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Story Literary ElementsSome basics that every good storymust have Short Story elements Derived from the ancients.
Through oral tradition Need to tell and hear stories Egyptians Old Testament stories New Testament parables.
Greeks Odyssey Roman Aeneid Chaucer s Canterbury Tales Development of Short Story 19th Century America art form.
Nathaniel Hawthorne Young Goodman Brown TheMinister s Black Veil The mystery of sin Edgar Allan Poe The Tell Tale Heart The Fall of theHouse of Usher .
The power of blackness Washington Irving The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Rip Van Winkle Transition from European to American By Definition.
A brief fictional narrative in prose 500 words to 12 000 words Unity in plot beginning middle end Reveals character through series of actions Gives effects of intensity.
Limited time periods 1 hour 1 day Poe once said that a short story should be shortenough to be read at one sitting Sets character in motion Gives story its direction.
Focuses on exposition What Focuses on conflict Why Focuses on narrative structure How Great stories have a conflictMan vs Man.
Man vs Nature Man vs Society Man vs Machine Man vs Himself A hint about what will happennext is called foreshadowingFor example if you hear this Then you know someone s about to get eaten .
Linear Plot StructureExpos Fallingaction andition resolution Characterization.
Definition individualized personality Behavior actions speech dress Qualities status Characteristics physical psychological Traits cultural.
Every story needs charactersOr Creatures The protagonist is the good guy The antagonist is the bad guy Methods of Characterization.
1 Direct Exposition the author gives2 Character in Speech dialect vocabulary3 Character in Action behavior 4 Character in Thought soliloquies.
5 Character to Character third party The time and place of the story isthe settingThree types of setting1 historical social political .
2 geographical place e g UnitedStates Europe big city smallcountry farm desert mountains 3 physical time weather day night Four Functions of Setting.
1 to provide conflict2 to illuminate thecharacters3 to establish mood4 to make fiction.
Araby Review the first 3paragraphs Make a list of 25 50words that reflect.
The point of view is theperspective of the story I was framed Ijust wanted to That rotten wolf.
borrow a cup oftried to eat us Point of ViewIt can describe the way in which thereader is presented with the materials of.
the story or actionSimply put it is the way a story is toldThe perspective of the storyteller Types of Points of View Omniscent or 3rd person most.
First person intensity of narrator Objective report facts Innocent eye child like satiric Stream of consciousness unorganizedthoughts flow of memory recalled by.
association thoughts become the basisfor analysis of plot The Cask of the Amontillado The catacombs Catacomb in Italy.
The 8 000 or so mummies in the Capuchin catacombs in Palermo Sicily are arranged in rooms according to their worldly status man orwoman priest or professional child or adult Catacombs underneath city of Paris Symbol Allegory Myth.
1 Something that represents something else Red rose love2 A narrative in which the characters personifyideas concepts qualities or otherabstractions to communicate moral principles.
Young Goodman Brown aninexperienced good common man3 A story that explains or gives meaning to thevalues of a culture partly true partly falseby which people live and die.
Creation myths Adam and Eve Whether you re the reader or thewriter a great story includes allthese literary elements foreshadowing protagonist.
characters climaxantagonistpoint of viewStory Literary Elements. Some basics that every good story must have …. Short Story elements. ... Gives story its direction ... or the writer, a great story includes all these literary elements!!! conflict. setting. point of view. climax. characters. protagonist.

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