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As provided under the Rules of theDepartment the grievance machineryshall refer to a workable system fordetermining or providing the best way toremedy specific cause or causes of the.
grievance It is intended to help promotewholesome and desirable employeerelations in the Department and toprevent employee discontent anddissatisfaction .
GRIEVANCE MACHINERY In order to create a work atmosphere thatis conducive to good supervisor employeerelations and improved employee morale the machinery shall aim to .
1 activate and strengthen the Department sexisting grievance machinery 2 settle grievances at the lowest level possiblein the Department and3 provide a catalyst for the development of.
capabilities to settle disputes APPLICATION OF GRIEVANCE The following shall be instances shall be actedupon through the grievance machinery 1 Non implementation of policies procedures.
on economic and financial issues includingsalaries incentives working hours leavebenefits unreasonable withholding ofsalaries and inaction on application forleave practices which affect employees.
from recruitment to promotion detail transfer retirement termination and otherrelated issues APPLICATION OF GRIEVANCE2 Poor interpersonal relationship and linkages .
3 Inadequate physical conditions such as lack ofproper ventilation in the workplace andsufficient facilities and equipment necessaryfor the safety and protection of employeeswhose nature and place of work are classified.
as high risk or hazardous 4 Protest on appointments and5 All other matters giving rise to employeedissatisfaction and discontentment outside ofthose enumerated above .
APPLICATION OF GRIEVANCEThe following cases shall not beacted upon through grievancemachinery 1 Disciplinary cases which shall be resolved.
pursuant to DECS Rules of Procedures onAdministrative Disciplinary Cases 2 Sexual harassment cases as provided for inR A 7877 and3 Union related issues and concerns .
JURISDICTION OF SCHOOLGRIEVANCE COMMITTEE The School GrievanceCommittee shall have originaljurisdiction over grievances.
of teachers and non teachingpersonnel in the school thatwere not resolved DECISION OF THE SCHOOLGRIEVANCE COMMITTEE.
1 The Grievance Committee shall render its decisionwithin fifteen 15 days from receipt of the grievance inwriting and the decision of the next higher supervisorsas appealed by the aggrieved party 2 Within the fifteen 15 working day period the.
committee may conduct and investigation and hearingten 10 days from receipt of the grievance and render adecision within five 5 days after the investigation 3 The decision shall be in writing and shall contain allrelevant facts and circumstances as well as the law or.
rule that was applied if any COMPOSITION OF THE SCHOOLGRIEVANCE COMMITTEE 1 Principal or School Head Head 2 President of the Faculty Club.
3 A teacher who is acceptable to boththe aggrieved party and the objectof the grievance to be appointed bythe Principal or School Head Head GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES.
1 Discussion with Immediate Supervisor At the first instance theemployee aggrieved party shall present his her grievance orally or in writing to his herimmediate supervisor who shall within.
three 3 days from the date of presentation inform the employee orally of his or herdecision Provided however that where theobject of the grievance is the immediatesupervisor the aggrieved party may bring.
the grievances to the next higher supervisor GRIEVANCE PROCEDURESIn the oral discussion the followingshall be observed a The employee aggrieved party shall be.
put at ease b The employee aggrieved party shall beencourage to talk c Privacy in discussion d The case shall be heard fully .
e A definite decision shall be reached GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES2 Appeal to the Higher Supervisor If the aggrieved party is not satisfied withthe verbal decision he or she may submit.
the grievance in writing within five 5 days to the next higher supervisor whoshall render his or her decision within five 5 working days from receipt of thegrievance .
GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES3 Appeal to the Grievance Committee The decision of the next higher supervisor may beelevated to the grievance committee within five 5 working days from receipt of the decision of the.
next higher supervisor The grievance committeemay conduct an investigation and hearing withinten 10 working days from receipt of the grievanceand render a decision within five 5 working daysafter the investigation Provided however that.
where the object of the grievance is the grievancecommittee the aggrieved party may submit thegrievance to the Office of the Secretary throughthe Undersecretary of Legal Affairs RESPONSIBILITIES.
a Establish its own procedures and strategies Membership in the grievance committee shall beconsidered part of the member s regular duties b Develop and implement pro active measures oractivities to prevent grievance such as an employee.
assembly which shall be conducted at least onceevery quarter talakayan counseling and otherinterventions Minutes of the proceedings of theseactivities shall be documented for audit purposes c Conduct continuing information drive on the.
Grievance Machinery among officials and employees RESPONSIBILITIESd Conduct dialogue between and among theparties involvede Direct the documentation of the grievance including.
the preparation and signing of written agreementsreached by the parties involved f Issue final certification of the Final Action of theGrievance CFAG which shall contain among otherthings the history and final action taken by the.
agency on the grievance g Submit a quarterly report of its accomplishments andstatus of unresolved grievances Membership in the grievance committee shall be considered part of the member’s regular duties. b. Develop and implement pro-active measures or activities to prevent grievance such as an employee assembly which shall be conducted at least once every quarter, “talakayan”, counseling and other interventions.

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