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Intro to Analyzing PoetryPoetic Devices and Steps for Analyzing Poems Poetic Devices Figurative LanguageAlliteration repeating an initial sound several words in row Tall treestrembled .
Allusion reference to another text an event or place Sometimes used foreffect or to make a comparison The reader then makes the connection Betrayed by a kiss Assonance repeating the vowel sound of a word to make an internal rhyme ina word or phrase Quite like .
Consonance repeating internal consonant sound chuckle and fickle Poetic Devices Figuarative LanguageImagery descriptions and descriptive words that provide a mental pictureof a scene setting or character May include other forms of figurativelanguage for effect Sense words are common in imagery .
Metaphor a comparison between unlike things that does not use like orSimile a comparison of unlike things using like or as She slept like a baby Irony When one outcome is expected and the opposite occurs existsPun Play on words that creates humor Ex The other day I held the.
door open for a clown I thought it was a nice jester Poetic Devices Figurative LanguageOnomatopoeia words that mimic a sound clap Repetition the repeating of a word or phrase She was young the way anactual young person is young .
Personification Giving human qualities to objects or animals The breeze waltzed through the woods Symbolism when an object person or situation as a meaning other thanits literal one heart loveDiction word choice look for words with strong connotations .
Yesterday upon theThe rhythm I met a man whoestablished by a poem wasn t therenot only the number of He wasn t there againsyllables but the way today.
those syllables are I wish I wish he d goaccented away The arrangement of We real cool spoken wordsWe left school .
alternating betweenstressed unstressed We lurk late syllables regular We strike straight repetitive sounds.
I had no time to hate becauseThe grave would hinder me And life was not so ample ItA group of lines Could finish enmity forming a unit of.
poetry aka a POEM Nor had I time to love but sinceSome industry must be PARAGRAPH The little toil of love I thought Was large enough for me 5 Theme Review .
The central idea insentence form of apiece of writing thatthe author is trying toget the reader to think.
Tone Review The attitude of the author asopposed to the narrator orthe speaker toward hissubject matter and or his.
audience The tone may shiftat some point in a poem Mood Review The atmosphereestablished by a.
piece of writing How to analyze a poemRead through the poem once Read through the poem again and paraphrase its meaningRead through the poem analyze for devices ANNOTATE THE POEM .
Read through the poem a fourth time to analyze it Determine how the authorestablished a mood tone including shifts in tone or theme through the use ofpoetic devices Assonance: repeating the vowel sound of a word to make an internal rhyme in a word or phrase. ... Personification- Giving human qualities to objects or animals ... or situation as a meaning other than its literal one- heart=love. Diction- word choice (look for words with strong connotations) Meter. The rhythm established by a poem, not only the ...

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