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ProfessionalModule objectives dados textos interpretativos y expositivos relacionados con el xito ylas emociones en situaciones sociales espec ficas analizar losfactores que suscitan emociones y los que llevan al xito profesional .
sustentar de manera oral y escrita su punto de vista sobre lashabilidades y talentos necesarios para sobresalir en un entorno dado intercambiar opiniones sustentadas sobre c mo alcanzar logrosespec ficos Objectives.
Task Final outcomes LinkedIn professional BioCreate an effective Reflections about using Socialprofessional profile in Media to boost their.
Linked in professional profile 1 Pre taskprofessionala Pair work How can we be more successful inour professions 5 10 minutes .
Pre task Instructions Answer the following questions How can we be more successful in our professions WhatGetting started are the skills and personality features needed in ourprofessions to have a better performance If you want to suceed as a you need to .
I will If I network with other students at the Ices Look at useful vocabulary on pages 80 exercise 2A and86 Exercise 1A Look up for more useful vocabulary todescribe skillsB How can you boost your profesional profile in.
the age of technology and Social Media Getting started How can you boost your professional profile in amore effective way using Social Media What can we network effectively using socialc Pair work.
Work on the activity Before you watch in handout Pre task 1 d Pair work With a partner answer the questions of the handout Preparing for the task Activity 1.
Preparing for Whole group activityInstructions Review the suggestions given by the journalist abouthow to make an effective profile in LinkedIn Look atthe examples and open your account.
Let s check yourSpice it up Example summariesKey information Personality features.
Feelings SkillsLook at the following LinkedInsummaries Useful expression.
Taken from I am interested in working with people who are https business linkedin com ta... I have been working studying solutions blog linkedin best p... 2016 7 linkedin profile summar... I am passionate about .
that we love and how to boost ... I have a lot of abilities as a own If I have to work with other I always do my best to I enjoy verb ing because I believe it is important for my professional lifeCreating your own LinkedIn in.
Task realization Activity 1 Homework Register in LinkedIn and create your profile Introduction and summary After creating your profile post informationregarding your profession .
Activity 2 In classPair work Task realization Check your peers LinkedIn profile and givefeedback based on the LinkedIn examples andsuggestions to create an effective linkedIn profile.
given in the video Useful expression for the feedback If you want to make your profile more effective youneed to Great idea how about .
Make changes in your profile based on your peers Rubric to evaluate the linkedInEvaluation(Look at useful vocabulary on pages 80 exercise 2A and 86 Exercise 1A). Look up for more useful vocabulary to describe skills. Pre-task Getting started. B. How can you boost your profesional profile in theageof technology and Social Media? ... Task 1 Professional profile Last modified by:

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