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The Art of Journalismand Reporting on the Internet What is Journalism Why is itimportant .
What is journalism Why is journalism an important part of our society What is the role of journalism and reporting What are the ethics that journalism should have Why are they important .
Five Kinds of Journalism Investigative Reviews Column Opinion Feature Writing.
Investigative Tries to uncover truth about a subject or person Government secrets Corporate lies Celebrity scandals.
Investigative writers have to work with uncooperative Uses unbiased objective language Goal question a situation keep institutionsaccountable uncover Examples Park Geunhye scandal.
USA Watergate scandal Barstow D Craig S Buettner R 2018 October 2 Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes Retrieved fromThe New York Times https www nytimes com interact... .
politics donald trump tax sche... action click module Top 20Stories pgtype Homepage News is the most common form of journalism Reports about natural disasters.
Government dealings Business Everyday life Should be straightforward unbiased about factswithout interpretation.
Does not have a lot of depth or questioning all about Examples Hurricane disaster reportingEconomic reporting 160 S Koreans Depart for Pyongyang for Summit AnniversaryEvent 2018 October 4 Retrieved from KBS World Radio .
http world kbs co kr service n... lang e Seq Code 139747 A review is a reporting that examines a subject orperson and gives a summary of that subject or person Movie review.
Book review Restaurant critique Partly based on opinion and partly based on fact Should be well researched and intelligent Examples Review of new restaurant in Seoul.
Review of new Avengers movieMorgenstern J 2018 July 26 Mission Impossible Fallout Review Grace Under Pleasure Retrieved fromThe Wall Street Journal .
https www wsj com articles mis... impossiblefallout review grace... pleasure 1532638439 Column Opinion Columns and opinions are primarily based on opinion and.
personality of the author Focuses on a specific situation or person Politics Celebrity Business.
Can be humorous or critical Columnists interpret events and tell the readers their opinions Examples Opinion article on the state of North South peaceColumn on celebrity gossip The price of The Donald The president s tariffs.
undercut his progress on trade 2018 October 3 Retrieved from The Dallas Morning News https www dallasnews com opinion edi... 03 despite new nafta deal tru... tariffs remain.
Feature Writing Feature writing gives scope depth and interpretation oftopics and people Uses interpretation of writer Uses all facts.
Uses interviews and research Tries to show a perspective not seen before Interprets a situation or trend for the reader supportive or critical Examples Opinion on Korea s response to low birth.
Analysis of the MeToo movement and voterStein J 2018 October 3 Steel is surging under Trump Willworkers benefit Retrieved from The Washington Post https www washingtonpost com b... surging under trump will worke... .
2018 10 03 60a7cd60 c655 11e8 ... 79270f9cce17 story html utm te... Things to consider when writing Unbiased objective unless writing opinion Always stay accurate don t exaggerate.
Always cite or have a source for information According to stated that Use quotes journalism does not use traditional APA style for citations Write independently about your subject.
Don t write on behalf of anyone Consider the person people you are writing about Will it hurt them News ScenariosWrite a three paragraph news brief about this situation .
Use formal language and objective words Try to be unbiasedand informative focusing on accuracy and responsibility WRITE A FEATURE PIECE Based on the theme of your blog write a feature piece Look for a piece of news related to your theme.
If it is travel look for news about travel such as airplane prices travel bans etc If it is animals look for news articles about animal extinctions habitat change etc Write at least five paragraphs about your opinion on the.
Keep in mind the fundamentals of journalismWRITE A FEATURE PIECE. Based on the theme of your blog, write a feature piece. Look for a piece of news related to your theme. If it is travel, look for news about travel such as airplane prices, travel bans, etc.

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