Safe Plates for Food Handlers Module 6: Food Allergens

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Safe Plates for Home Food HandlersModule 6 Food Allergens Case Study What Happened 17 year old Joe has several severe.
food allergies A few bites into the sandwich herealizes that something isn t right His throat and lips start to itch andswell making it hard to breathe.
Allergic reaction had to be treatedwith Epinephrine and required a trip tothe emergency room What They Found The homemade sandwiches hadn t been labeled.
Joe accidentally grabbed his sister s peanut butter andjelly sandwich instead of his sandwich made withsunflower seed butter Joe s reaction was serious after a couple bites Discussion.
What would you do to prevent something likethis from happening in class or at home Learning Objectives Identify the eight major food allergens in the United Know that food allergens can impact job duties.
including preparing food handling customerinformation needs and responding to suspectedallergic reactions Key Terms Cross contact when an allergen is unintentionally.
transferred from a food containing an allergen to afood that does not contain the allergen Food allergy an abnormal immune response toproteins in food Food intolerance inability to digest chemicals in.
food that leads to uncomfortable symptoms Common Food Allergens Reactions to Food Food allergy The body s immune system has anabnormal reaction to proteins in a food.
Reactions can be life threatening Food intolerance The body doesn t digest certainchemicals properly Cause uncomfortable symptoms such as vomiting abdominal pain and diarrhea.
Examples Wheat gluten lactose intolerance Allergic Reactions Allergic reactions can be mild to very severe Symptoms can be almost immediate or take up to acouple hours.
Mild reactions can include itching eye and throatirritation hives swelling Severe reactions can include anaphylactic shock closing of the airway cardiac arrest Food Allergies.
Preventing Cross ContactCross contact occurs when an allergen is unintentionallytransferred from a food containing an allergen to a food thatdoes not contain the allergen Cooking and sanitizing donot eliminate the risk .
How do you think you can control allergens in theseStorage separate and properly label allergens Handling clean utensils and surfaces after contact with Storage Surfaces Clean between allergen an non allergen foods.
Handling Handwashing both preparation and service Surfaces HandwashingBuffet service label service utensils and communicate.
with customers Buffet service Handling and Serving Allergens Be sure to wash hands when switching from allergento non allergen foods.
Use separate preparation and cooking surfaces orclean between foods Use separate utensils when serving food Label or color code to prevent confusion Reacting to Emergencies.
Plan ahead for a quick response including who will call 911 Understand what may happen Epinephrine injections Customers reactions.
Alert a responsible adult if yoususpect a allergic reaction DiscussionYou re having a cook out at your house Your cousinis allergic to dairy and asked about whether or not.
there is any dairy in the homemade burgers Youthink the burger should be fine without cheese butyou aren t positive How should you respond Where could allergens be Eight major allergens.
Preventing cross contact during preparation and Answering customer questions Reacting to emergenciesOver 12 million Americans suffer from one or more food allergies. Between 5 and 8% of children and 1 to 2% of adults have some type of allergic reaction to foods. Allergens can come on anytime during someone’s life . The Food and Drug Administration requires that foods be labeled conspicuously if they contain allergens listed in this slide.

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