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School Improvement PlanCentral ElementaryVanessa S McAllister PrincipalMargaret Lewis Assistant PrincipalRaeAnn Whiteside Literacy Coach.
Danielle Maes Guidance CounselorDecember 8 2015 School Demographics Enrollment 610 English language learners 131.
Students with disabilities 99 Ethnicity American Indian or Alaskan Native 6 Black African American 71 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 1.
Hispanic 299 White 203 Asian 3 Two or more races 27 Free Reduced lunch rate 94 .
Number of classroom teachers 43 Number of first year teachers 10 Number of teachers with 1 5 years of experience 10 Number of teachers with 6 14 year of experience 16 Number of teachers with 15 or more years of experience 7.
FCAT Reading FSA ELA2014 FSA 2015 of 3 or 50thhigher 40 Percentile or 36School Reading.
Points for 65 XReading Gains Lowest 25 83 X 99 Tested FCAT FSA MATH.
2014 FSA 2015 of 3 or 50thhigher 53 Percentile or 50School MathPoints for 70 X.
Math Gains Lowest 25 75 X English Language Arts GoalELA instruction will be standards The percentage of students scoring.
proficient on grade level on iReady orFSA ELA will increase by 5 Strategies PLCs focus on standards based instruction instructional shifts and best teaching practices All instruction is standards based in order to ensure mastery of the Florida Standards .
Small group instruction will be used daily for differentiated instruction and optimal student Tutoring will be offered to target the lowest performing students in grade 2 5 Specials area teachers and Instructional Paraprofessionals will assist in grades K 5 ELL students will receive reading support by the ELL Paraprofessional Central utilizes 100 Book Challenge in Kindergarten classes and Accelerated Reader in.
grades 1 5 All students will utilize i Ready for assistance in reading Comprehension will be a foundational skill addressed during the Academic Parent TeacherTeams APTT Science and Social Studies text will be used to support reading instruction and writing from.
Writing instruction will include writing from sources and progress will be monitored twice a Math GoalMath Instruction will be standards The percentage of students scoringproficient on grade level on iReady or.
FSA Math will increase by 5 Strategies Teachers will follow the OCSB Curriculum Roadmap and use iReadycomputer based program and print material for instruction A portion of the weekly PLCs will focus on Math standards based.
instruction and the instructional shifts Acaletics supplemental material will also be used for instruction ingrades 2 5 AIMS materials will be used to support standards based instruction Reflex math will be used to increase math facts fluency .
Tutoring will be offered after school throughout the year Math fact fluency will be a foundational skill emphasized in theAcademic Parent Teacher Team APTT Science GoalScience instruction will be.
standards based The percentage of students scoringproficient on FCAT Science will increase Strategies Teachers will follow the OCSB Curriculum Science Map .
District Science coach will assist teachers in lesson planning andlocating resources for instruction and modeling lessons Data from Performance Matters progress monitoring will be used to driveinstruction Acaletics supplemental material will be used for instruction in fifth grade .
Science text and content will be incorporated into reading instruction tobuild knowledge Weekly science lab activities will be conducted in grades 3 5 Science Fair will be held for grade K 5 AIMS material will be used for science instruction .
Parental Involvement GoalParents will participate inAcademic Parent Teacher Teams APTT that support studentlearning and achievement .
Title I parent surveys will show parentswere actively engaged in theeducational process of students utilizingactivities for foundational skillprescribed by teachers .
Strategies K 5 teachers will facilitate three APTT meetings K 5 parents will be taught activities to strengthen astudent s foundational skill in reading and or math K 5 teachers will meet individually with parents to.
discuss attendance and academic progress ofstudents in November December Gift of Reading books to encourage all children to read every day delivered during the annual Christmas Parade Senior Walkthrough OHS Class of 2016 visit to Central .
Mindset With the right mindset we can motivate our kids helpthem to improve in school as well as reach our own goals personal andprofessional Dweck Teach Like a Champion techniques to improve teaching and putstudents on the path to college .
Think Tank Talks school based professional developmentpresented by teachers to teachers Super Teacher Tuesdays monthly review instruction deliveredto students by Super Hero Teachers Questions .
Number of teachers with 1-5 years of experience: 10. Number of teachers with 6-14 year of experience: 16. ... Think Tank Talks – school based professional development presented by teachers to teachers. Super Teacher Tuesdays – monthly review instruction delivered to students by Super Hero Teachers.

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