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Enhanced SIP SRC RPMSIntegration School Effectiveness Division CharterPurpose The School Effectiveness Division supports and enablesschools to continuously improve its own governance and delivery of.
quality basic education services that are responsive to the diverse needsof its learners Summary of Functions Scope 1 Formulation of School Effectiveness Framework2 Establishment of standards for governance to support.
effective schools3 Application and monitoring of school performancemanagement standards4 Accreditation of Schools and Learning CentersDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.
Overview of Current Thrusts School Effectiveness Framework Continuing the School Based ManagementInitiatives District Synthesis.
School Governing Council User Guide on SBM Assessment External Accreditation of Schools School Re structuring using School Typology School Process Improvements using Continuous.
Improvement Program School Improvement Planning and School Report CardDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 3 Policy BasesThe SIP is a roadmap that lays down specific interventions that a.
school with the help of the community and other stakeholders willundertake within a period of three consecutive school years D O 44 s 2015The School Report Card is a tool for advocating and communicatingthe school situation context and performance to internal and.
external stakeholdersD O 44 s 2015The RPMS shall align the performance targets andaccomplishments with the DepEd s mandate vision mission andstrategic goals The OPCRF shall reflect the Office KRAs .
Objectives and performance indicatorsD O 2 s 2015DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Features of Self Managing SchoolsThe learner is at the center of.
everything we doPhoto from UNICEF WebsiteDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 5 Features of Self Managing SchoolsInvestment addresses various.
needs of learnersDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 6 Features of Self Managing SchoolsMaximizes its intellectualand social capital.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 7 Features of Self Managing SchoolsSchool governance is participatoryDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 8 How can schools become effective.
organizations DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DepEd Order 44 s 2015DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Enhanced SIP Cycle.
Plan SituationMonitoring Analysisand EvaluationIdentificationPlan of Strategies .
Implementation PAPs RequirementsDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 11 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 12 Enhanced SIP Process Integrated Policies.
A Preparatory ActivitiesChild Protection Policy Gather and organize necessary dataD O No 40 s 2012 Form the SPT.
Convene the SPT for orientation vision Early Registrationsharing and scheduling D O No 1 s 2015 Identify Review PIAs Student Led School Analyze PIAs Watching and Hazard Listen to the voice of the learners Mapping.
Analyze school proceses D O No 23 s 2015 Select Area of FocusResult Based Do root cause analysisPerformance Management.
Present the root cause to the SPTC Plan D O No 2 s 2015 Review general objectives targets Formulate solutions Develop Project Designs.
Write the SIP and prepare the AIP Test and roll out the solution s SBM Assessment Communicating with stakeholders D O No 83 s 2012 Check progress of AIP DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 13 SIP is linked with BEPS via Intermediate.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 14 How can schools become effectiveorganizations Results based PerformanceManagement System RPMS .
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 15 RPMS Linkages to Other HR SystemsAgency Planning and andDirections SIP DEDP REDP Natl Plan .
Succession HR PlanningRecruitmentTraining andManpower RPMS Job Design andDevelopment.
RelationshipsRewards andRecognition CompensationEmployee and BenefitsDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.
4 RPMS PHASESInput SIP I PIA Performance Output Planning IPCRF andCommitmen OPCRF.
adjustmentOutput Performance II Development Rewarding PerformanceMonitoring Monitoringplan and Form.
Development CoachingPerformanceReview Output RatingEvaluation sheetThe DepEd RPMS is aligned with OF.
DEPARTMENT the CSC SPMS that has 4 Phases SIP and OPCRFMajor Key Result Areas Key Result Areas Key Result Areas Key Result AreasFinal KRAs Priority KRAs KRAs KRAs Output Improvement.
MFO Areas IPCRF IPCRF IPCRFOPCRF Head Teacher Master Teacher Teachers Principal 1 Instructional 1 School Curriculum 1 Instructional 1 Teaching LearningLeadership Monitoring and Supervision Process.
Basic Evaluation Plan 2 InstructionalServices Key Results Area Priority Improvement AreaCompetence5 Human Resource 5 Human Resource 5 Personal and 5 Personal andManagement and Management Professional Professional.
Development School Based INSET Development Action DevelopmentDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 19 Discuss Strengths and Improvement NeedsDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.
SIP OPCRF AIP IntegrationDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 21 Annual Implementation Plan Adopts the WFP format of ProgramManagement Information System PMIS .
Follows Fiscal Year Calendar plus 1stquarter of the succeeding FY AIP WFP is the basis for MonthlyDisbursement Program and AnnualProcurement Plan.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 22 Annual Implementation PlanDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 23 Annual Implementation PlanQ3 Q4 Q1.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 24 SIP MonitoringDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 25 For the first two years of SHSimplementation Senior High.
