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THE DIVINEDante Alighieri Dante Alighieri Widelyregarded as the world s greatestpoet of ideas .
He was a keen observer of everyday life poem The Divine Comedy is amonumental work vast in scope rich inmeaning and timeless in appeal Inthis poem Dante turned Christian.
ideas into great literature More can be learned about how to writepoetry from Dante than from any Englishpoet T S Eliot Scholar and Public Servant.
Dante was born in Florence Italy infather provided him with a fineeducation in both classical andChristian literature Histeachers and close friends.
supported his poetic efforts and by18 Dante had taught himself how towrite in verse However Dante made scholarshipsecondary to public service deciding.
to serve in the army and later pursuea career in politics and diplomacy Florence and Politics Asa city state Florence wasself governing but was.
involved in a political conflictwith the Holy Roman Empire Guelphs supported theauthority of the Pope in Rome Ghibellines supported the.
authority of the Emperor Dantesupported the Guelphsand fought the Ghibellines inthe Battle of Campaldino in Political Life and Exile.
Dante became a city councilman later ahigh ranking official and also anoccasional ambassador However the Guelphs later split into twofactions the Whites and the Blacks .
Dantesided with the Whites this timeagainst the pope and when Florencewas later controlled by the Blacks Dante was exiled from the city Dante spent most of the rest of his life in.
exile usually at the courts of thosesympathetic to the Whites Dante s inspiration Inaddition to his exile Dante drewinspiration from a broken heart .
Most of Dante s early poetry involved aspeaker who expresses love for anideal lady just out of reach Though he married a woman whom hehad been betrothed to as a boy Dante.
loved a woman named Beatrice Althoughhe only met her twice sheembodied all that was virtuous Heruntimely death at 24 broke his.
The Divine Comedy Dante wrote his masterpiece while in exile consists of three sections Inferno Purgatorio and Paradiso Eachsection is divided into parts called.
cantos songs The cantos are written in three line stanzasin a verse form created by Dante calledterza rima aba bcb cdc ded etc Further to Dante the number three had a.
deep spiritual meaning it suggested thedivine mystery of the three persons in oneGod father son holy spirit central toChristianity The Divine Comedy Continued.
Dantehimself is the main character a traveler who represents allof humanity First he journeys down into the Inferno or Hell a hideous realmwhere sinners receive fitting punishments .
Hethen travels to Purgatory a temporary place of punishment and later Paradise where he stands before the throne of God On his journey Dante encounters characters from mythology history and his own time including some friends and enemies The poem therefore is not only an imaginative vision of the.
afterlife but also a rich portrait of medieval times The Divine Comedy Continued Dantegave the poem thename Commedia Comedy because it ends happily .
Intime it became known asthe Divine Comedy because ofits spiritual content Tomany readers the poemsuggests the soul s odyssey.
from darkness and sin to aglimpse of eternal glory beauty and truth The Inferno The Inferno is the first of the three sections of The Divine Comedy .
This is the first stage of Dante s journey through the afterlife He and his guide the Roman poet Virgil travel through thedifferent circle or levels of Hell Danteenvisions Hell as a pit within the Earth where sinners arepunished in the afterlife for their evil deeds .
This pit is shaped like a cone that funnels downward has nine levels the lower the level the worse the sinner andthe more terrible the punishment Limbo Lustful Gluttonous Greedy Wrathful Heretics Violent Frauds Traitors .
Essay Question Test for Friday Inmany works of literature a physicaljourney from one place to another plays acentral role In The Divine Comedy specifically The Inferno how does Dante s.
physical journey crucial to the meaning of thework as a whole Avoid mere plot summary Be insightful Useevidence gathered from the intro.
presentation seminar and your own reading The Inferno. The Inferno is the first of the three sections of The Divine Comedy. This is the first stage of Dante’s journey through the afterlife. He and his guide, the Roman poet Virgil, travel through the different circle, or levels, of Hell.

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