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Name Florida Date 1819 How Adams Onis Treaty From Spain Take out your homework from last.
TEXAS REVOLUTION Causes U S Mexican War 1846 1848 PBSHome Video AMERICAN SETTLERS Banker and businessman.
Wanted to start American Colony in 1821 Spanish offi cials grant Austinlarge tract of land Suddenly diesAustin Took over his father s dream.
Arrives in Texas just as Mexicodeclares independence from Spain Mexican offi cials agreed to allowAustin to start his colony as long ashe brought only hard working and.
moral settlers settlers had to promiseto become Mexican citizens and WHY TEXAS Why would Americans want to settle inThink and write your ideas for.
30 seconds AMERICAN SETTLERS American settlers are looking for new landto grow cotton Cotton is the cash crop of the United.
TENSIONS AND ISSUESImmigration 1830 25 000 Americans in Texascompared to only 4 000 Tejanos Tensions were high between the 2.
Mexico outlawed slavery in 1829 Many American settlers in Texas wereslaveholdersGovernmen American settlers were used togoverning themselves.
Resented taking orders from Mexicanoffi cials CAUSES OF REVOLUTION Many American settlers were moving intoAmericans Texas illegally and had no intention of.
becoming Mexican citizens In response Mexico closes the borders ofTexas to Americans Went to Mexico to plead with MexicanStephen government to open up the border of Texas.
Austin Wants to bring Texan s demands to Mexicangovernment reopen Texas to immigrationand make it separate Mexican state Santa Anna General Santa Anna puts Austin in jail for.
promoting rebellion What were three contributing factorsleading to the Texas Revolution ANTONIO LOPEZ DE SANTA ANNABackground General Santa Anna was power hungry.
Once boasted If I were God I wouldwish to be more experience Fought against Mexican attempt to gainindependence Joined Mexican independence movement.
in 1821 and used his new position inMexico to gain power and infl uenceexperience Was elected President of Mexico in 1833 TEXAS REVOLUTIONThe Alamo Mexican troops led by Santa Anna .
defeated Texan rebels in San Antonio 180 Texans 4 000 Mexican troops Santa Anna kills every Texan this willbe used as a rallying cry for TexanSam Houston.
Commander of the Texas revolutionary Strategy was to lure Santa Annafarther into Texas to make it harder toSan Jacinto supply Texans surprise Mexican army at San.
Jacinto River and capture Santa Anna OUTCOMES In exchange for Santa Anna s freedom heIndependen ordered all Mexican troops out of Texasce Santa Anna leaves Mexico disgraced over his.
Texas becomes an independent nation referred to as the Lone Star Republic US Mexican Mexico does not fully accept loss of Texasrelations Blames US government for Texas rebellion Mexican government believes if US annexes.
Texas that is an act of warAnnexation Most Texans were Americans who wantedTexas to become part of United States Debate among Americans to annex Texas or CLASS ACTIVITY.
Lone Star Republic Map sheet OPEN NOTE QUIZ 21 Take your HW out Texas Revolution2 Take out notes for the quiz Manifest Destiny Florida should be.
in handout section Monroe Doctrine Note sheet shouldbe in note section Texas Revolution Note Sheet shouldbe in note section .
Name one issue that led to the TexasRevolutionWrite answer on scrap piece of paper Iwill come around and collect it after 2 ELECTION OF 1844 ISSUES AND.
THE CANDIDATES Former Governor of Tennessee andPolk Speaker of the HouseHenry Clay Ran for President in 1824 and 1832 butlost both times Career politician lawyer .
and oratorJames Birney Former plantation owner and lawyer hasexperience in politics former state rep inJoseph Smith Jr.
Mayor of Nauvoo Illinois Founder of theLatter Day Saint movement JAMES K POLK HENRY CLAY JAMES G BIRNEY.
JOSEPH SMITH JR THE ISSUESTexas Republic of Texas has wanted to joinUnited States since 1836 but issues withMexico have prevented Texas from being.
Many in the north do not want Texas tobe annexed because they do not wantslavery expanding into the west The United States has claimed theOregon Country since the Lewis and.
Clark expedition Great Britain also claims the Oregon GROUP WORK Step 2 Have each person in your group select a role Step 3 read information sheets on your voting bloc.
Step 4 read candidate bio sheets Step 5 determine which candidate you will vote for Step 6 create a presentation for the class If you are in a group of 5 sit in a pod withfi ve seats and start working on the group.
If you are in a group of 4 sit in a pod withfour seats and start working on the group If you are missing someone in your groupraise your hand and I will assist you Once you start working on your presentation.
raise your hand and let me know if you need WHO WILL YOU VOTE FOR Northern Whigs Ian Farr Sam Oakes Zach Trombly Willow Lavallee New England Abolitionists Nate Evans James Therrien .
Emma Scott John Wright Brandie Worcester Northern Expansionists Dylan Maggart Emily Houston Carley Hume Luke Ruel Southern Democrats Marisa Mackenzie Cam Twarog Isaac Robbins Connor White Alexus Jackson.
Poor Southerners Bailey Rokes Ford Oster NaomiBesson Hannah Miller WHO WILL YOU VOTE FOR Northern Whigs Savannah Gauthier Jake Blaisdell Emma Charles Jared Blood Frances Cooke.
New England Abolitionists Arianna Santos CalebFiliault Emily Provencher Avery Smedstad Northern Expansionists Mackenzie Joslyn Owen Haas Ben Drogue Allison Monacelli Christina Maurer Southern Democrats Jacqueline Campbell Brendan.
Schwartz Makayla Breed Logan Ou Nichole Forgues Poor Southerners Isaac Crawford Josh Chambers Noah Phillips Taylor Hoefer ELECTION RESULTS James Polk wins the election of 1844 and.
becomes the 11 t h President of the UnitedVotes Abolitionist s votes for James Birney in thenorth cost Henry Clay just enough to loseelectoral votes in New York costing him the.
In exchange for Santa Anna’s freedom, he ordered all Mexican troops out of Texas. Santa Anna leaves Mexico disgraced over his defeat. Texas becomes an independent nation (referred to as the Lone Star Republic)

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