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STUDENT SUCCESS KITDr David A George STUDENT SUCCESS KIT SSK INTRODUCTION Purpose Increase academic success of.
What is it System of self administeredassessments tools covering a range ofacademic and personal issues Support Exercises techniques informationand follow up procedures .
ASSUMPTIONS Reasons for student success vary Needs should be met before expectations canbe fully realized If we don t meet them who will .
Instructors are an important part of process There is adequate time in and out of classroomto handle the process There are additional resources at COD to workwith this SSK system .
ANTICIPATED OUTCOMESFROM FULL AND SUCCESSFUL USE OF THESTUDENT SUCCESS KIT PROCESS1 Improved student success higher level of performancein academic personal areas .
2 More effective learning teaching environment students will know that they can get needed assistanceand faculty will be able to teach to a higher level ofperformance expectations 3 More effective utilization of Student Services.
resources increased referrals for appropriate studentproblems issues STUDENT SUCCESS KIT Potential tools alphabetical listing Adapting to Change.
Career Planning Conflict ResolutionChild Care Counseling ServicesCollege Major Selection Creative ThinkingComputers Critical ThinkingDecision Making Disabilities.
Problem Solving DiscriminationFinancial AidHealth Health ServicesJob HuntingLearning Styles Life Balance.
Library Skills Listening 5 SSK Potential tools cont Learning Styles Life BalanceLibrary Skills ListeningMath Science Anxiety Money Management.
Memory Development MotivationMind MappingNote TakingPersonal Purpose Mission Personal RelationshipsReading Right Brain Left Brain.
DevelopmentSelf Esteem Stress ManagementSpeaking Study SkillsTest Taking Time Management STUDENT SUCCESS KIT.
Tool Kits fall under 5 main categories ACADEMIC SKILLS DEVELOPMENT Reading Writing Speaking and Listening STUDY AND THINKING SKILLS Learning Memory Study Skills Critical Thinking.
PERSONAL ISSUES Motivation Self Esteem Relationships Conflict Resolution Health PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE Time Management Money Management Personal Purpose Career RESOURCE NEEDS.
Instructions Use the following values of a 5 point scale to score each ofthe 8 questions per category on the questionnaire 5 The statement is always or almost always true for you around 100 .
4 The statement is often true for you around 75 3 The statement is sometimes true for you around 50 2 The statement is seldom true for you.
around 25 1 The statement is never or almost never true for you around 0 Answer each question as honestly as you can Instructions cont .
When you have answered all 8 questions for all 18 tools add the points for each tool and mark the score on theTotal Score line Note the highest possible score for each tool is 40 Transfer the totals to the Student Success Profile Sheet .
Connect the scores with a line from tool to tool Review your Student Success Profile carefully Below 25 Probable trouble areas25 30 Potential areas for improvement30 40 Indicates probable success.
ACADEMIC SKILLDEVELOPMENT Reading Writing Speaking Skills.
Listening Skills STUDY AND THINKING Learning Styles Memory Study Skills.
Creative and Critical Thinking PERSONAL ISSUES Motivation Self Esteem Personal Relationships.
Conflict Resolution Health PLANNING FORTHE FUTURE Time Management.
Money Management Personal Purpose Career Planning RESOURCE NEEDS Support Resources.
Student Success Tool Kit Once areas for improvement have been identified offerample resources for each tool and commit time to follow up with each student to discuss issues in depth Have tool manuals in handy location.
Have electronic versions if possible Develop a Learning Contract COLLEGE OF THE DESERTStudent Success KitStudent Learning Contract.
Name Semester Instructions This Learning Contract is intended to be used with the Student Success Kit that have already completed The purposeof this Learning Contract is to highlight the areas where it is indicated that you might need additional assistance and to reinforce whatyou might have gained from the reading exercises Complete your responses as appropriate in the spaces provided below and return itto the individual assisting you Copy additional pages as necessary .
Student Success Kit Tool e g Name and appraisal of article How has or how will this How will you make changesReading Time Management read or exercise completed information help to change and in what time frame your performance in thisparticular tool area Student Success Kit Process.
Review resultsDetermine with student Follow throughwho needs as appropriateHave the studentcomplete the SSK .
after explanation1 Tool Kit2 Resource Materials3 Learning Contract College of the Desert.
Referrals Resources Academic Skills Development Academic Skills Center 760 773 2557 Adult Basic Education ABE 760 776 7318 Eastern Valley Center EVC 760 776 7200.
GED High School Completion 760 776 7318 Learning Communities 760 773 2520 Math Science Study Center 760 674 3769 MESA math science engineering majors 760 776 7455 Tutoring Center 760 776 7241.
Writing Lab 760 773 2557 Study and Thinking Skills Academic Skills Center Courses ASC Course Schedule Student Development Courses STDV Course Schedule Learning Communities Course Schedule.
College of the DesertReferrals Resources cont Personal Issues Counseling Center Main Number 760 773 2520 Dr Cheryl Imes Campus Psychologist.
Dr Basil Augustine Counselor Psychologist Disabled Student Programs Services 760 773 2534 Nurse Health Services 760 776 7211 Planning for the Future Career Transfer Center 760 862 1351.
Counseling Center 760 773 2520Counselors Eve Marie Andrews Basil Augustine Khanh Hoang Maria Jasso Elise King Rey Ortiz Fred Sangiorgio and Jose Simo Financial Aid and Scholarship information 760 773 2532.
College of the Desert Resources cont ACES 760 776 7347 Admissions Records 760 773 2516 CalWORKs Lana Kroll 760 862 1343.
Child Development Center 760 776 7262 Counseling Center 760 773 2520 DSPS 760 773 2534 EOPS CARE Carol Lasquade 760 773 2538 Financial Aid 760 773 2532.
Foster Youth Initiative Khanh Hoang 760 776 7424 Mini Corps teaching majors 760 776 7347 New Horizons Book Loan Nori Bambusch 760 773 2571Security 760 341 2111 Student Life Office Carlos Maldonado 760 862 1317.
Veterans Services Donni Prince 760 773 2536 Work Experience Michelle Richards 760 862 1344 Great Resources Resources Great Books .
Carter Carol et al Keys to Success New Jersey Prentice Hall Inc 1998 Driggers Joann Life Management Skills Taking Charge of YourLife NY Delmar Publishers 1999 Ellis David Becoming a Master Student Boston Houghton 2008 .
Ellis David et al Career Planning Boston Houghton 1993 Ruggerio Vincent Ryan Becoming a Critical Thinker Boston Houghton 1996 Wahlstrom Carl and Brian K Williams Learning Success BeingYour Best at College Life CA Wadsworth 2002 .
Our Student Success Tool Kit ResourcesSSK Tool BoxCounselingAdministration.
Questions and CommentsThank you for coming For further information please contact Rey Ortiz 760 776 7264rortiz collegeofthedesert edu.
* STUDENT SUCCESS KIT (Potential tools- alphabetical listing) Adapting to Change Career Planning Conflict Resolution Child Care Counseling Services College Major Selection Creative Thinking Computers Critical Thinking Decision Making/ Problem Solving Disabilities Discrimination Financial Aid Health Health Services Job Hunting Learning Styles ...

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