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Fluid Mechanics Principles Applications Educate spsu edu faculty website SPSU e mail afm .
Syllabus Notes schedules Power Point Outcomes Credits.
Text Applied Fluid Mechanics 6thEdition Robert Mott Impacts chemical manufacture automobile systems electricalgeneration petroleum refining water.
Extensive impact on everyday life Home hot water system Potable water Waste water Natural gas.
Refrigeration Automobiles fuel system coolingsystem brakes power steering Manufacturing machine operations Farming harvesting.
Construction earth moving Mining Aircraft control surfaces landing gear Mathematical approach empirical AFM basics working equation .
application PracticeText examples class examples homework tests Learn A A basis for learning B.
Read text Examples Homework Questions One minute paper.
Learning Styles Improves understandingand retention Active work problems apply in lab discuss in class explain to someone Visual pictures diagrams .
demonstrations Sequential build knowledge in logical You can take this course one of twoways seriously or again Dr Neathery Oklahoma State Univ .
Technicians trained in setprocedures focus on how what Engineers learned basics know why Broader knowledge base No cookbook.
Orderly logical approach Read carefully Describe system Sketch Assumptions.
Principles working equations tables graphs Reasonable Most difficulties encountered are duenot to lack of knowledge rather dueto lack of organization of what you.
know Dr Cengel N C State Univ Assumptions reasonable Solve Equation Include units Consistent unit system.
Significant digits Equation is a representation of anactual physical process not anexercise in mathematics Reasonable result.
Make sense Magnitude Presentations in real world bosses customers logical neat orderly In AFM to Instructor Use same.
Solid mechanics objects stationary statics or moving dynamics Fluid mechanics fluids at rest or in Gas fills available volume noresistance to stress.
Liquid limited volume responds tostress by continuous deformation Gases compressible Liquids ordinarily incompressible Hydrostatics.
Hydrodynamics closed pipe openchannel external flow Unit Systems Properties Characteristics of system.
Weight Density Specific weight Specific gravity Properties.
Specific volume Ideal gas law Compressibility bulk modulus Temperature Engineering.
Absolute Viscosity Resistance to deformation Proportionality constant Absolute.
Kinematic Saybolt viscometer Viscosity index SAE viscosity SAE10W 40.
10W for cold cranking engine 40 for engine operating temperature Viscosity Temperature dependence Liquid.
Shear dependence rheology Pressure Intensity of a force System property Vs reference gage atmospheric .
Pascal s Paradox Manometer Barometer U tube Examples.
Mercury manometer is connected toan air duct to measure its insicepressure The manometer deflectionis 15mm Atmospheric pressure is100kPa Find the duct s absolute.
pressure Hg 13 600kg m3 Examples Refer figure Find the manometerdeflection Pascal s Law.
An increase in pressure in anenclosed system will be transmittedthroughout the entire system Hydraulic jack Homework Exert 100N on jack handle support.
what force Homework Oil with a specific gravity 0f 0 8 formsa layer 0 9m deep in an open tankthat is otherwise filled with water.
having a depth of 2 10m The watertemperature is 10oC Calculate h Calculate P at the bottom of the tankin gage pressure.
Assignment Mott Chapters 1 2 QUESTIONS References Images examples.
Fluid Mechanics Fundamentals Applications 6 th Edition Cengel Cimbala McGraw Hill Applied Fluid Mechanics 6th Edition Mott Prentice Hall Engineering Fluid Mechanics 5th Edition Crowe Elger Roberson Wiley Which of the problems were helpful .
Notes - schedules Power Point Examples Mercury manometer is connected to an air duct to measure its insice pressure. The manometer deflection is 15mm. Atmospheric pressure is 100kPa. Find the duct’s absolute pressure. Hg = 13,600kg/m3. Examples Refer figure. Find the manometer deflection.

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 KSU Faculty


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