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SOCRATIC SEMINARSAn Inquiry Strategy Socratic Seminar Vision Socrates believed that enabling students tothink for themselves was more important than.
filling their heads with right answers Participants seek deeper understanding oncomplex ideas through rigorously thoughtfuldialogue than by memorizing bits ofinformation.
What are Socratic Seminars Highly motivated form of intellectual andscholarly discourse Usually range from 30 50 minutes An effective Socratic Seminar creates dialogue as.
opposed to debate Four Elements An effective Socratic Seminar consists of fourinterdependent elements The text s being considered.
The questions raised The seminar leader and The participants The seminar text can be drawn from readingsin literature history science math health .
philosophy current events or from works ofart or music Texts are usually chosen for their richness inideas issues values and their ability tostimulate extended thoughtful dialogue .
The Question An opening questions has no right answer It leads participants back to the text as theyspeculate evaluate define and clarify theissues involved.
Responses to the opening question generate new The line of inquiry evolves on the spot The Leader Plays a dual role as leader and participant Leads thought exploration of the ideas in the text.
Actively engages in the group in the group sexploration of the text Helps participants clarify their positions when arguments Involves reluctant participants w their more vocal peers Must be patient enough to allow participants .
understandings to evolve Must be willing to help participants explorenontraditional insights and unexpected interpretation The Participants Share responsibility for the quality of the.
Most effective when participants Study the text closely Listen actively Share ideas and questions in response to others Search for evidence in the text to support their.
Time to engage in in depth discussions problem solving and clarification of ideas Building a strong collaborative work culture Enhanced knowledge and research base Increased success for all students.
Teaching respect for diverse ideas people and Creating a positive learning environment forall students Conducting a 3 4 Person Team Strategy to use when you have a LARGE class.
over 25 students Divide the class into Inner and Outer circles InnerCircle active participants speakers Outer Circle students observe 2 3 active participants New ideas more questions what about and hand notes.
to their speaker using the text to further the conversation Tips for the Seminar Before the seminar Read the text CAREFULLY provocativequestions short passages identify tough.
vocabulary Highlight key facts and details that supportkey ideas concepts raised in the text Choose some questions in advance broad open ended to engage conversation.
Tips for Teachers During the seminar Begin with an opening question that has NO right answer what is meant by what is your own interpretation of the reading .
Listen HARD follow each answer with another questionif necessary Keep students focused clarification paraphrase insiston standards of rigor etc Allow for pauses.
Take notes Tips for Teachers After the seminar Conduct a debriefing Have students write a reflection.
Debrief the topic Debrief the process Assess students Assign a grade for performance Many prefer to assign a culminating written.
assignment or essay Happy Reading The Question An opening questions has no right answer It leads participants back to the text as they speculate, evaluate, define, and clarify the issues involved Responses to the opening question generate new questions The line of inquiry evolves on the spot The Leader Plays a dual role as leader and participant Leads thought exploration of the ...

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