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Family Life Cycle 101Aging ChildbearingLaunching Parenting What Is The Family Life Cycle The emotional and intellectual stages you pass.
through from childhood to your retirement years as amember of a family are called the family life cycle Ineach stage you face challenges in your family life thatallow you to build or gain new skills Gaining theseskills helps you work through the changes that nearly.
every family goes through Not everyone passes through these stages smoothly Situations such as severe illness financial problems or the death of a loved one can have an effect on howwell you pass through the stages Fortunately if you.
miss skills in one stage you can learn them in later What Are The Stages OfThe Family Life Cycle Beginning Childbearing.
Parenting Midyears Launching Beginning The first stage of the family life cycle.
begins with a couple s marriage whichestablishes a family unit During thisstage their main goal is adjusting tomarried life Each person must learn toshare life with the other while maintaining.
his or her own individuality The length of this stage varies from onecouple to another Some couples shortenthis stage and enter the childbearing stageright away Other couples enjoy this stage.
longer while they postpone parenting Couples without children remain in thisfirst stage continuing to mature in theirmarriage until the middle age years Childbearing.
The second stage begins withexpectant parenthood As this stagebegins the couple focuses on thecoming birth As they prepare forthe arrival of their first child the.
couple realizes nothing will ever bequite the same Primary attention is focused on thebaby The couple now has dualfamily roles husband father and.
wife mother Parents must learn howto manage extra responsibilities andconflicting demands on their timeand energy This stage ends whenthe first child reaches age 3 .
Parenting In the Parenting stage the couple focuses on guidingtheir children through the school age and teen years This stage usually lasts the longest Parenting Preschoolers Stage Primary attention is.
focused on providing for the child s growth anddevelopment in the preschool years Parents developfirm thinking about how to support guide and disciplinetheir children socially and emotionally in this stage Parenting School agers Stage This stage begins.
when the first child is age 6 Parents adjust to otherparents within the school community and mustencourage their children s school achievements Childrenare also expected to internalize the rules of home andschool and become more responsible The stage ends.
when the first child reaches age 13 Parenting Adolescents Stage Parents must nowfocus on the adolescent who wants to become moreindependent of the family system Parents have toreason with children about decisions they are making.
within and outside the family setting Launching Parents now prepare eachchild in turn to beindependent of the family .
Parents assist their childrenin becoming established inhomes and careers The launching stage is aprocess of letting go of day .
to day parenting tasks Midyears During this time parents can focuson each other again Many assumethe role of grandparents and prepare.
for the retirement years Couples without children graduallytransition to this stage while othersare in their parenting years Theymature in their marriage relationship.
and prepare for their retirementyears as do people who have The couple must adjust to changesbrought on by retirement For manycouples this means having more.
time to spend with each other andwith new activities This time offerscouples opportunities to learn newskills or take on new hobbies For many older adults this also.
means dealing with declininghealth and making changes in howthey handle daily activities ofliving Adult children often play agreater role in caring for their.
parents during this stage Thestage ends with the death of both Why Is It Important ToUnderstand The Family Life Mastering the skills and milestones of each stage allows.
you to successfully move from one stage of developmentto the next If you don t master the skills you may stillmove on to the next phase of the cycle but you are morelikely to have difficulty with relationships and futuretransitions Family life cycle theory suggests that.
successful transitioning may also help to prevent diseaseand emotional or stress related disorders Whether you are a parent or child brother or sister bonded by blood or love your experiences through thefamily life cycle will affect who you are and who you.
What Can Disrupt The Normal The stress of daily living coping with achronic medical condition or other lifecrisis can disrupt the normal life cycle Ongoing stress or a crisis can delay the.
transition to the next phase of life Or you may move on without the skills thatyou need to easily adapt and transition tothe next phase of life How Can I Improve My.
Family Life Cycle Be assured you can learn missed skills andimprove your and your family s quality of life atany stage Self examination education and perhaps.
counseling are ways to improve yourself and yourfamily life These are also actions that can help you manageother issues too such as going through a divorceor being a part of a nontraditional family structure .
References Family Life Cycle Topic Overview 2016 Web MD Retrieved November 7 2016 fromhttp www webmd com parenting t... pic overview.
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Family Life Cycle 101 Activities Family Life Cycle 101 Worksheet Family Life Cycle 101 Quiz Family Life Cycle Illustration Create a Family Life CycleIllustration of the 6 Family Life Cycle Stages Include pictures.
for each stage See Sample Family Life Cycle Cartoon Create a Cartoon of your familygoing through each stage of the Family Life Cycle Use one ofthe following cartoon creator websites http www toondoo com .
http cambridgeenglishonline co... https www pixton com https www animaker com http www toonytool com https www powtoon com The couple now has dual family roles—husband/father and wife/mother. Parents must learn how to manage extra responsibilities and conflicting demands on their time and energy. ... Family Life Cycle 101 Worksheet. Family Life Cycle 101 Quiz. ... Create a Family Life Cycle Illustration of the 6 Family Life Cycle Stages. Include pictures for each ...

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