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A S S A K I N N A H I S L A M I C M AT U R I T YINSANIAH UNIVERSITYLECTURE First yr Medical StudentsCOURSE Islamic RevealedOMAR ZAID M D Dec 2012 Mar.
Ontogenesis The developmental course ofan organism from the fertilized egg throughThough we have a one celled body at to maturity It has been suggested thatconception it contains all the ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny i e thepotential to develop our body parts stages of development especially of the.
and mature features waiting only to embryo reflect the evolutionary history ofbe realized through a natural growth the organism This idea was discreditedbut is now being resurrected and development process Phylogenesis The evolutionary history of.
The physical development a fetus angoes through in nine months organism or group of related organisms parallels the changes our species hasAN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE gone through in millions of years .
Man is the Measure of all things The baby has no control over bodily Protagorasfunctions Its body actions areinitially The true implication is that man beingdirected by impulses and instincts created as the vicegerent of Allah holds.
In fact most psychologists agree within himself as a microcosm a kind oftemplate or pattern for all that are in thethat initially the baby does not havemacrocosm This is not a philosophicala sense of differentiation of itself statement but rather refers to man as the.
from the surrounding world created example of excellence In the womb the fetus is in many e g Man s lungs are the exact inverse of a tree physically and functionally ways at one with its mother It isWater is 71 of the earth s surface Man.
inside of connected to and affected contains 75 water newborn and approx by its mother 50 at death in old age The forms andprocesses ofcreation are all.
to be foundwithin man HoneycombHepatic CellsEven liver lobules.
are hexagonalHoneycomb Water MoleculesInner Ear Hair Cells The developmental process can be The identity of the human bodyseen as stages of increasing experiences constant changes as do.
autonomy differentiation and the mind and soul These are alwaysintegration active though more or less so atdifferent times according to stages ofResult more complex higher development order wholes identities .
articulations and unities in Certain developments identify markdiversities different stages but the process is integration Natural expression continuous of Tauhid Fitrah at Work The body reaches a stage of growth.
We see these patterns as physical which is then maintained maturity cells divide differentiate and until that body experiences a gradualcombine into body parts decline in physical health and capacity integration until death We develop from a stagethat is completely fluid drops of sperm and.
ovum to rigor mortis Mental images form spiritual cells mental framework of virtues Yet the mind and soul have thepatterns habit causing the.
capacity to continue to grow andformation of greater unity fromdevelop despite physical decline diversity building individualintegrity and capacity autonomy Comparing Ontogenetic and Phylogenetic.
dignity into more complex Stages of Human Development networks of unity Rodney H Clarken School of Education Northern Michigan University Given the proper environment the After developing a healthy body andbody capacities unfold or come into sense of.
existence naturally With proper diet feeling and mind self we develop ourexercise and physical care the body interactions with others bydevelops naturally to its full capacity differentiating and integrating theirand powers ways of being feeling and knowingwith our own .
The skills and functions of the bodycan be consciously used by the mind Our focus gradually shifts from aand soul largely individual self focus to a group focus pathology occurs whenConsciousness grows to differentiate self centeredness is maintained .
self from non self murder Cain Habil and then differentiates from and Pathology also occurs whenIntegrates with all other non selves development is hurried or rushed The first sense of self is identified with Give examples our Eventually we consider and.
body as we begin to exercise and incorporate alldevelop some control over it the these created forces as our mindinfant grows down not up during the expands until we see outside culturalfirst year influences collectively and reflect andThen human consciousness begins to then act upon these while moving from.
discriminate feelings and mind as a predominately ethnocentric worldbeing separate from the body and view to a more individually defined andinitiates a shift towards personal personally chosen perspective Human Life Growth and Development Isa Gradual Process from stage to stage.
Surah 25 Furqaan or The Criterion Ayaat 2 He to whom belongs the dominion of the heavensand the earth no son has He begotten nor has He apartner in His dominion it is He who created allthings and ordered them in due proportions Al Quran describes creation as.
Stages of Development characterized by perfect peace andevery aspect is proportionately graduated h a r m o n y I t i s t h e r e f o r e o n l y t h e h a n d o fman that disturbs the divine order ofvarious phases that all humans must pass through development and thus brings aboutfor each stage These proportionately designed Pa t h o l o g i c a l d e v e o l m e n t .
phases are what makes human development agradual process Surah 71 Nuh AS Ayaat 13 14 What is the matter with you that ye place not yourhope for kindness and long suffering in Allah trust .
Seeing that it is He that has created you in diverseSurah 84 Inshiq q The Rending Asunder Ye shall surely travel from stage to stage Human growth and development has been categorized inthe Qur an into two general phases the PRENATAL.
AND POSTNATAL Sura 39 Zumar or the Crowds Ayaat 6 He created you all from a single person thencreated of like nature his mate and he sentdown for you eight head of cattle in pairs He.
makes you in the wombs of your mothers in stages one after another in three veilsof darkness Surah 40 M min or The Believer AyaatIt is He Who has created you from dust then.
from a sperm drop then from a leech like clot then does he get you out into the light as achild then lets you grow and reach your ageof full strength then lets you become oldthough of you there are some who die before.
and lets you reach a Term appointed in orderMature Muslimthat ye may learn wisdom The Goal ofMaturity Physicians wish to practiceMEDICINE not MEDI SIN Islamic scholars have divided the postnatal period into.
four broad stages Each stage is itself divided intoshort sub stages The fi rst stage is the stage of continuous growth anddevelopment from birth to age 33which marks the end of youth .
