The Fabulous 15 Literary Devices

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Literary Devices Interesting when you read useful when you write ONOMATOPOEIAis a word that imitates the soundit represents .
PERSONIFICATIONis when a writer gives humanqualities to animals or objects My car drank the gasoline in one gulp The cat laughed .
The newspaper headline glared at me ALLITERATIONis the repetition of the sameconsonant sound in words occurringnear one another .
Peter Piper picked a peck ofpickled peppers Sally sells seashells by the SYMBOLISMis using an object or action that.
means something more than itsliteral meaning Pink the fight against breast cancerThe Statue of Liberty freedomreveals something true which at first.
seems contradictory He was a brave coward When you win all the time you lose HYPERBOLEis an obvious exaggeration or.
overstatement I m so hungry I could eat a horse is an expression comparing one thing toanother using the words like or as He ran like a cat lightly and.
Her blue mood passed as quicklyas an afternoon rain shower METAPHORis a comparison of two unlike thingswithout using the words like or as .
He was a statue waiting to hear theShe was a mother hen trying to takecare of everyone around her ALLUSIONis a casual reference to a famous.
historical or literary figure or event If it doesn t stop raining I m goingto build an ark My sister has so many pets I mgoing to call myself Old McDonald .
is when a writer invokes the fiveThe smell reminded him of rottingThe fence was uneven like baby teethgrowing awkwardly in also ais an expression with a meaning different.
from the literal meaning of the words I got cold feet before my speech I was scaredmy boss gave me the green light my boss said yes.
draw the curtains close the curtainsput the lights out turn off the lights OXYMORON.
two opposite terms a peaceful wara generous cheapskatedark sunshine EUPHEMISM.
is a polite word or phrase used inplace of one that may be too direct unpleasant or embarrassing pass away dievertically challenged short.
tooted fartedlet go firedpre owned usedis an expression that has lost itspower or originality from overuse .
talking a mile a minutequiet as a mouseeasy as pieis a humorous play on words ofteninvolving double meanings.
When a clock is hungry it goes backfour seconds A man stole a case of soap from thecorner store He made a clean Two goals .
Identifyis when a writer gives human qualities to animals or objects. ALLITERATION. Examples: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.Sally sells seashells by the seashore. is the repetition of the same consonant sound in words occurring near one another. ... The Fabulous 15 Literary Devices

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