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Temperature and HeatHeat is a flow of energy dueto temperature differences Temperature Depends onParticle Movement .
All matter is made up of atomsthat are moving even solidobjects have atoms that arevibrating The motion from the atoms gives.
the object energy The Kinetic Theory of Matter All of the particles that make up matter are constantly in motion Solid vibrating atoms Liquid flowing atoms.
Gas move freely Plasma move incrediblyfast and freelywww nasa gov.
Temperature The Measure ofthe average kineticenergy of all theparticles in the.
The atoms massdetermine thetemperature of thecse ssl berkeley edu Temperature.
Temperature ismeasured in units calleddegrees oC F K Fahrenheit Waterfreezes 32oF and boils at.
Celsius Water freezes at0oC and boils at 100oCwww germes online com How does a Thermometer The thermometer can measure.
temperature because thesubstance of the liquid insidealways expands increases orcontracts decreases by a certainamount due to a change in.
temperature All gases liquids andmost solids expandwhen theirJoints such as.
temperaturethis one areincreases used in bridgesaccommodate This is why bridges are.
built with short expansion segments with small Reproduced bybreaks to allow for permission ofexpansion JLM Visuals .
Energy Flows from Warmer toCooler Objects Heat the flow of energy from anobject at a higher temperature toan object at a lower temperature .
Thermal Energy total randomkinetic energy of particles in an Measuring Heat Heat is measured by the units ofcalorie and joule J .
calorie The amount of energyneeded to raise the temperature of1 gram of water by 1oC 1 calorie 4 18 J Some substances change.
temperature more easilythan others Specific Heat theamount of energyrequired to raise.
the temperatureof 1 gram of asubstance by 1oCchesapeake towson edu The Transfer of Energy as.
Energy moves heat in three ways Conduction Convection Radiation Conduction.
The process that moves energy from oneobject to another when they are touchingphysically Conductors materials that transfer energy Insulators materials that do not transfer.
energy easily Examples hot cup of cocoa transfers heatenergy to cold hands Convection The process that.
transfers energyby the movementof large numbersof particles in thesame direction.
within a liquid or Cycle in Nature Boiling water andheating a roomwww physics arizona edu.
Convection1 Cooler denser air sinksand flows under thewarmer air less dense to push the warmer air.
1 As the warmer air rises itcools and becomes moredense npg2 com2 This cooling andmovement of warmer air.
upward creates the cycleof convection Radiation The energy thattravels by.
electromagneticwaves visiblemicrowaves andinfrared light Radiation from.
the sun strikesthe atoms inyour body andtransfers energywww chemheritage org.
Conduction Convection Radiation Energy Occurs in Energytransferred by gases and transferred bydirect contact liquids electromagneticwaves visible light .
Energy flows Movement of microwaves directly from large number of infrared warmer to particles incooler objects same direction All objects radiate Continues until Cycle occurs.
object while Can transfertemperatures temperature energy throughare equal differences exist empty space Vocabulary List Kinetic theory of matter.
Temperature Degree Thermometer Thermal energy Calorie.
Specific heat Conduction Convection Radiation.
Specific Heat: the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of a substance by 1oC The Transfer of Energy as Heat. Energy moves heat in three ways Conduction Convection Radiation Conduction The process that moves energy from one object to another when they are touching physically.

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