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The Purposeof Creation Barriers toFulfill the PurposeWhere Are We.
How Do We FulfillOur Purpose Where Do We GoFrom Here Please sharpen your focus and.
hold on to your seats for we are going to coverDuniya Akhirahin the next few minutes Insha Allah.
BUT first iLaha iLlallahMuhammed Rasul AllahAbsolute and total negation of every source other than AllahCalls for setting our minds to .
Making Hijrah away from everything other than Qura n Sunnah What is thePurpose ofThe Perfect Designer and Fashioner created the universe.
and everything in it for a definite Purpose and made them follow a System The All Knowledgeable and the Ultimate Reckoner Created the Heavens and the Earth for a Definite Purpose hHe sent man to inhabit the earth for a limited time .
sent him clear guidanceto carry out a specific TASK In the Endman will return to his Creator Mafor a complete accountability of his PERFORMANCE n.
Life on the earth has been madealluring a trap and a test The Only Way Outis one that the Creator Himself has prescribedBatil Al Islam.
The Purpose of Man s CreationThe Permanent AbodeThe Accountability wa innaThe End ilayhiliLahi Guidance.
Indeed The and from Allah Task to HimDeeds shall weIqamat e Deen returnEstablishing the.
Creator s PrescribedSystem of LifeThe Temporary Abode Allah The Beneficent The Repeatedly MercifulCreated Man ALL his Needs Affairs according to His.
overwhelming Plan and a SystemHe swt gifted Man with intelligence and a Total andPerfect System to live his limited life on the earth with then gave him a Choice to accept it or reject it so Hemay test us in the End.
The Hereafter Al Aakhirah The Permanent AbodeJannah ParadiseHidayah GuidanceIndividualThe World Al Duniya The Temporary Abode.
Allah swt Guaranteed the Perfection of the System al yauma akmaltu lakum Deenakum wa atmamtu alaykumneymati wa radhitum lakumul Islama Deena 5 3 this day have I perfected your Way of Life for you andcompleted My Favor upon you and chosen Islam as your.
Deen He swt completed the Deen with Details Examples ma farratna fil Kitabe min shai 6 38 nothing have We omitted from the Book Wa laqad sarrafna fi haazal Qura ne linnase min qulli.
masal 18 54 And indeed We have put forth every kind of example inthis Qura n for mankind He swt then Commanded Man to udkhulu fis Silme kaafah 2 208 .
enter into Islam wholeheartedly And to Pledge samae na wa ata na wattaqu Allah 5 7 we hear and we obey and fear Allah Submitting his Whole Life to His Purpose .
Inna Salati wa Nusuki wa Mahyayah wa Mamati LillahiRabbul Aalameen 6 162 indeed my prayer my spirit of sacrifice my living and mydying are for the Lord of the Universe Our Failure .
Sub Total ApproachWe must therefore Rediscover and Re implement the ENTIRE SYSTEM in our Lives regardless of where we may beFor there will be no excuse acceptable such as .
kunna mustadafeena fil Arde 4 97 weak and oppressed were we in the earth Islam indeed promises the perfect solutions to every affairin this Duniya and the only means of success in the Aakhirah Barriers to.
Common Confusions BarriersDeen vs ReligionDeen is an entire System of Life Religion relates to its Spiritual Component onlyDeen vs Duniya.
Deen al Islam covers Duniya Aakhirah as one wholeIs Islam only a Spiritual and Moral code Spiritual Moral are the core components ofIslam s Comprehensive System Common Confusions Barriers contd .
Purposeful vs RitualPerfection leaves no room for Ritual every iota has aRevealed vs Man devisedRevealed covers Duniya Aakhirah Man devised coversDuniya alone.
Methodology vs Skills Tools TechnologyMethodology is linked to Ideology it must never change Skills Tools Technology are a product of man sdiscovery of Allah s infinite knowledge they must besought learnt excelled in and used to Serve Him best.
