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The Divine Comedy Dante s InfernoAll hope abandon ye who enter background 14 000 lines.
3 SECTIONS Inferno Purgatory Paradise background.
Virgil guides Dantethrough the 9 circles The circles areconcentric representinga gradual increase in.
wickedness Culminates at the center of the earth where Satan is held in bondage First Circle Unbaptized .
Punishment Limbo a desirefor a better fatewhich cannot be Second Circle.
Punishment about to fro by aviolent storm with no hope of Third Circle Gluttony.
Punishment Forced to lie in vile slush snow hail dirty water bite eachother apart bit by bit Fourth Circle.
Punishment Crush each other with heavy Fifth Circle Wrath Sloth Punishment .
In the River Styx thewrathful fight each otheron the surface the slothful liegurgling beneath the water Sixth Circle.
Heretics Punishment Constantly roasted in flaming Seventh Circle Violent criminals includes.
Punishment Many different punishments i e gnarly bush drown in river ofblood etc Eighth Circle.
Flattery hypocrisy robbery fortune telling scandal embezzlement etc Punishment Sit in human excrement sit in.
boiling pitch etc Ninth Circle Treason traitors Punishment Buried in ice up to neck tears.
freeze into veil of ice Lucifer at center weeping icytears of blood Today s assignment Dante s Inferno was meant to be.
a critique of medieval society Remember that the punishment fits the crime Today you will create anINFERNO as it applies to high.
school life Today s assignment What are the most significant high school sins in terms offriendships academic work etc .
What punishments would youassign to each sin Remember to structure yourinferno like Dante s .
The Divine Comedy: Dante’s Inferno All hope abandon, ye who enter here… 14,000 lines 3 SECTIONS: Inferno Purgatory Paradise background background Virgil guides Dante through the 9 circles The circles are concentric, representing a gradual increase in wickedness Culminates at the center of the earth, where Satan is held in bondage Sin: Unbaptized, pagans Punishment: Limbo & a desire for a ...

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