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The Divine Comedy Divided into three parts Inferno hell Purgatorio purgatory Paradiso heaven .
In each realm the narrator is escorted through ahierarchy of levels In hell a hierarchy of crimes and punishments In purgatory a hierarchy of sins and purgatives In heaven a hierarchy of the blessed.
The Divine Comedy In summary a complete picture of the orderingof medieval society An attempt to achieve the medieval synthesis ofChristian belief with Classical ideals .
Classical reason Virgil and Christian faith Beatrice A spiritual odyssey Architecture during the HighMiddle Ages.
In about 1000 the Romanesque style emerged the First Romanesque 1000 1080 and theSecond Romanesque 1080 1200 By 1150 theGothic style was developing out of theRomanesque It was the dominant style of the.
remainder of the Middle Ages succumbingfinally to Renaissance fashion in about 1500 Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is an example ofthe Early Gothic style Amiens Cathedral is anexample of the High Gothic style .
Romanesque style Buildings based on Roman basilica model Heavy looking squat fortress type buildings Use of Roman arches Division into bays .
Innovation of vaulted interior ceilings Groin vault Use of columns for support and decoration Church of Sainte Marie Madeleine Vezelay France 1089 1206 Architecture during the High.
Middle Ages Romanesque Gothic Named for the The term was coinedinherited Roman style by later scholars whobuildings thought the style.
primitive and Style dominates Style originates in mid 1100s and lasts until1000s 1100s Gothic style.
Evolves out of Romanesque Evolves out of a desire to create more dramatic heavenly buildings that would focus the faithfulon higher things height and light .
Despite the cost of building citizens in the townswanted the prestige of having a cathedral in their Gothic Style The Romanesque groin vault is transformed intoa ribbed vault.
The Roman arch is transformed into a pointed The weight of higher walls is supported anddirected outward by flying buttresses Development of the apse and emphasis on the choir where most of the rituals took place .
Development of highly ornate stained glass Early Gothic Style Choir as long as nave Best example Notre Dame in Paris begun 1163.
High Gothic Style Taller buildings More extensive use of flying buttresses which allows for larger windows Generally far more ornately decorated .
Best example Amiens Cathedral Amiens France begun 1220 Amiens Cathedral Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame.
Notre DameThe Divine Comedy Divided into three parts Inferno (hell) Purgatorio (purgatory) Paradiso (heaven) In each realm, the narrator is escorted through a hierarchy of levels In hell, a hierarchy of crimes and punishments In purgatory, a hierarchy of sins and purgatives In heaven, a hierarchy of the blessed

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