To establish His Prescribed System on the earth Verily this is My Way leading straight follow it follow not other paths they will scatter you about from His Path Thus does He command you that ye may be righteous al An am 6 153 In Life some elements Islam .
of other systems may seem The Straight Pathcompatible with Islam Al Sirat ulBatil Ways Because they address the Crooked PathsBatil Ways.
Crooked Pathssame human needs However all man made waysare truly influenced by man s Batil Originsbasal and worldly desires Origins.
The paths may cross But beware of their Origins In Qura n What is the What is a System Webster s Dictionary Definitions .
A set or arrangement of things so related or connected as to forma unity or organic whole as the solar system irrigation system a group of substances in or approaching equilibrium as inchemistry a number of bodily organs acting together to perform one of the.
main bodily functions as the circulatory system digestive system An assemblage of objects arranged after some distinct method The body as functional unity a whole scheme of created things regarded as forming onecomplete whole universe the world .
Without any of its parts or substituting one from another system itceases to be a System Iqamat e DeenEstablishing the Comprehensive Islamic SystemHolistic Ibadah Total Submission.
Sha r i ahCivic Economic Political SystemPerfect Balance Total Integrationthe Total Way.
Community of Life Sawm Behavior Ummah Civic Moral Mannerism Whole Character Group Self Control.
Political SpiritualZakah Eemaan Faith Discipline Welfare Aqeedah Brotherhood Livelihood BeliefEconomic Social Unity.
Material Support Enlightenment Organization Skills Guidance Collective Career Taqwa Small GroupsPart of WholeThe Integrated Whole.
Some Characteristicsof its Sub Systems SpiritualPurpose of Life EstablishingIqamat e Deen Islamic System.
Relationships Total Roles Integration Transformation of the Civic EconomicDivine to the Earthly Political When Spiritual Moral.
aspects of life are separated Spiritualthe model looses its balanceand orientation Social MoralSystem System.
Moral Economics becomes thedriver with Social HavesPolitica Have Nots and Politics How can I have more thanthe other naturally.
following Comprehensive Islamic SystemWholesome Totally IntegratedShar i ahCivic Economic.
Political SystemSocial MoralSystem SystemThe Perfectly Balanced ModelMan Made Systems Completely Disoriented System.
Separation of State Church Our Current StatusOther thanSpiritual Spirituality Morality beingEconomic linked to Qura n.
Sunnah Spiritualthe rest isborrowed from Moraland mortgaged toBatil Systems.
The Lopsided Model The Enslaved Model Muslim Skills Resources Current State of Our AffairsDriven and With Minimal ControlOther Systems.
with MinimumWith Virtually no InfrastructureMostly Pass ThroughInadvertently Feeding Strengthening the.
Creating A Self Destructive CycleWe FulfillUnderstandUnderstandthethe Re define.
Demandofof OurOurUltimateIqamat e DeenIqamat e Deen PurposeRe learn Determine.
Re assembleRe assemble HowSystem GetRealizethethe Assess.
AssessWhereDepthofof Are The Community of Muslims Firmly organized around The Purpose of Allah swt .
In the exact manner shown bythe Prophet Muhammed saw We must once again become an Ummah of doers not idle talkers.
Leaders not just FollowersProducers not mere consumers Three Modes of Driven by other forcesOut of control weak and oppressed .
Blindly following othersAccepting the status quo riding the tide adjusting to fit apologizing Leading othersTaking Control.
The 1st Step 1 Discover the correct Aqeedahand the real Purpose of Life 2 located on theMove and establish Siratul Mustaqeem .
the Spiritual System the Straight Pathfirmly on the SiratulMustaqeem Spiritual SystemEconomic SystemSocial System.
Civic SystemMoral SystemDerive the Moral Social Economic and CivicSystems from the Spiritual System and firmlyintegrate with it .
The Process PrioritiesAssessmentCharacter CallingBuilding Fellow.
1 Muslims toTazkiah wa Join 3 Tarbiyah Establish the 2 Iqamat eIslamic Da wah DeenSystem to Internal.
Rule theirInvitation SolutionsBy Example 4 with theDa wah World Taking Charge.
