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Popular TopicsImpacting BenefitsNovember 13 2019Amy Fossum SVP Consultant Agenda Topics Include .
Market Trends in Health Productivity Holistic Approach to Well being Multi Generational Workplace Loyalty through Family Planning Benefit Considerations for Parental Leave.
Perception of Perks Work Life Balance with Concierge Services Significance of Health Savings Accounts Saving Time Money with Virtual CarClinics VCCs .
Market Trends inHealth Productivity Benchmarking TrendsIncentives and Culture of Health Addressing Top Well Being CommunicationsParticipation 56 of employers have Cost Drivers Programs and Navigation.
Employer incentive made changes to the Musculoskeletal programs 67 of employers are 50 of individualsphysical work among employers have expanding their programsprevalence increased environment increased from 8 to within a three to five yearwould like to usefrom 74 to 86 for 74 of employers are 31 in the past 2 years strategy their smartphones to.
employees focused on healthy food More large employers are Virtual care solutions for engage with health Median annual options for employees in offering maternity musculoskeletal care care providers2019 programs and fertility management physicalincentive levels Continued focus on 85 of employerssolutions 72 and 52 therapy and diabetes care.
remain consistent at wellness champion respectively in 2017 management show the that personalize 600 network 67 of employers address greatest potential growth communications say Top changes employers behavioral health in their over the next several it is effectiveare looking to address in health wellness strategy years 24 34 of Medical decision2019 healthier food in employers will include or.
vending and cafeterias consider support or secondon site fitness centers Anti stigma EAP program opinion services willergonomics programs and campaigns are being increase from 66 tostanding desks conducted from 18 to 71 in 201930 in 2019 .
Fidelity and NBGH 2019 Annual Employer Sponsored Health and Well Being SurveyNBGH 2019 Large Employers Health Design SurveyNBGH 2017 Quick Survey Findings Wellness ChampionsOptum 9th Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study Marketplace Review U S .
The Well Being Landscape Shift from Programs to PeopleTraditional Wellness 2010 2014 Accelerated Wellness Fatigue1 Focused on Physical Fitness and 1 Wellness Not Defined ConsistentlyMovement 2 Not Targeted Generalized2 Deployed Health Coaching for Support Programming.
3 Newsletters and Webinars Based on HHS 3 Entitlements to IncentivesCalendar 4 Stagnant Initiatives Low4 Provided Nutrition Programs WW ParticipationNutrisystem 5 No Perceived Value from C Suite5 Provided Company wide Competitions 6 Little Improvement in Health.
Five 5 Drivers of Well Being NBGH 2015 Well Being on Employee s Own Present Terms1 Maintains Traditional Wellness Physical 1 Multiple Employee Entry PointsHealth 2 Removes sensitivity and stigma2 Embraces Mental and Emotional Health 3 Provides employee with better fiscal.
3 Supports Short Long Term Financial Security stability4 Aims to Create Better Job Satisfaction 4 Boosts morale and employee5 Provides Social Connectivity and Living with longevityPurpose 5 Employees find purpose in life and at6 Gives employees a social network for.
Marketplace Review U S EMPLOYERS OFFERING WELL BEING SERVICES POPULAR TYPES OF INCENTIVES1 Cash reduction in employee healthof U S based employers premiumsoffer a well being program 2 Contributions towards FSA HRA HSA.
75 of these employers3 Gift cards annual payment otherinclude incentives 12compensation4 Online shopping and fitness related.
merchandiseTop Reason to Offer Well Being Programs Incentives Top Incentives41 Cash Gift Cards 39 500 10 31 MonthInsurance Discount .
501 1 000 15 57 MonthCash HRA HSA24 1 001 Insurance Discount 20 36 84 Month Cash HRA HSA PTO.
15 14 Insurance Discount 10 2 001 Cash HRA HSA FSA9 69 95 Month5 000 Wellness Fund PTODays Shopping.
Insurance Discount 80 130 Cash HRA HSA FSAMonth Wellness Fund PTODays Shopping2015 2016 2016 2017.
Source 12BenefitsPro 2017 Wellness Programs on the Rise Rand Corporation Incentives for Workplace Wellness Programs 2015 2016 National Business Group on Health 2015 Five Drivers of Well Being a Shift from Programs to People Marketplace Review U S What s the Buzz .
of Employers ConsideringWell Being Initiatives Initiative 25 24 49 50 74 75 Charitable Giving Match ProgramsConvenience Care In Network Retail Clinics.
Custom Portals and Well Being HubsDollar for Doer ProgramsMindfulness Classes TrainingMobile Apps and Other Device Modalities Fitness Sleep Onsite Near site Clinics including virtual clinics .
Other Emotional Support Programs EAPs cCBT CrisisPaid VolunteerismPhilanthropic WorkResiliency TrainingStress Management Programs.
