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The Goddess in Fan FranciscoEvening Lecture March 2018Dr Dara DowneySchool of English and Trinity Access Programme History of San Francisco.
Founded by the Spanish in 1776 Gained independence from the Spanish Briefly officially part of Mexico Attracted American homesteaders California Gold Rush of 1849.
by the 1890s it was one of the largestcities in America Outbreak of bubonic plague 1900 04 1906 earthquake followed by fires The Earthquake and Aftermath.
Cityscapes into the 20th Century Emma Frances DawsonView over Russian Hill Modern day Palo Alto Ambrose Bierce on DawsonTo her it is a dream city a city of wraiths and.
things forbidden to the senses of half heardwhispers from tombs of men long dead anddamned a city where it is never morning and where at night the street lights at thesummits of the hills flare out as if out of the.
sky signalling mysterious messages fromanother world she has breathed into thegross material San Francisco so strange a soulthat to him who has read her book the name ofthe town must henceforth have a meaning that.
never before attached to any word of humanAmbrose Bierce review of An Itinerant House 1897 California s Ghosts I never look about me in this house hesaid gravely or in any of these old places .
he added The inquirer cried Why Why not Mr H hesitated Well you might look for theghosts of the restless roving folks whowandered to California he answered .
Emma Frances Dawson Are the Dead Dead 1897 California is an untainted placewhere restless spirits would not comeCornelia A P Comer The Little Gray Ghost 1912 Dawson s San Francisco.
She peopled its streets with creatures outof curious dimensions where time runs backand forth like a weaver s shuttle Paul Jordan Smith forward to reprint of An ItinerantHouse 1936 .
She perfectly render s the vaguemelancholy of charm of this city ofcontrasts and contradictions of Americancities at once the most occidental and themost oriental the shabbiest and the most.
picturesque the vulgarest and the mostromantic Melville B Anderson Saturday Press 1894 The Nineteenth Century American City Edgar Allan Poe s The Man of the.
Crowd 1840 George Lippard s The Quaker City or The Monks of Monk Hall 1844 New York was a voluptuous Queensitting in her gorgeous palace drunk.
with wine and blinded by the glare ofthe festival of lights George Lippard The Empire City or New York by Nightand Day Its Aristocracy and Dollars 1850 Idiots .
These very wallsshall remember here where I havebeen so tortured noone shall have.
peace We saw her butonce more whenwith a threateningnod toward us she.
left the house Dawson An ItinerantHouse 1897 Roving Houses as if the scene.
was not set rightperformance nowgoing on There isa hitch and dragsomewhere .
scene shifters ona strike Dawson An Itinerant San Francisco Fog a dense fog.
which made theworld seem atale that wastold blottingout all but our.
two slantingforms Dawson An Itinerant Fritz Leiber Our Lady of Darkness Somebody from the Haight Ashbury.
A stoned priest of a modern sungod dancing around an accidentalhigh set Stonehange Fritz Leiber Our Lady of Darkness 1978 Thibaut de Castries .
Megapolisomancy and paramentals Westen s GoddessesThe TV tower The broad scholar s.
shouldered mistress slender waisted and long leggedlike a beautifuland stylish woman.
demigoddess Leiber Our Lady Leiber s San FranciscoApproaching Beaver Street by way ofa narrow public stairway between.
two buildings he had another quickvision of a local quake behind himand of Corona Heights convulsed butintact and then lifting up its greatbrown shoulders and rocky head and.
shaking the Josephine Randall JuniorMuseum off its back preparatory tostalking down into the city Leiber Our Lady The Exorcism.
Cal went down on her haunches like awitch doctor her eyes grew wider still withrighteous anger she tucked in her chin andput on her nastiest professional look and ina harsh voice Franz had never heard before .
In the names of Bach Mozart andBeethoven the names of Pythagoras Newton and Einstein by Bertrand Russell William James and Eustace Hayden begone All inharmonious and disorderly.
shapes and forces depart at once Leiber Our Lady Invasion of the Body Snatchers Invasive Forces San Francisco as Heaven.
Big city overgrown with weeds but flowering weeds In every corner a wrecking crew and something newand crooked going up catty corner to that Windowsmissing in every edifice like broken teeth fiercegusts of gritty wind and a gray sky full of ravens .
Piles of trash but lapidary like rubies and obsidian and diamond colored cowspit streamers in the wind And voting booths And everybody in Balenciaga gowns with redcorsages and big dance palaces of music and lights.
and racial impurity and gender confusion And all the deities are creole mulatto brown asthe mouths of rivers Race taste and history finally overcome Tony Kushner Angels in America 1991 .
Tony Kushner, Angels in America (1991) Author: dara Created Date: 03/20/2018 09:06:36 Title: The Goddess in Fan Francisco Evening Lecture March 2018 Last modified by: dara Company:

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