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SHADOW FANLalit DamodaranMrudula VaidyaPratyush Bangera CONTENTS.
Introduction Construction Circuits Working Problems Solved.
Cost Analysis Future Scope INTRODUCTION Standard fans are widely used in personal office Typically provided with 2 modes Static and a.
Preset swing mode The first mode requires physical effort for the fanto be directed to the changing position of the user The second mode can ne wasteful as the fan maybe directed to empty spaces due to preset swing .
Design an automated fan that follows the user s Change the speed of the fan depending on theambient temperature In case of more than a single user provideautomated oscillation of the pan based on their.
positions CONSTRUCTION Components used o BASIC STAMP 2 Microcontrollero Parallax Standard Servomotor.
o PIR Passive Infrared Sensorso Digital Potentiometer AD5220 o Transistoro Temperature Sensor DS1620 CIRCUIT LAYOUT.
CIRCUITS PIR Passive Infrared Sensor The PIR sensor will give a HIGH orLOW signal depending onwhether it can detect motion or.
Standard Servomotor Based on the sensorthat detects the motion the servo head carrying the fan is.
moved to that particular Temperature Sensor The output of thetemperature sensorwill indicate the.
ambient temperature The speed of the fan isvaried accordinglywith respect to theincrease or decrease.
in the temperature Digital Potentiometer AD5220 potentiometer isused to vary thespeed of the fan.
by varying theresistance With everydegree increase potentiometer is.
varies by 20 Miscellaneous Circuitso Bicolor LEDGreen Increasing TemperatureRed Decreasing Temperature.
o Brushless DC motor Fan The output of the digitalpotentiometer is used to runthe fan and vary the speeddepending on the change in.
temperature o PushbuttonsStart Switch switch the circuit onor to restart the.
Kill Switch Used to stopsthe motion of the PROBLEMS FACED Sensor Calibration.
o Difficulty in positioning the PIR sensors on theboard to eliminate superposition of theirsensing rangeo Overcome by designing a mechanical structureseparating the three sensors.
Temperature sensitivity outputo No observable change in fan speedcorresponding to varying temperatureo Solved by using an LED which shows theincorporation of temperature change on the fan.
1 BASIC STAMP 2 Microcontroller 1 106 002 PIR Passive Infrared Sensor 2 20 003 PIR Passive Infrared Mini 1 9 004 Standard Parallax Servomotor 1 11 005 RadioShack Microfan 1 10 00.
6 Temperature Sensor DS1620 1 5 007 Digital Potentiometer AD5220 1 3 008 Misc Pushbuttons Transistor Resistors 3 00Total 167 00Approximate Mass Production Cost 70 00.
FUTURE SCOPE Increase the range by incorporating a field of Increasing the precision by addition of multiple Integration of the fan into a home automation Thank You .
Temperature Sensor (DS1620) The output of the temperature sensor will indicate the ambient temperature. The speed of the fan is varied accordingly with respect to the increase or decrease in the temperature.

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