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Short Writing TasksShort Writing Often Not Just Long Writing SeldomApplication to Intermediate Grades3rd 6th.
Anita L Archer PhDAuthor Consultant Teacherarcherteach aol com Short writing tasks benefit both teachers and One student benefit is .
This is critical because Another student benefit is In addition students These writing assignments are alsoadvantageous to teachers because .
Students learn more due to Rehearsal Retrieval Promotes critical thinking Helps clarify thinking.
Engagement Active thinking Active reflection Active participation When writing precedes discussion .
More thoughtful participation Increased diversity of student voices Develops writing skills Keeps writing skills sharp Increases ability to communicate in domain.
Embedded Formative Assessment Students can appraise their grasp of critical content and concepts Teachers can appraise grasp of critical content andShort Writing Tasks Writing to Learn.
Develop big ideas and concepts Embedded within the lesson Beginning Focus on ideas rather than correctness of style grammar or spelling.
Less structured than disciplinary writingThe following types of products will be particularly useful in termsof writing practice comprehension and content learning Response to Comprehension QuestionsCompare and Contrast.
ExplanationsExit Tickets HOW ScaffoldingScaffoldingStudents writing can be supported using .
Writing Strategies Writing Frames Think Sheets How Instructional ProceduresOption 1 .
Model the procedure Guide students in writing a product Have students use the procedure Carefully monitor and provide feedback I do it We do it You do it .
How Instructional ProceduresOption 2 Show students an example of completed product Tell students how to proceed Have students use the procedure .
Carefully monitor and provide feedback How Provide Feedback Teacher Feedback Teacher provides feedback to individuals in real time Walk around Look around Talk around Teacher Feedback Teacher provides feedback to entire group .
Partner Feedback Students provide feedback on specific attributes totheir partners Self Feedback Students reread their products and carefully revise and Teacher Feedback Teacher provides feedback on completion of product Students write answers to questions to deepen understanding to.
rehearse information and to retrieve information RESPONSE TO COMPREHENSION Strategy Short AnswerStep 1 Read the item Step 2 Turn the Question into part of the answer.
and write it down Step 3 Think of the answer or locate the answerin the article Step 4 Complete your answer REWARDS PLUS.
Example The Magic GourdWhat happened as a result of Rabbit s kindness oral answer As a result of Rabbit s kindness the Chameleongave Rabbit the decorated magic gourd As a result of Rabbit s kindness the Chameleon.
gave Rabbit the decorated magic gourd written answer The major difference between producersand consumers is that producers make their own food andconsumers must eat plants and other animals for food Sentence Frames Paragraph Frames.
Grade 5 Social StudiesWhat does this painting tell you about the rolesof men and women at that time This painting tells us about the roles of men andwomen The role of men was to The role of.
women was to Students summarize chapter segment of chapter article lecture or unitfocusing on the most critical content StrategiesStrategy for Paragraph Writing.
Cross outREWARDS PLUS Sopris West List Make a list of important ideas Penquin s birth Male takes care of egg.
Female lays egg Female leaves Female spends winter at sea The water is very cold Male puts egg on his feet under belly.
Male stays on egg for two months Male doesn t eat Egg hatches Male must care for baby Cross out Cross out any unnecessary or weak ideas .
Connect Connect ideas that could go in one sentence Penquin s birthMale takes care of eggFemale lays eggFemale leaves.
Female spends winter at seaThe water is very coldMale puts egg on his feet under bellyMale stays on egg for two monthsMale doesn t eat.
Egg hatchesMale must care for baby Number Number the ideas in the orderthat they will appear in the paragraph Penquin s birth.
3 Male takes care of egg1 Female lays egg2 Female leavesFemale spends winter at seaThe water is very cold.
Male puts egg on his feet under belly4 Male stays on egg for two months5 Male does not eatEgg hatches6 Male must care for baby.
Write a summary The birth process of penguins is fascinatingand quite different from that of other animals The female penguin lays an egg Soon afterlaying the egg the female penguin leaves and.
spends the winter in the sea Meanwhile themale must take care of the egg For twomonths he places the egg on his feet underhis belly During this time the male penguindoes not eat Even after the baby penguin.
hatches the male penguin continues to takecare of the infant penguin The roots of modern theater can be found inearly Greek theater Greek theater began as areligious ceremony that honored the Greek god.
Dionysus At first choruses chanted lyrics When actors were added to interact with thechorus theater was born Later the Dionysusfestival in Athens became a drama competition and amphitheaters were built to accommodate.
the event Both tragedies which taughtlessons and comedies which made fun of life were performed Greek theater declined whenthe great playwrights died and the government Summary Informational Text.
Chapter Topic In this section of the chapter a number of critical points were made about First the authors pointed out that This was important because Next the authors mentioned that .
Furthermore they indicated This was critical because Finally the authors suggested that Summary Informational Text Example Chapter Drifting Continents.
