in.
Medical School to he could speak toChinese people in their own languages healso speaks French Russian and Spanish Who knows him Met him Associated with him .
Russell Marion Nelson. Born September 9, 1924 in Brigham City, Utah. ... “I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and sensed that she was the one I would marry.” Dantzel felt the same way. ... and about a half-hour playing the hymns and Johann Sebastian Bach on the organ. By the time I leave home in the morning, my mind is ...

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