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Successfully Submitting aSmall Business GrantApplication Using ASSISTOctober 2018 Today s Topics.
What is ASSIST Submission Options Registration Using ASSIST to Navigate the Submission Process Finding Help Resources.
Questions What is ASSIST ASSIST is NIH s online system for thepreparation submission trackingof grant applications through Grants gov to NIH.
Application Forms There is NOT a universal set of application forms that can bedownloaded from our form library or websites You must use the application form package attached to yourfunding opportunity announcement.
Each application form package includes the customized subset of formssupported by NIH which are needed for that opportunity Application forms are accessed using your chosen submissionoption e g ASSIST Application Submission Options.
We recommend you ASSIST System to System Workspacehttps grants nih gov grants ho... Submission Options Used by NIH Small Business Applicants28 26 26 .
40 65 74 74 Q1 2018 Q2 2018 Q3 2018Downloadable Forms ASSIST Multiple Organization Registrations Required toCan take 6 8 weeks to complete all.
registrations If not yet registered start now https grants nih gov grants ho... apply and register registratio... Organization Registration.
DUNS provides unique organization identifier SAM System for Award Management needed to do business withgovernment Requires annual renewal Grants gov required to submit grants.
eRA Commons required to do business with NIH SBA Small Business Administration required for SBIR STTRapplicationshttps grants nih gov grants ho... Verify Your eRA Commons Institution Information.
Signing Official SO should verify registrationis set up to apply to NIH Understand Key Systems RolesGrants gov eRA Commons.
E Business Point of Contact Signing Official SO EBiz POC Principal Investigator PI Authorized Organization Anyone doing data entry inRepresentative AOR ASSIST needs an accounthttps grants nih gov grants ho... .
eRA Commons Account Reminders Do not combine administrative e g SO and scientific e g PI roles on single Commons account If the same person serves both functions two accounts are needed PIs get one Commons account that follows them throughout.
their careers If PI is already registered affiliate their existing accountrather than creating a new one PIs should update their Commons profile prior to submitting Now Let s Talk About the Application.
STEP 4 BUILD TEAMSTEP 8 TRACK Step 1 Find an Opportunity of InterestNIH Guide for Grants Grants gov Search Grants.
Each system has robust search capabilities Clinical Trial Specific FOAs NIH requires that all applications involving one or more clinicaltrials be submitted through a Funding Opportunity Announcement FOA specifically designed for clinical trials .
FOAs include clinical trial allowability Section II of all FOAs Title of most FOAs If title does not include clinical trial allowabilityindicator then independent clinical trials are.
NOT allowedhttps grants nih gov policy cl... SBIR STTRFunding Opportunity AnnouncementsThe SBIR STTR website provides.
direct links to omnibus and otherfunding opportunityannouncements SBIR Clinical Trial NotSTTR Clinical Trial Not.
SBIR Clinical TrialSTTR Clinical Trialhttp sbir nih gov 15 SBIR STTRStandard Due Dates.
http sbir nih gov 16 Carefully read fullFOA opportunityannouncementYour application must fit.
within the mission of oneof the participatinginstitutesupdates inRelated Notices 17.
Due Dates section linksto standard dates webpage or lists specific Section II Award InformationApplication Types.
FOA Application Guide InstructionsLink to ApplicationLink to ASSISTPay special attention to Section IV Application and Submission Information.
Includes any FOA specific submissioninstructions How to ApplyGeneral ApplicationApplication Process Guide.
InformationForm ResourceInstructions s Follow All GuidanceFollow All Guidance Handy Resource.
Annotated form sets Notices in NIH Guide forGrants ContractsPrecedence Importance Funding Opportunity.
Announcement Section IV Application andSubmission Information How to Apply Application G Step 2 Plan for Your Submission.
Identify team members Gather Commons Usernames for anyone who will be working in ASSIST Verify registrations are in place and active Choose submission method Determine application preparation responsibilities.
Who will prepare budget gather data create attachments do data entry Make sure everyone is aware of process Internal review approval process Post submission responsibilities How to deal with errors warnings.
Who will verify application in eRA Commons Step 3 Login to ASSIST Initiate ApplicationExcerpt from FOA in NIH Guide https public era nih gov Login with eRA.
Username ASSIST Welcome ScreenApplicationSearch forApplication.
ASSIST Initiate ScreeninformatioGrants govEnter Project TitleDrop down list of organizations.
affiliated with your eRA CommonsData pre populated fromorganization selection 26 Initiate Pre population.
Visibility to SAMregistration expiration dateCan manually enterPD PI informationor provide eRA.
username to auto If multiple employment records select appropriate record for Screen LayoutAccess online help.
Screen tipsASSIST messagesForm navigationActions vary basedon application.
context and access 28 Step 4 Build Your TeamProvide application access to appropriate team members ASSIST automatically provides application access to someindividuals based on their Commons roles or role on the.
application Users with eRA Commons accounts that have the Signing Official SO orAdministrative Official AO role have access to all applications for theirorganization PD PIs have access to all applications for which they have been given the.