Schools are required only todevelop AIP WFP FY 2016 AIP WFP shall includepreparatory activities spill overactivities from previous years.
and centrally led projects andactivities DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 26 COMMUNICATING TOSTAKEHOLDERS.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 27 School Report Card DO 44 s 2015 To increase communityparticipation andinvolvement in school.
operations and activitiesby providingstakeholders a snapshotof the status of theschool and advocating.
for areas that need theirinvolvementDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 28 SRC is aligned with FOI EO Every Filipino shall have access to .
a Informationb Official recordsc Public records and tod Documents and papers pertaining to officialacts transactions or decisions .
e Government research data used as basis forpolicy development Section 3 Executive Order 02 s DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 29 Features of Refined SRC.
1 Focus is on advocacyand communication 2 Streamlinedindicators 19indicators not 32 .
3 Includes schoolaccomplishment ofother stakeholders 4 Integrated with SIPDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 30.
Benefits of using enhanced Greater BetterTransparencystakeholder understandingparticipation of stakeholders.
activities andin school on schoolperformanceactivities situationDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 31.
Ways of Disseminating the SRCPresentation to stakeholders during Posting of SRC in school DivisionSchool Meetings and Assemblies websites bulletin boards and other October March public areasAllocating space in School Journal Reproduction of enough copies for.
Enrolment Access Status of Annual Health and Number and rate of dropouts byImprovement PlanNutritional Status cause AIP Continuous.
Learners materials Quality Improvement Teachers Percentage of learners who Projects professional completed the School Year Other Stakeholders development Promotion Rate Accomplishments.
Funding sources National Achievement Test School awards and NAT by Mean PercentageScore MPS recognitions Literacy levelGovernance.
School Based ManagementAssessment Level Child Friendly School Survey Stakeholders participation Learner Teacher ratio.
Learner Classroom ratio Learner Toilet ratio Learner Seat ratioDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 33 Basic SRC Template.
Advanced SRC TemplatesDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 37 Advanced SRC TemplatesWeblink for SRCTemplates Infographics .
bit ly sip src templatesDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 38 Navotas NHSSCHOOL REPORT CARD2016 2017.
Navotas NHS SRCDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 40 Enrollment RateMale Female1807 1824 1800.
1771 1915 18032013 2014 2014 2015 2015 2016DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Malnourished Children SY 2015 2016 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.
Any 1 LM per subject 1 LearnerDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Fund Source AmountMOOE PhP 3 468 000 00Canteen Funds 40 of the.
Canteen SharesDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Award GivingTitle of Award Level CategoryBest LRMDS DepEd SDO Navotas Division School.
ImplementerMetrobank MTAP Metrobank DepEd Regional StudentRegional Meet Math NCRChallenge 2015 3rdNational Science DepEd National Teacher.
Quest SIMDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Number of Drop Outs per Drop Out Rate Per GenderGender 2014 2015 2014 2015 45 12 7 00 Grade 7 7 12 .
Grade 9 6 17 35 11 5 00 25 3 00 Grade 7 2 52 20 37 2 00 Grade 8 2 16 Grade 9 2 42 Grade 8 1 30 .
15 6 28 1 00 10 0 00 Grade 10 0 26 10 Grade 7 Grade 10 0 22 FemaleGrade 9 GradeGrade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 10.
Male Female Male FemaleDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION NAT MPS for 2 Years70 Filipino 60 68 Mathematics English 55 72 54.
60 Science 50 57 AP 48 43Mathematics 50 English 40 55 38 9 Science 41 84Filipino 60 23English Filipino Mathematics Science AP.
2013 2014 2014 2015DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Current Literacy Level2000 75 821Frustration Level Instructional Level Independent Level.
Survey ResultsChild FriendlyDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Schedule of SRC ReportingA DepEd Order 44 s 2015 .
1 School Report Card shall be reportedtwice in a School Year during months ofOctober and March2 SIP and SRC activities may be includedin the Results Based Performance.
Management System RPMS B DepEd Order 23 s 2016 SchoolCalendar SY 2016 2017DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 51 Schedule of SRC Presentation.
Activity 2016 2017Preparation of Sept 15 30 Feb 15 28School ReportPresentation of Oct 1 14 Mar 1 11SRC in school.
assembliesSubmission of Oct 7 14 Mar 7 11school feedback onGIVE FEEDBACK USING bit ly src monitoring form.
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 52 End of Presentation bhrod sed deped gov phDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 53.
DepEd Order 44, s. 2015 – School Report Card shall be reported twice in a School Year during months of October and March. SIP and SRC activities may be included in the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPMS) DepEd Order 23, s. 2016 – School Calendar SY 2016-2017. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION

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