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More Motivation Adventures in Alice Project Usage of Alice in K 12Susan RodgerDuke University.
Duke UniversityJune July 2010Supported by the National Science Foundation Collaborative GrantESI 0624642 NSF Supplement DRL 0826661 four CRA distributedmentor awards and three Faculty Awards from International.
Business Machines Computer Science Declining Enrollments CompSci 4 Alice Class at Dukefor non majors Lecture for 10 .
20 minutes Students workon problemwith computers Bring students.
back together Success Alice attracts diverse group At Duke CompSci 4 Spring 2005 22 preregister 30 enroll 12 female 3 African Amer .
CompSci 4 Fall 2005 20 preregister 31 enroll 17 female 1 African Amer CompSci 4 Fall 2006 2 sections 64 students 33 female 7 African Amer CompSci 4 Fall 2007 2 sections.
84 students 50 female CompSci 4 Fall 2008 2 sections 100 students 50 female Similar in Spring 2009 Fall 2009 Advertised in school paper.
picture of ice skater Web site of animations Games Created byDuke CompSci 4 Students Non majors.
Most never programmed before Final projects after 10 weeks of Alice 50 of students are women Spring 05 Fall 05 Fall 06 Fall 07 Fall 08 Select girl and boy to play.
Click on red and green buttons tomove them Game Frogger Get frog across road Game Eragon4 tasks to win the game.
Tic Tac ToeClick on arrow keys Player moves foot to square Game Dating GameRumble Putt.
Game Sarah Palin s Seaplane Adventure Sarah Palin s Seaplane Adventure cont Transition to K 12 Alice into K 12 Non majors course at Duke.
Popular fills up with seniors College students pretty set with their major before Students in middle school are starting to formdecisions on careers They have exposure to Teachers Doctors .
Astronauts etc BUT DON T KNOW WHAT COMPUTER SCIENCE IS Success Alice Excites 4th 6th Grade Girls Duke FemmesEvent April 07.
60 girls 4 groups Taught them Alicefor an hour Handout to take Event again in.
2008 2009 2010 Thank you from 4th Grade Girl Adventures in Alice Programming Integrate Alice into high school and middleschools by training teachers.
Six sites Durham NC Charleston SC Virginia Beach VADenver CO Oxford MS San Jose CA Durham sitewww cs duke edu csed alice ali... .
Duke Adventures in Alice site Summer 2008 3 week Teacher workshop 35 teachers mostly middle school some high school Few had ever programmed before.
Subjects english math science history art technology Taught them Alice Developed Lesson Plans Two one week middle school camps Taught Alice Lots of time to build their own Alice worlds.
Overlap between the two Followup Teacher workshop Summer 09 New one week workshops in Summer 09 How to Use Alice in Middle Schools Teachers.
Examples in lecture Make interactive quizzes Make worlds on concepts for students to view Students Projects in place of a poster a model .
To take quizzes To view and answer questions about a world We have developedThree Introductory Tutorials1 Simple Short 15 min tutorial to try Alice.
Add an object use built in methods2 One hour tutorial for younger kids Writing methods simple events camera3 Four part tutorial for middle school kids More detailed on placement of objects .
writing methods events camera control How to put a person on a horse Answer a cell phone 2 3 versions of each of these tutorials Many short tutorials on.
CS Topics Programming sequential and at the same time Methods Events Looping.
Conditionals making a choice Functions compute and return an answer Variables Other Fun Topics Blended in Storyboards.
Changing camera views Scene changes and lighting Making Billboards Making objects invisible and visible Sounds.
Glueing objects to others K 12 Example worlds and Lesson PlansDeveloped by teachers from last summer Science Example How volcano is formed.
How a volcano is formed slide 2 How a volcano is formed slide 3 How a volcano is formed slide 4 Math Example Teacher Lesson Plan on quadrant plane.
Click onlighthouse Enter x y Objects Magic Tree House Quiz.
Famous Children s Book Series Other Ideas for Projects Story from Ancient Egypt Spanish Quiz in which you see a wordand have to click on the object the.
word represents Animate a scene from a book youhave read or a poem you have written Create a world about school safety Memory game remember a random.
color sequence Math Quiz Answer the questionsAlice worlds for these and more are on our website Other Teacher Lesson Plans Finding surface area.
Rate of Change and Slope Science Create a food chain Sun Earth and Moon system Tornados.
Physics Newton s law of gravity Alternative Energy Other Teacher Lesson Plans cont History Social Studies The continents view world and.
answer questions Animated overview of Japan Animated overview of Egypt English Write and animate a poem.
Animate a poem or scene from a Write a movie trailer Usage of Alice by Middle School Students inAlice Camp 2008 We examined the student s worlds What.
type of objects did they use Girls top five People animals environments nature 3D text Boys top five Vehicles people buildings scifi special effects.
Typical Boy Example SciFi vehicles fire More fire And more fire And more fire .
Girl Examples Dancing chicken Girl Example 2 Egypt story Girl Example 3 Attack of the lemurs Girl Example 4 carnival Girl Example 5 rescue baby.
How did the Students use Alice Examined worlds to see which concepts they usedTOPIC at least once 3 timesparameters 34 17 loop 57 23 .
list 45 8 simple event 57 34 4 arrow event 60 26 if statement 43 11 vehicle property 88 46 .
camera controls 80 51 scene change 51 26 Basic topicscolor property 66 17 Feedback from Parents.
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her weekwith you It was a great experience I m convinced Kids like Alice and Alice is agood way to teach kids programming My son is doing my python course and he s not all that.
interested in python and never touches itbetween the courses However in the eveningswhen he comes home from the Alice course he works on his Alice worlds Summarizing.
We developed Tutorials Examples of possible use in Middle Teachers developed Lesson Plans for history science .
math language arts art andtechnology Animation Fair Middle School Students Were engaged developed their.
own worlds Animation Fair Difficult to get away from theAll materials are on our website Followup with 2008 Teachers.
Teachers use Alice during the school year Followup 2 3 day workshop in Summer 2009 June 15 16 Visited one of the schools Presented at the Durham public school.
technology day Alice Symposium and workshops in 2009 Two day Alice workshops on Alice 3 and Alice 2 2 June 15 16 June 17 2009 Alice Symposium.
Submit papers www cs duke edu csed aliceSymp... Three one week Alice workshops June 22 26 June 28 July 2.
July 6 10 Future of Alice Plan to extend our NSF grant to a larger effortin NC and a few other states What we need from you .
Your usage of Alice any materials lesson plansyou develop this summer fall and use They mustmeet NC teaching standards Troubles you encounter along the way withschools Alice anything.
History/Social Studies. The continents – view world and answer questions. Animated overview of Japan. Animated overview of Egypt. English. Write and animate a poem. Animate a poem or scene from a story. Write a movie trailer. Other Teacher Lesson Plans (cont)

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