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Game of BasketballBy KristenGood readers determineimportance by noticing textfeatures such as pictures .
headings subheadings captions timelines diagrams bold words and font sizes Table of Contents The Beginning of Basketball 3.
Basketball Timeline 4 5 Back to Basics 6 Court Lines and Markings 7 Team Size 8 The Ball 9.
The Basketball Hall of Fame 10 Glossary 11 13 References 14 The Beginning of Basketball The sport of basketball began when Dr James.
Naismith was asked to create an indoor game which could be played during the cold NewEngland winter Dr Luther Gulick head of PhysicalEducation at the School for Christian Workers gaveDr Naismith 14 days to invent a sport which would.
distract a rowdy class from causing trouble when itwas too cold to go outside Dr Naismith at firsttried to organize outdoor sports like lacrosse andsoccer to be played indoors He finally designed 13 The first game of basketball wasoriginal rules to make a game he referred to as played in Springfield MA at a.
basket ball YMCA with 18 players Basketball is now played byover 300 million peoplearound the world Basketball Timeline.
December 1891 Dr James Naismith an instructorat the School for Christian Workers in Springfield Massachusetts invents basket ball then two March 22 1893 Smith College in Massachusetts becomes the first women s school to playbasket ball Men are not allowed to watch the games .
1895 The field goal value is changed from three points to two points The free throw value ischanged from three points to one point 1896 The first known professional basketball game is played in Trenton New Jersey 1921 The spelling of basket ball becomes basketball February 25 1924 Marie Boyd scores 156 points for Lonaconing Central Maryland in a.
162 3 victory over Cumberland Ursuline Academy Maryland This is a national record for Basketball Timeline continued June 6 1946 The Basketball Association of America BAA is founded Maurice Podoloff isnamed the league president August 3 1949 Six teams from the NBL join the BAA the resulting 17 teams form the.
National Basketball Association NBA and name Maurice Podloff as President 1951 A crowd of 75 000people a record for abasketball game watch theHarlem Globetrotters.
perform at Berlin Olympic 1978 79 The NBA Adds a third referee 1979 The NBA adopts a three point line October 12 1979 Celtics guard Chris Ford hits the NBA s first three pointer April 24 1996 The NBA.
Agrees to start a Women sNation BasketballAssociation WNBA Back to BasicsSome of the Original Rules .
1 Three fouls resulted in a goal forthe opponents 2 There were two fifteen minutehalves with a five minute halftime 3 A player could not run with the.
ball but may be allowed a fewsteps if he she caught the ballwhile running A peach basket was usedas the original basketball4 A goal was made when the ball hoop .
went into the basket and stayed5 A foul is striking at the ball with the Court Lines and Markings1 Sidelines run the lengths of thecourt They are normally 50 feet apart .
2 Baselines Endlines run from sidelineto sideline about 4 feet behind the3 Midcourt line divides the court in4 Three point line field goals made behind this line count as 3 points 5 Free throw line 15 feet away from the backboard This is the boundary line when.
shooting free throws The shooter cannot step on or past this line when shooting free6 Free throw circle The free throw shooter must remain in this area when shooting free7 Lane lines boundaries which run from the free throw line to the baseline 8 Center circle 12 feet in diameter This is found in the center of the court and used tostart the game .
Team SizeWhen basketball was first played there was no set rule on the number ofplayers It was believed that any number of players even 50 could play thegame at one time However this did not work out Early games were mainlyplayed by nine players on each side because 18 students usually came to.
Naismith s class In 1897 it became a rule that five players should play oneach team The five basic positions for players on offense are 1 Point Guard2 Shooting Guard.
3 Small Forward4 Power Forward5 Post or Center The BallMen s ball 30 inches in Women s ball 29 inches in.
circumference circumference Soccer balls were used to play the first basketball games But players found these ballsvery difficult to dribble In 1894 the first basketballs were made by a company thatcreated basketballs Spalding became the official ball maker in the 1890s Over theyears improvements have been made to the basketball such as creating them to be.
bouncier lighter and easier to handle The Basketball Hall of FameThe Basketball Hall of Fame first opened on February 17 1968 on the campusof Springfield College The doors opened to the public just one month after thefirst ever regular season game was shown on television to millions of people The.
Basketball Hall of Fame was expanded and eventually moved to a spectacularbrand new building Today the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is over40 000 square feet large and honors almost three hundred basketball stars TheHall of Fame includes shooting contests and hundreds of displays Sports fans allover the world visit the Hall of Fame to celebrate the history and well loved game.
of basketball Glossary1 Term 5 LINCing Picture4 LINCing Story 2 DefinitionI will stay on track To draw away or.
and not go off my divert as the mind3 Reminding Word course Nothing will or attention distract me fromfinishing my work Glossary.
1 Term 5 LINCing Picture4 LINCing Story 2 DefinitioninstructorAn instructor instills A person wholessons to help instructs teacher .
3 Reminding Word children learn Glossary1 Term 5 LINCing Picture4 LINCing Story 2 Definitioncircumference.
We walked all the The outerway around the circle boundary of a3 Reminding Word garden to measure circular area the circumference References.
1 The Ultimate Youth Basketball Guide For Players Parents Coaches Retrieved 4 5 2010from http www ultimate youth basket... 2 Hooptactics The World s Most In Depth Look Into Proven Basketball Strategies Retrieved 4 5 2010 from http www hooptactics wildapric... .
3 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Retrieved 4 5 2010 from http www hoophall com about th... 4 Dictionary com An Ask com Service Retrieved 4 5 2010 from http dictionary reference com ... .
The Ball. Soccer balls were used to play the first basketball games. But players found these balls very difficult to dribble. In 1894, the first basketballs were made by a company that created basketballs. Spalding became the official ball maker in the 1890s.

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