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Department of Education SDS Schools Division Superintendent DTC Division Testing Coordinator PSS Private School Supervisor SH School Head.
STC School Testing Coordinator CE Chief Examiner RS Room Supervisor RE Room Examiner LRN Learner Reference Number.
TMs Test Materials TB Test Booklet SAS Scannable Answer Sheet EH Examiner s Handbook SSH Scannable School Header.
ETRE Examiner s Transmittal Report Envelope CETRE Chief Examiner s Transmittal Report Envelope COR Certificate of Rating RESPONSIBILITIES OF THETESTING STAFF.
Roles of the Regional Testing Coordinator RTC in the Conduct of the NCAE and NAT1 Attends the national conference on theadministration of the NCAE and NAT forawareness of standardized test guidelines and.
procedures as one of the end users of the test2 Serves as the resource person relative to theofficial list of private schools operating without3 Clarifies issues and concerns relative to thePhilippine Validating Test PVT for which the.
Regional Office is directly concerned e g The Testing Staff at the DivisionDivision Level SDS School LevelSchool Head Chief.
School Testing CoordinatorRoom SupervisorsRE 1 RE 2 RE 3 RE 4 RE n Assignment of the testing staff shall be done by thet REs Other public school teachers from.
Insufficien the other districts may serve asRE when there is insufficiency ofprivate school teachers many Teachers from big publicschools may be dispersed in.
small private schools For divisions with only few public andprivate high schools elementaryinsufficientSchools with school teachers from public schools.
may serve as REs Privat Swapping of teachers ine public and private schoolsSchemes in the Assignment of Room The Testing Staff and Their Roles.
The Schools Division Superintendent SDS shall 1 be responsible for the smooth conduct of the testin the division2 assign one of the division supervisors as DivisionTesting Coordinator.
3 designate Room Examiners who are reliable competent experienced in the conduct of NCAEand have no history of lost Test Booklets TBs 4 remind PSS to manage tardiness of some privateschool teachers on examination day .
The Division Testing Coordinator1 Prepares accurately with the assistance of PSS the enrolmentdata using the prescribed format and corresponding guidelines 2 On behalf of the SDS the DTC chooses REs who are credible trustworthy and with testing experience .
3 Orients the SHs or STCs prior to test administration 4 Maintains the security and confidentiality of test materialsreceived from the NETRC through a courier Issues an Oath ofConfidentiality for the SHs on this regard 5 Examines the packing guide of TMs upon receipt .
6 Notifies NETRC on the condition of TMs received 7 Accounts all the TMs before final packing The Private School Supervisor1 Disseminates information regarding the NCAE and DepED s latestissuances on it to private schools in the division .
2 Coordinates with private school principals regarding the conduct of theexam to its target clientele formulates an agreement with the SHregarding proper test administration 3 Checks closely if private schools operating without permit were includedvis vis the official list from the region The said schools should be.
excluded Likewise make sure schools with permit are still operating 4 Prepares and provides the DTC with the enrolment data on private schoolsto be tested which will be used in the budget preparation and submitted toNETRC for the preparation of TMs 5 Assists the DTC in the echo orientation in the Division Level for private.
6 Closely supervises the delivery and retrieval of TMs on testing day andassists the DTC in the accounting of TMs 7 Oversees the conduct of the test in private schools 9 The Chief Examiner School Headof the Testing Center.
1 Maintains the security and confidentiality of test materialsreceived from the DTC after getting the TMs from the DTC test boxes are opened on Examination Day 2 Accountable and responsible for all TMs received This endswhen the TMs are returned to the DTC .
3 Assigns a room where all REs can be met before and afterthe test administration distribution room 4 Counts all packs of TBs and or ASs before releasing them to5 Records pertinent data about the test materials released toand received from the REs in the Accounting Form Form 3 .
and Forms 4 5 6 and in the SSH The Chief Examiner School Headof the Testing Center5 Distributes the TBs to each RE and reminds him her to countthese without opening the pack and before leaving the room .
6 Reminds each RE that the ETRE s are sealed in theExamination Room before proceeding to the DistributionRoom for the retrieval phase 7 Monitors proper accomplishment of the different forms bythe RE while the test proper is in progress .
8 Follows the instruction for Accounting and Packing of TMsfound at the latter part of the EH 9 Aware of the details of the testing program to beadministered and10 Orients every teacher in his her respective school on the.
The Room Examiner1 Counts the TBs and ASs without opening theplastic bags containing them beforeproceeding to his her assigned testing room Any discrepancy should be acted upon immediately.
and this should be reported in the CE s Report 2 Signs Form 3 as he she receives the TMs from theCE STC while still in the distribution room 3 Checks if the examinees have lead pencils to useand a sheet of blank paper for computation.
4 Facilitates the recording of the Examinee Numberand Test Booklet Number of the Examinees in theNETRC Form 2 Seat Plan 12 5 Supervises closely the shading of bubbles in theAS for the non test items .
6 Follows strictly the EH during test administration 7 Keeps custody of all the used and unused TBs butare not allowed to read the contents otherwise he she will be given corresponding sanctionsbased on DECS Order No 85 s 1999 .
8 Checks the contents of the ETRE before he sheseals it while still in the examination room 9 Accomplishes Form 7 The Room Supervisor1 Monitors the conduct of the test administration in a testing center with 5 or.
more testing rooms NCAE 2 Checks if the REs adhere to the instructions in the EH 3 Collects all unused SAS from every RE at the time when the examinees areanswering the last subtest in the morning session and to indicate in Form3 the serial numbers of unused Test Booklets and Answer Sheets .
