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Elements of a Story Setting The time and place a story takes place Characters the people animals or creatures in a story Plot the series of events that make up a story Conflict a problem or struggle between two people things or ideas .
Walsh Publishing Co 2009Walsh Publishing Co 2009 The setting describes where Details can describe an when the story takes place Time of day It helps build background and Time of year.
Time in Historycreate images in the mind Scenery It helps set the tone or mood Weatherof the story Location.
Walsh Publishing Co 2009 Using the Five Senses A good setting helps SIGHTthe reader visualize SMELLthe places in the TASTE.
A good authordescriptions of thesetting using the fivesenses SensoryWalsh Publishing Co 2009.
Take a Look Which is better The castlewas besidethe water The waves crashed loudly against the shoreline The.
fog lifted lightly and the medieval castle came intoview It was a beautiful site The fog brushed myface and I could smell the smoke from the fire in thedistance and taste the sea salt on my lips Walsh Publishing Co 2009 Your Turn .
On the next slide there is a picture of a setting In your own words write a detailed description of thesetting in your picture Include many adjectives anddon t forget to include descriptions for each of the fivesenses see hear feel smell taste.
Extension EXTRA CREDIT Draw your own setting andthen write about it TO BE COMPLETED AT HOME Walsh Publishing Co 2009 CharactersWalsh Publishing Co 2009.
Every story needsCharacters People Animals Or CreaturesWalsh Publishing Co 2009 The protagonist is the.
good guy The antagonist is the bad guy or force CharacterizaCharacterization is the.
way in which an authorshows the personality of aCharacterization is atechnique writers use tomake characters come to.
Walsh Publishing Co 2009 Think about your favorite book movie or TV character How can you describe his her appearance What kind of personality does he she have .
What kinds of things does he she like Make a list of character traits for this character CharacteriCharacters are people or animals in a story A writer can tell you directly about a character .
Freddy was very competitive A writer can tell you indirectly about a character Two days before the game Freddy gathered histeammates and laid out his plan Then he looked at themand said We are going to win this one No excuses .
Characterizat Direct Characterizationtells the reader the The patient boy and thequiet girl were both well.
personality of the behaved and did notcharacter disobey their mother Direct Characterization isobvious to the reader and spells it right out .
IndirectCharacterizat IndirectCharacterization showsthings that reveal the.
The boy sat next to hissister as she poked himand teased him He didpersonality of the not react He carefullycharacter picked up her doll from.
Speech the floor and placed it Thought on her lap saying gently Effect on Others Here you go why don tyou play with your Actions doll .
Characterizat What does the character say How does the character speak What is revealed through the character s private thoughtsand feelings What is the character s effect on others How do other.
characters feel or behave in reaction to the character What does the character do How does he she behave What does the character look like Dress like CharacterCharacter Traits are descriptive.
adjectives Excitedus specific Unselfish Ambitious.
Light hearted Studious a Courageouscharacter Self confident Friendly Able Leader Inventive Serious Respectful Short Quiet Expert Creative Funny Considerate Adventurous Curious Brave Thrilling Humorous Imaginative Hard working Reserved.
Conceited Independent Sad Busy Timid Pleasing Mischievous Intelligent Poor Patriotic Shy Bossy Demanding Compassionate Rich Fun loving Bold Witty Thoughtful Gentle Tall Popular Daring Fighter Keen Proud Dark Successful Dainty Tireless.
Happy Wild Light Responsible Pitiful Energetic Disagreeable Messy Handsome Lazy Cooperative Cheerful Simple Neat Pretty Dreamer Lovable Smart Fancy Joyful Ugly Helpful Prim Impulsive Plain Strong Selfish Simple Proper Loyal.
Factors inCharacters Physical appearance what they look like Personality Character Traits Background personal history.
Motivation why do they act Relationships Conflict or struggles Does the character change What do they think and feel .
How do others feel about them CharacterMotivation Character Motivation is the driving force behind whythe character does what he she does Reasons for.
character s actions What does the main character want more thananything else main goal What do secondary characters want more thananything else main goal .
What potential conflicts or struggles might existbetween the characters Walsh Publishing Co 2009 Snow White CharacterMotivation.
Motivation Why does the queen s heart turnagainst Snow White Character Motivation Why do the dwarfs allow SnowWhite to stay with them Character Motivation Why does the queen disguise herself.
as an old peddler woman Character Motivation Why does the queen give SnowWhite the poison apple Your Turn Think of a character from abook a movie or TV .
Who is the character From what story What does he she want What does he she need What is his her motivation What does he she do to get what they need .
How does the character change during the movie book or TV show Character Poem Example of poemFirst name Snow White Four traits Beautiful giving loving unhappy.
Related to Cares deeply for The Queen her wicked stepmotherWho feels The seven dwarfsWho needs Safe in the forest.
Who gives The love of a PrinceWho would like to see Love to the seven dwarfsResident of Goodness throughout the kingdomThe forest Identifying Character Traits Worksheet http www readwritethink org le... .
Walsh Publishing Co 2009Plot the events that take place in a story Every storyneeds a plot The plot has different parts Plot ComponentsClimax the turning point the most.
intense moment either mentallyor in actionRising Action the series of Falling Action all of theevents and conflicts in the story action which follows thethat lead to the climax climax.
Exposition the start of the story Resolution the conclusion thebefore the action starts tying together of all of the threads The climax is the most exciting Special Techniques of Plot Suspense excitement or tension.
Flashback interrupts the normal sequence ofevents to tell about something that happenedin the past Surprise Ending conclusion that reader doesnot expect.
And Foreshadowing A hint about what will happen next iscalled foreshadowingFor example if you hear this Then you know someone s about to get eaten .
Walsh Publishing Co 2009 Conflict Conflict is the battle betweentwo forces .
Conflict isn t alwaysbad sometimes ithelps to createWalsh Publishing Co 2009Conflict is the struggle between two.
forces in a story Without conflict there is no plot Types of ConflictCharacter vs CharacterCharacter vs Nature.
Character vs SocietyCharacter vs Self Your turn What s a well known movie that.
Character vs Character ConflictCharacter vs Nature ConflictCharacter vs SocietyWalsh Publishing Co. 2009 Setting Walsh Publishing Co. 2009 Setting Details can describe: Time of day Time of year Time in History Scenery Weather Location The setting describes where an when the story takes place. It helps build background and create images in the mind. It helps set the tone or mood of the story.

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