PD PI role Application initiator has automatic access Addition team members can be added to a specific applicationusing the Manage Access feature Manage Access.
Provides ability to give anyone with a valid eRA Commonsaccount access to an application Automatically available to users with Signing Official SO role on eRA Commons account ASSIST ACCESS MAINTAINER ROLE role on eRA Commons.
Available on application by application basis to ASSIST user who has been given the Access Maintainerrole by an SO via the Manage Access action Manage Access ScreensChange current.
access Provide access toadditional users Add New UserDelegate ability tocontrol access to.
the applicationDelegate ability toControl accesschange application Step 5 Enter Data.
Follow All Guidance Handy Resource Notices in NIH Guide Annotated form setsfor Grants ContractsPrecedence Importance Funding Opportunity.
Announcement Section IV Applicationand SubmissionInformation How to Apply Applica.
tion Guidehttps grants nih gov grants ho... Data Entry Screens EditClick each tab to access formdata entry screens.
Clicking Editblocks otherusers fromediting form Data Entry Screens Save.
Save and continue to Save and release lock on formlock out others from so others can edit this formediting this formSelect form andclick Submit.
The form tab isnavigation Avoid Common Errors Include All RequiredAttachmentsWhether an attachment is required or not is often based on.
how you answer specific questions throughout the application Examples Vertebrate Animals Yes then Vertebrate Animals attachment is required More than one entry on the R R Sr Key Person Profile form with the role of PD PI then the Multiple PD PI Leadership Plan attachment on the PHS 398.
Research Plan form is required Avoid Common Errors Special Small Business AttachmentsSBIR applications In the Other Attachments section of the R R Other ProjectInformation form .
Attach proof of your SBA registration Attach the SBIR Application VCOC Certification pdf if your organizationis venture capital backed Find it here http grants nih gov grants for... Other Project.
Information formAttachmentsOther Attachments section Avoid Common Errors Use PDF Format for All Attachments Use simple PDF formatted files.
Do not electronically sign your individual attachments Disable security features such as password protection Keep file names to 50 characters or less Use meaningful filenames Do not include headers or footers.
Section headings as part of the text e g Significance Innovation Approach are encouraged Follow guidelines for fonts and marginsFormat Attachments https grants nih gov grants ho... .
Avoid Common Errors Follow Specified Page LimitsPage Limits https www grants nih gov grants form... Step 6 Finalize Your Application Validate your application data against system enforced NIH.
business rules Generate a pre submission image of your assembledapplication in the NIH format Update Submission Status to Ready for Submission Validate Application.
Errors andWarnings are Errors stop applicationCorrectivesubmissions processing and must be.
must be made You will be unable to submit inBEFORE ASSIST until all identified errorsthe submission are correctedand overwriteprevious Warnings do not stop.
submissions application processing andare corrected at thediscretion of the applicant Generate Application Preview in Agency Format.
View last previewGenerate new preview Application PreviewThe preview is exactly how yourapplication would be assembled upon.
submission except a few items in thefooter e g Grants gov tracking number submission timestamp are not filled in Update Submission StatusEnter comment to be status.
added to status Final Check for ErrorsBefore an application is changed to Ready forSubmission status it must pass validations Warnings are OK .
Updated Status Reflected in Summary Tab Step 7 Submit Your Application Only folks with an eRA Commons SO Signing Official account and a Grants gov AOR Authorized OrganizationRepresentative credentials can submit.
Deadline 5 p m local time of submitting organization on All registrations and SAM renewal must be completed before the Application must be free of all federal system identified errors Grants gov eRA NIH s late policy does not allow corrections after the deadline.
NIH recommends submitting early to allow time to correct Pop QuizThe appropriate measurement for early in the context of application submissiona Minutes Measure early.
b Hours on a calendarnot a clock Submit ApplicationFor Submit button to be active usermust be logged into ASSIST with an.
SO account and the application mustbe in a Ready for Submission status Application Sent to Grants govMessage indicatesapplication has been sent to.
Grants gov You re Not Finished Yet Application SuccessfullSubmitting to Grants gov is NOTthe last step in the process .
Step 8 Track Your Application eRA Commons Status is an integral part of your submission Applications that pass Grants gov validations are picked up by eRACommons and checked against many application guide and opportunityinstructions.
Authorized users can check eRA Commons Status forprocessing results Signing Officials SOs Administrative Officials AOs Principal Investigators PIs .
Delegated Assistants ASSTs E mail notifications sent Application Image AssemblyOnce an error free application is received by NIH the eRAsystem will .
Assemble the grant application image Insert headers PI name and footers page numbers on all pagesAdd New User. Delegate ability to control access to the application. ... Enter comment to be added to status history. Final Check for Errors. Before an application is changed to Ready for Submission status, it must pass validations (Warnings are OK). ... Successfully Submitting a Small Business Grant Application to NIH

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