4 Counts and double counts the TBs per pack and the number of ETREs 5 The RS must come from another school other than those schools where REsshall be assigned 6 The number of RSs assigned in a testing center will depend on the number ofexaminees in an examination room .
Below is the ratio 1 RS is assigned in every 10 rooms if there are 20 examinees room LAPG PEPT 1 RS is assigned in every 5 rooms if there are 30 examinees room NAT NCAE The School Testing Coordinator1 Double checks the enrolment data of the school.
prior to submission to the DTC 2 Attends the orientation at the division level in theabsence in behalf of the SH 3 Accomplishes the SSH 4 Assists the CE in all the testing activities .
5 Double checks the TMs before final packing beingaccountable also on these materials The Monitors1 NETRC staff monitors will be assignedto any testing center s nationwide .
unannounced in the field 2 The expenses incurred by external volunteers are not chargeable toNETRC funds Orientation at the Division Level.
This is primarily aimed to orient all the testing staff in theNCAE administration But due to budgetary constraints onlyone representative per school is authorized to attend eitherthe SH or the STC However a 100 attendance is imposedfor the school representative Sanctions should be meted for.
non attendance Hence a mechanism should be devised so that all testing staffare properly oriented one of which is orienting all the teachingforce in the school by the SH STC to be ready on exam day incase there will be shortage of REs in other testing centers .
A soft copy of the Examiner s Handbook and the guidelinesmust be provided to School Heads to save printing cost THE ENROLMENT DATA SCHOOLID AND LEARNER REFERENCE Guidelines in the Preparation of.
Enrolment Data1 Enrolment data must be in CD for Grade 9following the format in DM No 76 s 2015 2 The enrolment data should be based on July3 Use the Prescribed Standard Format in Excel .
Enrolment data in other formats Word PDF JPEG file will be returned to the DTC 4 Group schools by municipality and NOT byalphabetical order 5 Provide data by legislative district NOT by.
school district 20 Matrix for the Grade 9 Enrolment DataCity Public or Name of Enrolment G9 Region Division Municipality Legislative Division Private School SchoolDistrict Code ID.
Guidelines on the Use of School IDs1 BEIS and NETRC are using similar School IDs both recognizedby the Department 2 New schools without School IDs are given temporary ones bythe NETRC and no other sources to avoid duplication and to.
facilitate allocation of test materials 3 The School IDs issued by NETRC will be used temporarily forfuture test administrations until such time BEIS issues thepermanent ID 4 In case there are several School IDs for one school follow the.
School ID indicated in the Scannable School Header SSH and check the correctness of School ID in the TMs received Discrepancy in the School ID School Header vs EBEIS 1 Update the School.
2 Cross out thetemporary School ID3 Write the EBEISSchool ID below the Guidelines on the Use of.
Learner Reference Number LRN 1 Use the LRN that will be provided by theOffice of the Planning Service DepEDCentral Office 2 The LRN must be reflected in each of.
the examinees AS Form 1 List ofExaminees to be posted at the door TEST ADMINISTRATIONGUIDELINES Pre Test Guidelines.
Concern GuidelinesDistribution Time Early in the morning offor the Test Examination date in nearbyMaterials TMs schoolsA day before the Examination date.
to far schools or earlier to far flungPreparation of Only 30 chairs should beClassrooms contained in the ExaminationRoom well spread First and last rows close to the.
Pre Test GuidelinesConcern GuidelinesInformation 1 Inform the examinees to bring pencils lead 2 on examDisseminatio day Examinees 2 Inform the examinees taking the NCAE to bring.
snacks lunch on exam day They are not allowed to leavethe school premises 3 Inform every examinee to be ready with the followinginformation a Region Code.
b Division Codec School IDe A copy of their Final Ratings in Grade 8 for Grade 9 Math English Science and TLENote for NCAE previous year Ratings.
for NAT Third Grading Period Ratings of currentSchool Year Pre Test GuidelinesConcern GuidelinesInformatio 1 Inform all schools that list of examinees must be.
n Dissemi alphabetically arranged in the whole school Each listednation for examinee should have the corresponding LRN All males firstthen the females 2 Private schools without permit to operate are excluded fromTest Administration .
3 Examinees from small size private schools can be merged andtested in one testing center in a city or in a municipality AMaster Teacher shall be assigned as the CE 4 Merging of 5 or Less Excess Examinees Large Testing Center.
Examinees can be integrated in the last five rooms eachaccommodating an examinee The examinee will be the last in the list seat plan Customize Forms 1 and 3 in order to include the additionalexaminee Add another box space 28.
Pre Test GuidelinesConcern Guidelines Small Testing Center In case merging with other small testing centers is notpossible i e 35 examinees only all examinees may be.
accommodated in one testing room Another set of Forms 1 and 2 will be used for the 5examinees Note No integration of excess examinees will be done ifthere are enough testing rooms and room examiners.
coming from other schools to serve in the testing5 There should be a separate ETRE for each school in case thereis merging of small size schools into one testing center 6 Rescheduling of the NCAE Instruction from the SDS mustprevail since they are most familiar with the status of the29.
Pre Test GuidelinesConcern GuidelinesInformation 7 Inclusion PoliciesDisseminatio a Examinees with Hearing Impairment HI n They may take the test.
Roles of the Regional Testing Coordinator (RTC) in the Conduct of the NCAE and NAT . Attends the national conference on the administration of the NCAE and NAT for awareness of standardized test guidelines and procedures as one of the end-users of the test results.

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