Strategically Planned Recycling Our ResourcesCalculated Controlled Input OutputBuild a Solid CoreIslamic Infrastructure.
Establish Strengthen Grow A Self SustainingStrengthen DefensesComprehensive Islamic Society The Spirit of Medina.
Basic ObjectivesREDISCOVERINGThe Structure Mechanics of the Complete Islamic SystemRECREATINGA Functional Self Supporting Model of the Islamic System .
complete with ALL Essential ingredients of a collective lifeThe Best Muslim Intellectual Physical and Monetary ResourcesThus hopefully becoming eligible toattain the Best of Duniya Aakhirah A Living Cell of the Islamic System.
Al Hikmah al MarkazShari ah Sphere The NucleusThe InfrastructureAl Suq Al MedinaEconomic Sphere Community Sphere.
The Spirit of Medina The Spirit of Medina InstitutionSystem s Spiritual Economic.
Financial CoreEngine Welfare Consulting Education Commerce Healthcare Industry Housing.
Products Masaajid R D Relief Services Social CivicFields of Action A Living Cell of the Islamic System The Spirit of Medina.
Ta leem waTarbiyah Research Solutions PublishingShari ah Da wahFiqh Qada .
ArbitrationCommunity Infrastructure Personal Institutions Based on Shari ah Family WelfareHealthcare CoreEarned Equity.
Support CommunityNetworking Baitul MaalTraining Halal ProfitsDevelopmentIdeas Talents Halal Projects.
Investments MudarabahMusharakah Living Islam The Spirit of Medina Systems Integrator Islamic Society Integrating A Prototype of the Comprehensive Islamic System Self ContainedTeaching Fully Functional.
Preaching Systematizing Self SufficiencyWith Action Relief Operations for Islamic Institutions IntegratedProjects Ta leem wa Tarbiyah Self SupportedInstitutions Institutionalized.
Community Welfare Community Healthcare Halal Earnings Networking Bait ul Maal Personal Ummah wide Community Earned Family WelfareTalent Causes Support .
Halal Profits Equity Affordable Opportunities for NetworkingAppropriate HousingTalented Muslimahs Employment Dividends Re circulation.
Providing Halal Projects Practical Unity Worldwide Markets of moneyProfessionalAssistance Constructive Rediscovering.
Business Fair Partnerships Highly ProfitableEngagement Islamic System Professional Ventures SolutionsDevelopment Monetary Bait ul Maal Active.
Building of Ideas IdeologicalLeadership Musharaka Mudaraba ResearchTalents Investments Platform Publishing.
Training Central Qada IslamicYouth Resource Pool Arbitration ArchivingInfrastructure Based onThe Shari ah.
The Basic Mechanics Structure SOM in a Nutshell Primary RoleSystem s IntegrationAl Medina Al Suq Community Economic SHARED.
Central Sphere Sphere INTERNAL Resource NETWORKEDResources ServicesALLIANCES COLLABORATIONS.
Individuals Groups Al Hikmah SOMCompilations of Compilations ofExternal Research Internal ResearchCommunication.
Book NewslettersCollection Published Research PeriodicalsReference PublicationReference Material Workshop s Publication ofCataloging Completed Works.
TranslationsCollection CommunitySupervisionCommunity Shari ah EconomicAssembling Islamic System Solutions.
Al Suq The MarketplaceAl Suq ElectronicsProducts ProductsHealth Nutri FoodEquipment Shared Gifts Misc .
General MuslimMarkets MarketsConsulting CooperativesInfrastructureInfo Tech Healthcare.
Services ServicesCore HousingPrinting Pub Other Professional.
Determine How Do We Get There? 2 3 Re-define Our Ultimate Purpose 1 Understand the Demand of Iqamat-e-Deen Re-learn & Re-assemble The System Realize the Depth of Slavery The Community of Muslims: Firmly organized - around The Purpose of Allah (swt) In the exact manner shown by the Prophet Muhammed (saw) We must, once again, become an Ummah of ...

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