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1.The Modern/Post-ModernKnowledge CrisesLecture: Insaniah Medical StudentsCourse: Islamic Revealed KnowledgeDec 2012 – Mar 2013

2.The crisis is one of people not knowledge Knowledge is not subject to crisisbecause it is abstracted from createdreality and serves only as a means ofdescriptive communications that helpman to order and direct power forsocial-environmental-spiritual benefitor harm; Misuse is Active Disobedience (Abuse) DEVIATION FROMMAN’S RESPONSIBILITYas vice-gerent in the dunya -- which is toenforce what is good and prevent what is evilensure benefit & prevent harm) FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE : Magick /Sorcery scientific use of -- e.g., blowing on theknots is a scientific method involving beings and forcesin nature (including samawat) producing harmfuleffects. Non-use: Passive Disobedience (Neglect) Hence, it is the Misuse -Abuse non-use -neglect Absence -Ignoranceof knowledge that creates any crisis Why? Knowledge is Present BUT FAILURE TO ACT responsibly leads toIgnorance, which is a form of disobedience. Why? because of man’s FAILURE TO ACT responsibly: i.e., to Teach and/or Read (prophetic-Adamic Path)(education: the gaining of knowledge)related to knowledge.semioticsPENTAGRAM(often used Satanic symbol)his dominionElementary Example of abuse and neglect :is a starAl;Dajjhl uses it to markthis is a starthe sun

3.SUB-CATEGORIES:ALL MAY BE SUBDIVIDED INTOActive or Passive Obedientgroups (majority)Believers(minority)& Disobedient sub-(all Monotheists: eg. NativeAmericans) MuslimNon-MuslimNon-Believers inAllah Christian Jew Educated Pagan Traditional Heathen Sectarian Atheist Non-Sectarian* Secular, non-secularEach category has similar typesof knowledge: Non-Traditional Sectarian(e.g., fitrah/instinctive) Modern Materialist Secular, non-secularAnd types that differ Non-Educated (Ignorant)*e.g., cultural, religious,social, scientific, rural vs.urban, geographic, etc.non-sectarian Muslim identifiesonly with the term ‘Muslim”One may therefore be an obedient butmisguided member of any category

4.What Is A Knowledge Crisis ? Al’NurWhat Causes A Knowledge Crisis ? Man’s inability to utilize orobtain trustful knowledge: Too much (man is overwhelmed confusion) Too little (man is ignorant) Poor Education (man is ignorant) Lack of Access (man is ignorant) Poverty / Insufficient time Purposely Misdirected orlimited Education(man isignorant)LEADERSHIP Disobedience Poor Teaching Apathy Injustice Conspiracy e.g. Fabian / Ishmai’ili / CatholicDark Age of Europe BIAS wrong knowledge Belief in lies (man is ignorant) Lack of effective or truthfulcommunication: LACK OF JUSTAll isEDUCATION Cultural, Political, Religious,Racial apartheid / illiteracy /poor skills / (man is ignorant) Sectarianism (Asabiyah) Poverty, Bias, Neglect,OppressionIGNORANCE PREVAILSAdministration of justice is the onlygenuine uniting factor for suchdiversity AMANA

5.Examples in the Energy IndustryCrisisCausesIgnorance lack of discernment NUCLEAR ENERGY Waste disposal Cancer EnvironmentalDestruction (e.g. Fukushima) MISPLACED TRUST Wrong information (Pride) Failure to Disclose (Lies & Pride) Apathy (laziness, lack of diligence) Greed (Selfishness sunnah of Khabil) Government Collusion (wickedness in high places) Non-Accountability OIL INDUSTRY No Hisbah (Negligence) No Shura GULF OF MEXICO (BP)POLLUTION SEA LIFE DYING COASTAL POPULATIONMohammad:The Trusted OnePOISONED (Amana)All is the result of Disobediencewhich causes HARM.Harm is the result of anyCrisis in Knowledge

6.Examples in the Medical IndustryCrisisCauses(NoSynthesis of Knowledge) Lobotomy /Pandemic Mental Health Disease Iatrogenic Disease Overmedication Ignorant, lazy or incompetent doctors Lazy Patients: just want a ‘pill’ mentality ADHD / Autism / HIV Immunizations (example of taqlid) Auto-Immune Disease Misplaced Trust: Authoritarianism Greed: Doctors & Pharm. etc.Industry / Eugenics Failure to Disclose (lies & liars) Bad Science Apathy Taqlid (Blind Following) A type of ignorance Misplaced Trust ImmunizationsNWO FASCISMUmmah blindly followingIgnorance & Poor or Corrupt leadership(including teachers) Eugenics example of wrong idea (ideal) Humanism Social Darwinism Social Engineeringtaqlid a form of apathyDISOBEDIENCE TO DIVINE LAW

7.The Crisis of Misplaced Trust (Amana) The West has shown a frighteningcapacity for irrational behavior andfascination for violence andirrational ideologies. In short, theWest, despite its extraordinaryachievements in science andtechnology, intellectual capacity andcivilization, is fragile and perishablebecause its moral and ethical valuesare designed from reason andlogic without the involvement ofThe Greatest Spiritual Source oftruth, God [Divine Revelation]. Trust is the most basic component ofbeneficial human relationship. The most important moral principles thathelped Muslims develop and enhanceIslamic Science were trust (al-Amanah), justice (al-adl), righteousness (al-birr) and enjoining virtues and forbidding evil(al-‘amr bil ma’ruf wa al-nahy ‘an al—munkar). Justice aladlRighteousness - albirrEnforcement Al’HisbahTRUSTHence: HumanCannot be trusted as vice-gerent RelationsThe WestProf. Cemil Akdogan, ISTAC, IIUM Dar Ul’Islam in balance

