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SAFE HOMES SAFE KIDS MICHIGAN ALLIANCE FOR LEADSAFE HOUSINGLead Abatement Contractor Risk Assessor and Trainer WorkshopAugust 8 2013.
Tina Reynolds Kim RustemHealth Policy Director Research AssociateMichigan Environmental Council602 West Ionia St .
Lansing MI 48933517 487 9539tina environmentalcouncil org Safe Homes Safe Kids Michigan Alliance for Lead Safe Housing.
I Formation of the coalitionII Lead updateIII Where we are todayIV Why we need you What is a coalition anyway .
People Purpose Success Genesis of Safe Homes Safe Kids Michigan Alliance for Lead Safe Housing .
Bad press causedembarrassment and Untested children Slow pace of Poisoned kids still.
living in lead filled The Governor s Lead Commission Established by the Legislature in 2004 Large and diverse membership Met over 4 years.
Issued many recommendations Lead Funding Subcommittee Subcommittee of the Governor s LeadCommission Goal was to find a revenue source to fund lead.
efforts in the state Lead paint tax was recommended among other The Founding Fathers of Safe Homes Safe Funding solution not found before Governor sLead Commission dissolved.
Committed organizations pressed on with mission Believed that a successful funding campaign willneed the broad support of a coalition Where did these committed advocates go Nov 5 2010 East Lansing.
Public introduction of Safe Homes Safe Kids Michigan Alliance for Lead Safe Housing Broaden and grow the coalition Chart the way forward What We Know Today.
High lead poisoning linkedto lower test scores inDetroit Public Schools Detroit Free Press Feb New research finds lead is.
the hidden villain behindviolent crime lower IQ sand the ADHD epidemic Mother Jones Jan Feb2013 Issue .
HUD CDC cuts lead funding The path forward Educate policy makers and decision makers Think creatively about possible funding sourcesand partnerships.
Grow the coalition Coalition continues to make progress BIG WIN 1 25 million in new state dollars forlead poisoning prevention abatement Lead Education Day 23 legislative meetings.
Met with DCH legislative liaison Monthly coalition calls Coalition is growing Coalition newsletter launched Facebook Twitter pages launched.
More will solve Michigan s leadpoisoning problemWe need funds to Test and identify kids Identify lead hazards.
Abate lead risks Serve lead poisoned kids and their families What does this have to do with ME Care about kids Life s work job.
Potential for expanded Joining the coalition improveschances of success What do you want from ME Spend some time on the Safe Homes Safe Kids.
website www mileadsafehomes org Like our Facebook page follow us on Twitter Subscribe to our online newsletter Talk to family friends and local decision makersabout why we need more resources to fight lead.
Join our coalition Michigan s Kids Need You Joseph Barclay Carlo King Michael Barclay Ernest King David Baxter Kyle King.
James Copeland John Hank Klein Harry Dryer Alan Martin David Farmer James Martin Deborah Garcia Robbie McFarlin Kenneth Drew Gulliver Jason McMillin.
Dawn Hallwood Jennifer Pendley Randy Herbert Alexander Samul Leslie Jaquette John Soisson Randy Jarzembowski Deborah Sorcier Bruce Jones Jeff Suty.
Coalition membership How do I join the Safe Homes Safe Kids Michigan Alliance for Lead Safe Housing What am I signing up for No cost.
No time commitmentPlease sign your pledge forms NOW to jointhe coalition What is standing in the way ofending lead poisoning in Michigan .
Perceptions doesn t affect me Education Awareness Public pressure You are part of the solution.
Jobs and the economy are voters 1 concern Decision makers want business support Coalition needs many voices to succeed We need YOU You need US.
Conclusion Safe Homes Safe Kids can tackle theseobstacles with your help Success means so much to Michigan s kidsand Michigan s future.
Thank you QuestionsTina ReynoldsHealth Policy Director517 487 9539.
tina environmentalcouncil orgSafe Homes/Safe Kids:Michigan Alliance for Lead Safe Housing Formation of the coalition. Lead update. Where we are today. Why we need you. Q & A. Happy to be here today! Intro self. I have just passed out some Safe Homes/Safe Kids: MI Alliance for Lead Safe Housing Commitment forms, please don’t do anything with these now but keep them handy b/c we’ll get back to them in about 10 minutes.

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