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SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY WEEKCalifornia Association of School Psychologists School Psychology Week California School Psychology Week is held inconjunction with NASP s School Psychology Awareness.
Week Usually held the second week in November thisyear s event is November 10 14 2014 Let other s know what you The week offers an opportunity to publicize theprofession of school psychology This is a chance to.
clarify that school psychologists do not only work withspecial education students don t only test and don t onlyset up IEP meetings With the Local Control FundingFormula LCFF school boards will have more decisionsto make about such things as whether to hire school.
psychologists or more expensive mental healthpersonnel not trained in education policies It s time they get to know you School Psychology Trained in both psychology and education.
Consultation Assessment Counse... and ProgramDevelopment and Evaluation Provide assistance to school personnel andparents regarding emotional behavioraland learning challenges facing children.
Provide expertise in the area of systems change School Psychology A visionfor addressing barriers tostudent learning School Psychologists and learning supports are the.
resources strategies and practices that providephysical social emotional and intellectual supportsintended to enable all pupils to have an equalopportunity for success at school School Psychologists provide additional assistance to.
foster enhanced responsibility problem solving resilience and effective engagement in classroom The School PsychologyCredentialThe specialization in School Psychology authorizes the.
holder to perform the following Provide services that enhance academic performance Design strategies and programs to address adjustment Consult with other educators and parents on issues of socialdevelopment and behavioral and academic difficulties.
Conduct psycho educational assessment for purposes ofidentifying special needs Provide psychological counseling for individuals groups and Coordinate intervention strategies for management ofindividuals and school wide crises.
What SchoolPsychologists Do School psychologists tailor their services to the particularneeds of each child and each situation They provide mental health services that address needs at.
home and school to help students succeed academically emotionally and socially School psychologists use many different approaches butmost provide these core services What School.
Psychologists DoConsultation Give healthy and effective alternatives to teachers parents and administrators about problems in learningand behavior.
Assist others in understanding child development andhow it affects learning and behavior Strengthen working relationships between educators parents and community services What School.
Psychologists DoIntervention Promote healthy learning behaviors through the development ofpositive behavioral support plans and the use of scientific research based instruction .
Work one on one with children and families Help solve conflicts and problems in learning and adjustment Provide psychological counseling for children and families Provide social skills training behavior management and otherstrategies.
Provide guidance to families and schools with crises such asseparation loss and tragedies at home or at school What SchoolPsychologists DoPrevention.
Identify potential learning difficulties Design programs for children at risk of failure Provide parents and teachers with the skills to cope withdisruptive behavior Foster tolerance understanding and appreciation of.
diversity in the school community Develop initiatives for safe and effective schools What SchoolPsychologists DoDevelop programs on topics such as .
Teaching and learning strategies Classroom management techniques Working with students who have disabilities or unusual Substance abuse Crisis management.
Anti bullying programs and more What SchoolPsychologists DoResearch and Planning Evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs .
behavior management systems and other services Generate new knowledge about learning and behavior Contribute to planning and evaluating school wide reformand restructuring What School.
Psychologists DoAssessmentUse a variety of techniques at an individual group andsystems level to evaluate Academic skills.
Learning aptitudes Personality and emotional development Social skills Learning environments and school climate Eligibility for special education.
What SchoolPsychologists DoHealth Care Provision Collaborate with school and community based personnelto provide a comprehensive model of school linked.
health services Work with children and families to provide integratedcommunity services focusing on psychosocial wellnessand health related issues Develop partnerships with parents and teachers to create.
healthy school environmentsBonus Licensed Educational Psychologists can sign off onMediCal reimbursments They are likely already on staff What SchoolPsychologists Do.
As you can see Recap school psychologists Consultationdo more than just Interventiontesting and writing Preventionreports and play a.
crucial role in K 12 Educationeducation Research Planning Assessment Health Care Provision.
Where School PsychologistsThe majority of school psychologists are employed in publicand private school systems However school psychologistspractice in a variety of settings including Public and Private Schools.
School Based Health Centers Clinics and Hospitals Private Practice Universities Community and State Agencies and OtherInstitutions.
Requirements for the ClearCredential Specializationin School PsychologyIndividuals who completed their program on or after July 1 2004 must satisfy all thefollowing .
1 A baccalaureate degree or higher except in professional education from a regionallyaccredited college or university 2 Complete a professional program of post baccalaureate degree study consisting of aminimum of 60 semester units specializing in school psychology including a practicumrequirement and supervised field experience Programs accredited by the National.
Association of School Psychologists NASP meet this requirement The program must have included 1200 clock hours of supervised field experience withschool aged children or 540 clock hours if the program was completed prior to July 1 Prior to the field experience a minimum of 450 clock hours of practicum is required ofwhich 300 clock hours must be in preschool to grade 12 Up to150 clock hours of the.
required 300 clock hours may be offered through on campus or community agencies A letter verifying practicum and field experience must be on official letterhead from thecollege or university s education department and must accompany the applicationSchool Psychology: A vision for addressing barriers to student learning School Psychologists and learning supports are the resources, strategies, and practices that provide physical, social, emotional, and intellectual supports intended to enable all pupils to have an equal opportunity for success at school.

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