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Benny GoodmanOne of the fewTV Programsdedicated toJAZZ Music.
Charlie Parker Important NoticeThis document and the information available in this Document should beregarded strictly private and confidential and may not be used or forwardedto any third parties in any manner without the written consent of.
NEUROMAMA LTD hereinafter the Company This document should not bemade available in jurisdictions where this would be contrary to local laws andregulations Recipients of this document are required to inform themselves ofand to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in any jurisdiction inwhich they receive or use this document .
The sole purpose of this Document is to provide information to its recipientsabout the Company and to describe the nature of the Companies offer in thefield of Jazz TV programming business opportunities The information contained herein includes or is based in part on projections valuations estimates and other financial and non financial data This.
information has not been verified or substantiated by any third party sources Who we are Product Description Jazz Audience Business Overview.
Who we areAbout our CompanyNeuroMama Ltd is an integrated media and technology companywith a search engine e commerce site social network financecenter and licensed entertainment products among its core.
businesses Our focus is on the Latin American market the fastestgrowing Media Entertainment market in the world At this point one of the NeuroMama s main products is a searchengine that is based on technology which completely resembleshuman brains and specifically it is mimicking its learning abilities .
It even picks up some bad habits like children who start to behavebadly if under the influence of wrong people For the last two weeks Project Manager of NeuroMama GeneralDesign and Tech Support team the Russian Professors ofmathematics from Russian Academy of Sciences and Project.
Leaders in Russia and Latvia has had thoroughly investigated andtested all of the elements of NeuroMama neural technology Who we areAbout our CompanyWe have covered NeuroMama neural technology and its structure in.
relation to NeuroMama neural network architecture and data representation NeuroMama learning and optimization algorithms NeuroMama s self organizing skills NeuroMama self management skills .
Compression and decompression of patterns and efficiency ofprogramming code processing compression decompression Design and implementation of hardware architecture for NeuroMamaneural network and databases NeuroMama adaptive behavior .
Evolution of neural network in the context of NeuroMama model Who we areAbout our CompanyNeuroMama logic is made in the following way 1 Instead of getting data by robots computer programs crawlers which 24 7.
would gather data characterize classify and store this data in NeuroMamadatabases occupying millions of servers we obtain data from Internet almostafter every search request and only for requested searches This methodsaves hundreds of millions of dollars in hardware costs which will becomeobsolete a year from now .
2 Every result is stored in our DB and updates if there is same hit so the resultwould be shown faster 3 User can choose what kind of category to use to make priority search likebusiness sports science etc 4 If user have clicked on search result it grows in priority and changes in order .
more hits the higher that result goes For example In time if result got to1st place of results list it can be moved to lower place if users would beinterested in another result more so it s always dynamical and results Who we areOur most popular products.
NeuroMama com neural network based search engine developed bymathematicians utilizes a frequent user program to attract and retain NeuroZone has search auction and affiliate functionality using X Cartand Globalshopex This gives NeuroZone a differentiated ability to shipgoods internationally .
NeuroElectronics introduced at the 2014 CES conference thisbusiness unit sells white labeled smart phones tablets and laptopscalled NeuroPhone NeuroPad and NeuroBook respectively Allelectronics are manufactured by DAOYI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED in Who we are.
Our most popular products ArtTvZone Music and Art Network This is a 24 hour TV networkwith focus on Jazz Classical and Symphonic Music Ballet Classical Art Sculpture Classic Architectural Ornamentation Travel Nature Flora and NeuroTvZone High Tech Network This is a 24 hour TV network.
focused on providing information on Internet companies technologicaladvancements CombatTvZone The Fighting Network This is a 24 hour TV networkfocused on martial arts and boxing events news interviews andbroadcasting of prerecorded and live championship fights .
KidsTvZone The Children Network This is a 24 hour TV Networkfocused on broadcasting cartoons developed by major world studios educational and entertainment content for children as well as TVPrograms about Travel Nature Flora and Fauna Who we are.
Product Description Jazz Audience Business Overview Product DescriptionEntertainment Assets.
Our library of entertainment assets includes a few never released movies withactors like Vanessa Williams and 65 THE JAZZ NETWORK television shows Theseshows were live on PBS from 1982 to 1987 as well as we hold the rights for filmingand broadcasting totally new shows dedicated to JAZZ Music Our distribution agreement includes 50 000 000 homes 140 000 000 potential.
viewers subscribing to Direct TV and Dish Network as well as iTunes and localchannels in all major US cities Newly taped shows will be also broadcasted however these will be mixed with old shows The first new Jazz Network episode will be shot in September 2014 in RobbyKrieger studio Jazz Network is the only TV series with a distribution contract you.
can find in the U S A therefore there is no competition Product DescriptionPilot ShowsOur rights to Broadcast new Series of our Jazz TV Network series we perceive as our biggestValue which will grant us a great profit not only today but also in a future perspective Our.
PILOT SHOWS1 4 episodes of Rock and Roll Road Stories featuring hosts Jos Feliciano virtuosoguitarist and composer known for many international hits including his rendition of TheDoors Light My Fire and the best selling Christmas single Feliz Navidad Frankie Avalonan American actor singer playwright and former teen idol Paul Bernard Rodgers an.