8.Dar ul’ IslamCollapseKnowledge CrisisResultsTr ustHumanRelations)(al-adlJustice snessouRighte)(al-birrementcrofnEahAl’HisbinjusticeimmoralityTyrannyHeartdiseaseDistrust-MisplacedTrustMimic theWestenvironmentaldestructionPresentworld conditionLeft Eyed Beastno spiritual insight,which means noforesightbalance ofAl’DarjjhlWithout trust no certaintyWithout certainty no iman taqlidWithout certified iman misguidanceassuredNO SHU RANWOout of chaospoor humanrelations (divi si ons ectar iani sm )or

9. Knowledge comes through twoGreatest Knowledge Crisissources. the first source is known as ‘ilm al-Zāhir, and is based on empiricalknowledge and rational enquiry. includes scientific knowledge, is finite and limited .Surah Al Kahfand theModern Age the second source is known as ‘ilm al-Bātin internal intuitivespiritual knowledge that also may beknown as religious experience. It is spiritually communicated to an individualand originates in a dimension of reality whichtranscends material reality. (samawat) usually comes in the form of intuitive thought, butit can also be communicated through true dreams or visions asa gift from Allah Most High. Such knowledge isinfinite, inexhaustible, and timeless.Sheikh Imran HoseinGreatest Problems ?• Imbalance• too much religion• too much materialism• no Shura• No one qualified forsynthesis ?

10.The Greatest KnowledgeTwo Eyed Caliphate(Ideal)Crisis is the Lack ofRight EyeInternalSynthesisLeft Eye‘i l malB a t i n MetaphysicExternalalRevelationSoftTRUST ScienceHardScience‘ilmalBatinRevelationScripture / Sunnah(s)(nass ordinancesQur’an -MetaphysicalAl Kitab – Al’Taurat)‘ilmalZāhirSoft Science‘ilmalZāhirSamawatEarthSynthesis of KnowledgeCompletes the ShuraDreams - inspiration Shura: Council of Synthesis(Islam BalancMaterialScienceModern Mass Education and Secularismprevent Synthesis through reductionism andsectarianism which cause pre-occupationswith Bias & Special Interests Politics

11.Diseasethus becomes :One Eyed CaliphateOne Eyed System of Al’Dajjāl‘ilm altaqlidI gnor ance &Super s ti tionMimicryofMimicryWestof Westlacks genui nespir itualI nsi ghtNeoPatr iar chyWorld ReligionCorrupt Scripture Deviation – Lies Sectarianism– Ritual Fetish & PatriotismNew Age Superstition Mysticism CultsHumanResourcemanagement RiBA Infested‘ilmalEconomy PSYOPSPsychology HumanisHardPR PropagandamScienceConsumerism RejectsUtilitarianMassEducationdiv ine l awMaterialismTranshumanisMan is MachineVery few righteousgain access tohigher realms.EarthSuperstitionRitualReligion &Politics‘ ilm al Taqli dSamawatNo Access except toreprobate jinn fordeviant shamans(Bomohs)& the superstitiousor possessed.SoftScienceHardSciencePureMaterialism‘ilm alSecualrHumanismNo Synthesis ofKnowledge (ReductionistOnly)None or inadequateor corrupt Shura Council of Special Interests :Ali-Baba ‘Back Door ‘Ministries in League w NWO’sJudo-Christian Occult Alliance, which is Haram Sins of the Magi“Oh you who believe (in this Qur’ān) do not take (such) Jews and the Christians as (your) friends orallies who themselves become friends and allies of each other.” (- Qur’ān, al-Māidah, 5:51Moha mma d's lette r to K hosra u II, the Pe rsian Shah : He has sent me forthe guidance of all people so that I may warn them all of His wrath and maypresent the unbelievers with an ultimatum. Embrace Islam so that you may remainsafe. And if you refuse to accept Islam You will be responsible for the sins of theMagi.

12.Assignment for Extra-Credit (Distinction)Group Each team member gives orcontributes a one - two minutepresentation: Include History & Reasons for crisis; whoprofits, who is harmed, current status: Lobotomy Iatrogenic Disease Auto-Immune Disease Autism – ADHD Fukushima HIVComposite GradeTeacher assessment 50%Peer assessment 50%Individual Essay: 250 - 300words In terms used above,describe a knowledgecrises; Take one topic from aboveor of your own choosing(pending my approval)Composite GradeTeacher assessment 50%Peer assessment 50%

13.Assignments: following KEY WORDS must be utilizedignorancemisplaced trustdisobedienceneglectSectarian - -discernmentnon-sectarianaccountabilitySecular /SecularismHisbahauthoritarianismnon-secularHumanismmaterialismApathyBiastaqlid - fetish ritualPSYOPS - PropagandaIlm Al-TaqlidUtilitarianismsynthesisinsight


: Magick / Sorcery . scientific use of -- e.g., blowing on the knots . is a scientific method involving beings and forces in nature (including . samawat) producing harmful effects. Non-use: Passive. Disobedience (Neglect) Why? Knowledge is Present BUT. FAILURE TO ACT . responsiblyleads to . Ignorance, whichis a form of disobedience. Why?

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