The second stage is from 33 to 40 the stage ofconstancy The age of 40 is usuallyconsidered the stage at which bothphysical and intellectual ability reachThe third stage is the stage of mid or proper.
adulthood al kuhulah from 40 to 60years when we begin to declinephysically and for some evenmentally though so subtly andsteadily that it can hardly be noticed .
The fourth stage is from 60 to the end of life Thisis old age and decline senescence In this stage decline becomes more Pattern of Human Growth and This implies that both limits andDevelopment patterns are components of.
The vital force or energy Every individual grows and develops from INITIAL granted by Al Mussawir to eachWEAKNESS TO STRENGTH AND THEN TO Human both generally andWEAKNESS In other words growth and specifically development follow a certain natural inevitable law of.
But there are exceptions rise and fall That is to say that when the individualgradually reaches the apex of his development such as Al Kidir AL MUSSAWWIR the Bestower ofwhether physical or cognitive he then begins to Form .
decline gradually The Qur an is very precise aboutSurah 30 R m or The Roman Empire Ayaat 54 It is Allah Who created you in a state of helpless weakness then gave you strength after weakness then after strength gave you weakness and a hoary.
Surah 46 Al Qaaf or Winding Sand tracts AyaatWe have enjoined on man kindness to his parents Inpain did his mother bear him and in pain did she givehim birth The carrying of the child to his weaning is a period of thirty months At length when he.
reaches the age of full strength and attains fortyyears he says O my Lord Grant me that I may begrateful for Thy favour which Thou has bestowed Human Development Conventional Western Model s also describe four stagesPrenatal period Infancy Childhood Adolescence Adulthood.
From conception birth to 2 yrs 2 to 11 12 yrs 11 12 to 19 20 20 years onwardto birth yrs The child The child The individual hasapproximately 266 acquires initial acquires The child has achieved adultdays in every motor cognitive language and reached sexual status as.
ethnic racial or and social skills learns about the maturity but has prescribed by thesocial group most important not yet taken on norms and laws ofsocial skills adult rights and a particular societyresponsibilities Islam s First Stage ends at age 33 33.
End of YouthDevelopment is a universal principle seen as part of the natural order Beginning ofOrdered systematic stages are beginning to be uncovered by evolutionaryAdulthoodand developmental theorists Comparison and commonalities of theseMaturity atpatterns Age 40.
use four general stages of individual development as general categories INFANCY CHILDHOOD ADOLESCENCE AND ADULTHOODBUT THERE IS A PARALLEL DEVELOPMENT OF THE CREATIVEPROCESS THAT SCIENCE IGNORES COMPLETELY AND WHICH Mineral Plant Animal Human Progression from.
simple seed sprouts AND IS IS MOBILE molecules that grows MOBILEcongeal or flowers Adamiccrystallize into bears fruit version is theinorganic food and development end .
units that regenerates is similar to No furthercomprise seed that of developmentNON LIVING humans but till post building Passive animals are Judgementblocks of Slow more Day.
substance specialized intheir physical Active Inanimate characteristic QuickPassive s Passive Macroscopic Life Active .
Cycle Directly QuickRelated toCosmic Cyclesand Forces resent developmental challenge is to restore the life of the sacred to de secular.
edge by demonstrating the Knowledge of the Unseenealed Knowledge Imran HoseinLife Plant Plantforce KingdomPlant Nafs Animal.
Soul KingdomHUMAN KINGDOM Sum of allContains allVicegerent of all.
Animal Spirit HumanKingdom Intellect KingdomHence goal ofhuman developmentHUMAN is VICEGERENCY.
MAN IS FAR MORE THAN A MOBILE THE PURPOSE OF MATURITYMINERALIZED SYSTEMWE ARE FAILING TO MAINTAIN THE DIVINELY INTENDED In 1950 Erik Erikson described eight stages of the human life cycle from infancy to old age Each stage is marked by a crisis that must be resolved before continuing to the next stage .
The seventh stage is middle adulthood 40 65 has as its conflict GENERATIVITYSTAGNATION referring to a person s ability to care for others Physical Meta Physical PotencyThe most important event in this stage is parenting Does the adult have the ability to care and guide the next generation .
According to Erikson A person does best at this time to put aside thoughts of death andbalance death s certainty with the only happiness that is lasting Which is this to increase by whatever is yours to give the good will and higher order inyour sector of the world Generativity can also be seen at work .
individuals are more likely to become mentors and leaders and begin to think about successionplanning if the work calls for it AND Brothers that s it The true goal HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENTKutbah by Dr Zakir KapadiaKEY CONCEPT IS ONE S SENSE OF SELF WORTH OR VALUE .
GOAL Does the adult have the ability to care for and guide ASK ANSWER the next generation Mohd wslm said last WHO Am I Where do I belongenerations the worst so the implication is thatAdolescence. Adulthood. From conception. to birth. approximately 266 days in every ethnic, racial, or social group. birth to 2 yrs. The child acquires initial motor, cognitive, and social skills. 2 to 11-12 yrs. The child acquires language and learns about the most important social skills. 11-12 to 19-20 yrs.

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