English rock singer songwriter best known for his success in the 1970s as a member ofFree and Bad Company He has recently toured and recorded with another 1970s band 2 1 episode of Movie Week a promo for a weekly show This would be a great tool forpromoting distribution of Global entertainment assets 3 90 minutes of Cabaret type variety show Fantazmus with Ilya Reznik in the leading role .
and 28 Olympic and World Champions rhythmic gymnasts performing Choreographed byOlga Morozova music written by Raimonds Pauls Ilia Reznik is the most famous songwriterin former USSR and Raimonds Pauls is the most famous composer in former USSR OlgaMorozova is one of the best coaches for Rhythmic Gymnastics in USSR Who we are.
Product Description Jazz Audience Business Overview Jazz AudienceJAZZ today.
Despite the fact that there is some information publicly available stating that Jazz isloosing its fight in the Market of Music which most likely is said by Jazz non lovers there are many researches available which actually are showing the opposite JAZZIS ALIVE and it always will be YES it is slowly changing adapting sometimes bymerging together with other music genres in other words it is evolving YES the.
audience also is slightly different from one that was in 1960s and 1970s but it stillproves a long known truth there is always a customer for every product the onlyquestion is how to approach it 1A good example of mentioned above is one records company in London GearboxRecords a small indie label specializing in high quality vinyl pressings of both old.
and new jazz recordings Label boss Darrel Sheinman likens what they do to an artisanbakery Make a record well and it sounds fabulous he says You don t have to listento things on your phone or on a CD cum beermat With an LP you can merge yourselfinto it form a relationship over the 15 or 20 minutes of each side Increasingly theirproducts are selling to a new younger jazz audience who get into the music because.
Source beauty of the sound and the fetishistic quality of the packaging 1 The Independent Jazz AudienceJAZZ SurveySpeaking about the previously mentioned Survey data collection efforts yielded a.
large pool of approximately 1 900 respondents After applying filters to weed outthose who are uninterested in music on the low end of the involvement spectrum or who are already attending jazz with a relatively high frequency on the high end a pool of approximately 1 100 qualified prospects was left about 62 of theAll subsequent analysis including segmentation was conducted on these qualified.
prospects A cluster analysis was performed on a sub set of attitudinal variables relating toexperience with music knowledge and interest in jazz purchase decision factors live arts attendance jazz listening patterns and consumption The clusteringprocedure groups prospects into discrete segments that are as different as possible.
across segments and as similar as possible within each segment According to the survey results JAZZ Music Listeners can be divided in to fourgroups according to the Four Segment Prospect Model Bluegrass n Barefoot 1 WolfBrownMusic Buffs Social Rockers and Arts Omnivores .
Jazz AudienceJazz Lovers Profile The four segment solution was chosenas the most actionable revealing thediversity of attitudes towards jazz in.
the sample population as well as21 allowing for two viable and promising29 segments to target for audiencedevelopment The segments are ordered by.
knowledge and connection to jazz from Music Buffs mostknowledgeable to Bluegrass n Barefoot least knowledgeable 35 This model is based on a sample of.
Columbus area adults and should notbe considered applicable to othergeographies While some of thesegments may be similar in otherSeries1 areas the proportionality will almost.
certainly vary Jazz AudienceJazz Lovers ProfileMusic Buffs 15 Tyler is a Music Buff He plays in a band often fronting as the lead singer and has a regular.
monthly gig at the a local coffee house A little more experienced and settled now that he sreached his thirties he often gathers his friends together for a night out to see the new andcutting edge artists and bands His knowledge and interest in learning more about jazz ishigh but he doesn t like to define his musical tastes by any one genre Tyler has been knownfor his provocative and thoughtful posts on local blogs and forums or his own Facebook page .
and frequently surfs the Internet for cuts and videos of new music to continue his learningand development as a musician Key Characteristics of the Music Buff Most likely of all segments to be male 52 Second youngest segment with 29 under 34 years old and 47 under 45.
Second most likely to be single with 35 not married or partnered Most likely to be currently involved in music activities playing singing performing and Most knowledgeable and interested of all segments their loyalty is to the art form and the Most likely to make decisions based on the artist and prefer clubs and lounges above othertypes of venues.
Most wired of all segments with top activities including watching videos online contributingto online blogs or forums and using social networking sites Jazz AudienceJazz Lovers ProfileSocial Rockers 35 .
Deena loves music especially rock n roll hip hop and rap and thus her pathway into jazzoriginates with the popular end of the music spectrum She is a regular at clubs and musicfestivals and often decides to go simply because someone asked whether a friend orthrough a shared Facebook announcement Relatively new to jazz she is interested inlearning more since discovering that some of her favorite jam bands have jazz backgrounds .
She d like to actually learn how to play and would do more jazz activities if she could figureout a way to fit it into her schedule or if tickets were less expensive Key Characteristics of Social Rockers Most likely to be female 70 Youngest of all segments with 34 under 35 and 57 under 45.
Second most engaged segment in music activities overall behind Music Buffs with focus onNeuroMama, Ltd is an integrated media and technology company with a search engine, e-commerce site, social network, finance center, and licensed entertainment products among its core businesses. Our focus is on the Latin American market, the fastest growing Media & Entertainment market in the world.

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