Topic Wegener s TheoryIn this section of the chapter a number of critical points were made about AlfredWegener s theory of continental drift First the authors pointed out that Wegenerbelieved that all the continents were once joined together in a single landmass thatdrifted apart forming the continents of today This was important because it.
explained why the outline of the continents as they are today fit together Next theauthors mentioned that Wegener argued that there were many pieces of evidencesupporting his theory of continental drift Furthermore they indicated thatWegener used evidence of similar landforms and fossils on different continents toprove his theory This was critical because other scientists could validate this.
evidence Finally the authors suggested that despite this evidence other scientistsdid not accept Wegener s theory because he could not explain the force that pushesand pulls the continent Summary Informational TextChapter Decomposers.
In this section of the chapter a number of critical points weremade about decomposers First the authors stated that decomposersbreak down organisms that are no longer living such as dead plants dead animals and rotting wood This is important because decomposersbreak the organisms into nutrients that can be used by plants Next the.
authors mentioned that earthworms are decomposers that eat plant lifethat has died Furthermore they indicated that earthworms passnutrients from dead plants to the soil This was critical because thesenutrients enrich the soil and thus support plant growth Finally theauthors suggested that fungi and some insects are other examples of.
decomposers There are a number of reasons why writingframes are beneficial to students The most important reason is Another reason is .
A further reason is So you can see why Summary VideoAlthough I already knew that I learned some new facts from the video titled .
I learned I also discovered that Another fact I learned was However the most important interesting thing Ibecame aware of was .
Summary VideoAlthough I already knew that migrating Vaux Swifts gather in NWPortland Oregon in the fall I learned some new facts from the videotitled Vaux Swifts I learned that the Vaux Swifts can not perch likeother song birds due to the structure of their claws These birds either.
cling to the walls of a hollow tree or a chimney or fly I also discoveredthat their natural habitat is declining forcing them to sleep inchimneys Another fact I learned was that up to 30 000 swifts gatherat Chapman Elementary School where they dive down into thechimney at sunset However the most interesting thing I became.
aware of was that the children at the school are very supportive of themigrating Vaux Swifts To protect the swifts in the school chimney theheat is turned off until the swifts migrate resulting in the studentswearing sweaters and coats in class Students reflect on how two things are similar and different .
COMPARE AND CONTRAST Compare and Contrast and are similar in a number of ways First they both Another critical similarity is .
An equally important similarity is Finally they The differences between and are also obvious The most important difference is In addition they are .
In the final analysis differs from in two major ways Compare and ContrastThe sun and the moon are similar in a number of ways First they both belong to the solarsystem Another critical similarity is that they are visible from Earth During the day we canobserve the sun and at night we can spot the moon An equally important similarity is that both.
of them move within our solar system Finally they are objects that we want to learn more about The differences between the sun and moon are also obvious The most importantdifference is that the sun is a gaseous star while the moon is solid The sun is MUCH larger thanthe moon In addition they are different in terms of the light that we observe The sun gives offheat and light of its own while the moon does not give off light of its own but rather reflects light.
of the sun In the final analysis the sun differs from the moon in two major ways their makeup gas vs solid and their light produced by the sun and reflected by the moon Compare and Contrast ExampleNarrative and informative written products are similar in a number of ways First theyboth have an author intent on sharing his her ideas Another critical similarity is the goal.
of informative and narrative writing to communicate to a reader or group of readers Anequally important similarity is that both genre utilize the words mechanics and grammarof the author s language Finally they both are read on a daily basis across the world The differences between narrative and informative written products are also obvious Narratives convey a story real or imagined while informative products transmit.
information that the reader needs or is interested in learning The most importantdifference is their purpose In addition they are structured differently The structure of anarrative is based on the elements of a story settings characters the character sproblems attempts at resolving the problem and finally its resolution In contrast whenwriting an informative product authors organize the information into paragraphs each.
containing a topic and critical details In the final analysis narratives differ frominformative text in two major ways content and structure The Senate and the House of Representatives aresimilar in a number of ways First they are both part ofthe legislative branch of government referred to as.
Congress Furthermore citizens in each state mustelect the senators and representatives that serve inCongress In addition the two bodies of Congress havea number of joint powers including the power to makelaws declare war and collect taxes .
ContrastWhile the Senate and House are similar in a number of ways their membershipcomposition differs There are 100 elected senators with two senators from each stateregardless of the state s population In contrast the House has a total of 435representatives with the number from each state dependent on the state s population .
The qualifications also differ between senators and representatives Representativemust be at least 25 years old a US citizen for 7 or more years and a legal resident ofthe state that they represent On the other hand a senator must be at least 30 yearsBlancaflor can best be described as honorable and obedient. This is evident when the Prince kept his promise to return to the Land of No Return after three years in exchange for his father’s health. Prince Alfonso also shows this trait when he gave the eagle the golden chain in exchange for passage over a ravine. Further, his

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