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THAI TEACHERS TVThe Innovation of Teacher and Principal DevelopmentAssist Prof Sadayu Teeravanitrakul Ed D Head of Marketing Dept Thai Teacher TV ProjectFaculty of Education Burapha University.
Burapha University Thai Teachers TV ProjectThe Innovation of Teacher and Principal Development WHAT IS TEACHERS TV.
Videos have been compiled into primary andsecondary schools All these videos areavailable for teachers to use and download forfree Provide of practical tips lesson ideas andTeaching inspiration .
Success of Teachers TVExpanding across the globeThe United States The United Kingdom Originated from the United Thailand is the second country.
and the United State the third Vision of Teachers TV The quality of an education systemcannot exceed the quality of itsteachers McKinsey Company.
No good school in bad Principal Goal of TTV The decisive factor in the qualityof education is the quality of To enhance the quality of.
teachers they have to learn bywatching good models in action Which is the better trainingexperience X to see good practice.
to have good practice Professional Teacher It s not to have a teaching careerbut to be a professional teacher Good teaching practices from model teachers .
HOW DOES Teachers TV is E TRAININGFor Continuous Self developmentWith the media teacherscan develop themselves.
without leaving theclassroom Teachers TV isFor Continuous Self development.
3 500 Everyepisodes subjectposition inposition in Outstanding Features of.
Teachers TVm in real classroomsy 15 minutes longh quality professional TV production Authenticity.
Broadcast televisionproduction standards 15 MINUTE Top down To peer to peertraining networks.
172 433 Teachers TV Membersin all 77 provinces172 43 Teachers Faculty ofEducation 3 managers and.
education officialsStudents TeachersParents and the researchersgeneral publicLast Updated on April 18 .
620 model schoolsusing Teachers TV as a systematicteachers developmentOffice of the BasicEducation Commission Office of the Higher Education.
Commissionschool 4 schoolsOffice of the Private 619Education Commission model Border Patrol Police Bureau 58 schools schools Ministry of Defense.
from 52 9 schoolsDepartment of ProvincialOffice of Bangkok Administration Education Commission Ministry of Interior10 schools.
28 schoolsLocal AdministrativeOrganization25 schoolsLast Updated on April 18 .
71 universities using Teachers TVwith 9 model universities in 9 regionsUpper Northern Network Lower Northern NetworkChiang Mai NaresuanUniversity University.
Upper Northeast NetworkLower Northeastern NetworkKhon Kaen UbonUniversity s TV RatchathaniRegion University.
Upper Central Networkal Lower Central NetworkPhranakhon Si SilapakornAyutthaya NetworRajabhat k University.
UniversityEastern NetworkSouthern NetworkBurapha ThammaratUniversity Lower Southern Network.
Thaksin UniversityUniversityLast UpdatedFebruary 23 2012Variety of.
of BroadcastingBroadcasting The BiggestClassroom ininthe World .
the World Professional ProfessionalTeacher Teacher DVD.
for TeachersTeachers TVTV Members Teachers Teachers TV .
TV Tablet in ASEAN Thaicom SpecialSpecial DVDDVD Series.
Series forfor TeachersTeachers TVThaicom SatelliteSatellite TV.
TV channelchannel 36Mcot network channelMcot network channel 94 94Local Cable.
ETV channelTrue Visions channel 180Visions channel 180BB Website Voizplus channel.
channel www thaitewww thaitewww uni net thwww uni net th acherLast Updated on February.
Teachers meets Guru Learn from well known expertsand adapt it to classroom use Teach Tech An insight to communication.
technologywhich can be used to enhance teaching Teachers Network Teachers talk to exchange attitude knowledge and ideas.
I Miss You My Teacher Superstars go back to schoolto surprise their favorite teachers The Biggest Classroom in the World Teachers travel the world to turn.
CESSIBLE VIA INTERNETwww thaiteachers tvPROGRAMMESpermanently Outstanding Features of Teachers TV.
Present good teachingpractices from Thailand andaround the world Outstanding Impact ofTeachers TV.
Inspirational Inside out Improve learningmanagement Fulfill teachers competency.
Develop teachersefficiently using teachingmodels Best Practices inreal classroom Continuing Professional Development.
Observe Good PracticeInside OutINSPIRATIONwww thaiteachers tvwww thaiteachers tv.
Why is it SUCCESSFUL Critical Success Factors Great leadership at theorganization school is.
enabling factor Support and promote atpolicy level Supporting Need Free from political issues.
Policy support Necessary financing montree buu ac thTeachers TV: Tablet ” “ I am in ASEAN ” Thaicom. Satellite TV channel 36. Mcot. network channel 94. Local Cable TV. ETV channel. True. Visions channel. 180. IPTV. 3 BB. Voizplus. channel. Website: Special DVD Series for Teachers TV Members. DVD for Teachers TV Members. Last Updated on February 23, 2012 ...

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