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Planning Process DramaPromotional video Interactive workshopTHE FIRST FLEET JOHN S JOURNEY Review the planning steps and key.
components of process drama briefly Participate in a process drama based on theFirst Fleet selected parts Review an example of a process dramaapplying these planning steps.
Deconstruct the plan of the First Fleet and linkthis back to the planning steps Great exampleYear one maths View you tube clip Maths story land.
PROCESS DRAMA WHAT IS IT What is process drama Descended from dramatic play natural extension of The teacher acts as teacher director co playwrightand co player with the students.
The narrative might change based on the students The teacher selects a range of dramatic conventionsto explore the key learning question and the humancontext suggested by the dramatic pre text The Twelve Steps.
Planning an introductory level process drama Clear central role for students to explore in theexperiential phase Important to consider the prior experiences ofstudents and the drama skills they require and.
build these before commencing process drama Use drama games and short activities to buildstudent s understanding of freeze frame roleplay role circle and dramatic tension Lets look at the 12 Steps.
Today we are exploring a basic process dramastructure with one key role This is anintroductory level drama suitable for year 4 More advanced dramas could explore multipleroles and contexts .
I have developed a recipe method for the basiccentral protagonist process drama the twelveplanning steps 1 Craft the focus questionToday s drama.
Were the convicts who sailed on the first fleetto Australia criminals or victims 2 Select the dramatic frames Inside the 1787 On board one of thedramatic action ships of the First Fleet The.
youngest convict eversentenced fortransportation The On the edge of FriendshipPreparing for the journey .
the dramatic Building the boats planningthe trip Loading the shipswith the convictsaction In the present day Thestudents as historians meet.
Outside the a relative of one of theconvicts and they provideinformation about the era dramatic action 3 Select or create a pre text.
Today s pre textCan you imagine just for a moment that you are living in anothertime and place Over 200 years ago in 1787 in a country calledEngland You are about to go on a long journey to a new countrythat you know very little about on the other side of the earth .
You are being sent to a start a new settlement in a place calledBotany Bay in New South Wales it will take you over eightmonths to sail over 24000 kilometres to sail by ship because it ison the other side of the world You are not alone many otherswere transported with you You have no choice you must go on.
this journey and you know that may never return home again 4 Build the participants understanding ofthe context How many masts does the ship have What is the ship made of .
How many sails does the ship have How is the ship powered What colour is the flag What colour are the sails Blanket Role Mantle of the Expert.
HISTORIAN Expert on life in LONDON 1780 sDr Your real Name Historian s code Seeking the truththrough evidence 5 Choose a central role for the participants.
to explore John Hudson youngest convict Normally this would be a fictional characterhowever given the time difference there isenough distance in to not have the real.
context impact on the drama therefore Ihave used a real name Transport Ships The AlexanderThe Charlotte.
The Lady PenrhynThe FriendshipThe Prince of WalesThe Scarborough 6 Build belief in the central role.
John Hudson Monologue Postcards and the journey A map of John s Journey The role circle London 1783 for many a city of poverty and.
despair food and shelter was scarce andexpensive few had jobs and many wereforced to steal in order to feed themselvesand their families The narrow dirty streetswere crowded with beggars pickpockets and.
all manner of desperate men women andchildren John Hudson was a chimney sweepfr0m Middlesex was arrested while breakinginto a house for burglary and was sentence totrial at the old bailey The penalty for burglary.
was death but because of his age Hudsonsentence was reduced to seven yearstransportation John Hudson was 9 years old 7 Provide opportunity to embody the central The role circle.
8 Inject a tension for the central role to Will John steal on the boat or not HUMAN FOCUS MOODFOCUS MOOD TIME CONTEXT MOVEMENT MEANING.
The elements of drama the building blocks of drama The most essentially dramatic of all theelements TENSION is needed to turn thishuman context into dramatic action To keepthe audience and the participants interested.
in the situation and the characters there hasto be something significant at stake Thetension can be provided in many ways The tension can be provided in many ways the tension of the task the urgency and.
importance of what the characters have to do toachieve their goals or deal with the situation dilemma where the characters face difficult conflict the clashes of interest power orpersonality between or among the characters or.
their misunderstandings Which tension will you include in your scene 9 Explore the tension through dramaticconventionsToday Find a partner.
One of you will take on the role of JohnHudson and either another convict or a guard It is your choice Your short scene must have10 lines of dialogue start with a freeze frameand convey to the rest of the class what John.
decides to do The scene must includedramatic tension Decide which tension 10 Plan for a reflective activities Future predictions Writing in role .
11 Evaluate the planUse these great questions developed by John O Toole to rethink the process drama plan The Context has the situation been clearly set up Have the students has sufficient time to build belief Toenrol themselves or understand the perspective of their characters in the situation The time scale and tempo Are they appropriate It is tempting to try and rush the drama Drama actually.
works better the slower you take it The focus framing are we clearly working inside the dramatic action or on the edge or on the outside This can add protection and distancing Dramatic tension is the class going to be really gripped by the unfinished business the unansweredquestions .
The place and the space are the real life and fiction congruent Are we trying to have a press conferencewith the reporters sitting on the floor The language and the movement is the language we are speaking appropriate in genre and register Arestudents having the opportunity to physicalize the situation and the gesture The mood and the dramatic symbols are these adding to the significance .
Source O Toole J 2008 Process dialogue and performance The dramatic art of English teaching In M Anderson J Hughes J Manuel Eds Drama and English teaching Imagination action and engagement pp 2 13 Melbourne Oxford 12 Revise the plan .
Participate in a process drama based on the First Fleet (selected parts). ... John Hudson was a chimney sweep fr0m Middlesex, was arrested while breaking into a house for burglary and was sentence to trial at the old bailey. The penalty for burglary was death but because of his age, Hudson sentence was reduced to seven years transportation ...

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