Telehealth Telemedicine Virtua... NetworksTelepsych Onsite TherapyWellness Platforms Navigate Virgin Pulse etc Workplace Giving CampaignsSource National Business Group on Health Workplace Wellness Trends and Engagement Strategies that Work 2017 .
Benchmark data references employers of all industries with greater than 1 000 employees Digital Engagement StrategiesEmotional Health ProgramsClinical Care Access ImprovementSocial and Community Health.
Vendor Marketplace What to Watch for in Continued consolidation in the health and wellness vendor space Within the past year approximately 13 out of 100 vendors included in Alliant s 2017RFI process have either been acquired merged left the employer space or went out of Given this instability in the industry a vendor solution should not dictate or define an.
employers well being strategy Increased movement in engagement platforms and point solution innovators Point solution programs that are supported within engagement hub platforms are thenew hot commodity In 2018 31 of employers were using engagement platforms and another 9 will be.
adding one in 2019 By 2021 66 of employers could be working with anengagement platform While employers feel that engagement programs show promise to deliver asignificant value most feel that vendors capabilities continue to limit them frommeeting their full potential .
More employers are seeking mobile app based program capabilities to reachemployees and vendors are following suite with mobile first approaches 61 of employers are employing social media texting or mobile apps tocommunicate with employees NBGH 2019 Large Employers Health Design Survey.
Holistic Approach to Well The Changing Well being LandscapePredictive Analytics Hub Approach Targeted Behavior Leveraging technology Opens door to deliver .
to support benefits hub manage point solutions traditional wellness focused on targetedactivities and behavior change vs programming population based Layers on transparency programming.
quality tools Game changer for Broadens focus for delivering real time incentivized activities member specific Streamlined multi communications basedmodal communication on employer strategies.
vehicle and memberAddresses the vendor integration vs carve out needssolution conundrum Ties communications into the wellness discussion where it was alwaysintended to be.
Brings personalization into benefit communications Five Drivers of Well BeingFocuses on Focuses on theOpportunities Physiologicalfor Side of Health .
Inclusiveness Physical Nutritionand Social HealthConnectedneInteractionFocuses on Emotiona Focuses on.
Improving the Job l Intrinsic Well Overall Satisfaction Health BeingEmployee MentalExperience in Healththe Workplace.
Focuses on EmployeeShort Term and 11Financial Goals Physical Well If 50 of an employee.
being population is physicallyinactive 18 of the Health Risk Assessments cases of coronary heart Mental Health Questionnaires disease and 17 of the Quarterly Well Being Challenges cases of colon cancer can.
Competitions be attributed to a lack of Onsite Test at a Lab exercise At 75 Biometrics Physician Engagement inactivity those Onsite Massage Therapy percentages increase to Gym Facilities Subsidies or onsite 25 and 24 .
classes Yoga Zumba respectively Flu Shot Clinics Healthy Vending Snacking In a society with nearly Onsite Caf 25 of adults report ing Onsite Virtual Clinic no exercise physical.
Healthy Eating Policies inactivity is responsible Tobacco Free for approximately 10 of Physical Activity Policies Cultural the most costly chronicNorms diseases and up toapproximately 3 of.
Emotional Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U S 43 8 million or 18 5 experiencesmental illness in a given year Employee Assistance Programs Serious mental illness costs America.
193 2 billion in lost earnings per year Meditation Room Quiet Room Suicide is the 10th leading cause ofdeath in the U S and the 2nd leading Health Coaching Services cause of death for people aged 10 34 More than 90 of people who die by.
Non EAP Seminars suicide show symptoms of a mentalhealth condition Companion Days with Therapy Depression is the leading cause ofAnimals disability worldwide and is a majorcontributor to the global burden of.
Mental Health PTO Daydisease There has been a significant jumpfrom 2018 18 to 30 in the numberof large employers that will conduct.
anti stigma campaigns in 2019 to breakdown barriers that prevent people fromaccessing mental and behavioral healthservices NBGH Financial Survey data show that 28 of.
employees report being distractedat work due to personal finances 5Among those 46 say they spend Monthly Quarterly 401 k 403 b three hours or more per weeksessions thinking about or dealing with.
personal finance issues Student Loan Refinancing Forgiveness Fifty four percent of employees saythat their employer should focus Credit Union Banking Memberships resources on their financial well being if they want to support their.
Personal Financial Planning Services overall well being Credit Monitoring Services Identify Gallup research shows that a lackTheft Protection of worry about money has morethan double the impact of income Estate Planning Wills and Trust Setup on overall well being and the.
feeling that you have enoughmoney to do what you d like hasthree times the impact of yourincome alone on overall well Half of employees report that their.
financial situation is their numberone source of stress 28 have saidthat their financial worries haveimpacted their health Job Satisfaction Speaking during the annual.
Great Place to Work conferencein New Orleans Pfeffer said Employee Lounge Zen Room Game that unhealthy workplaces canRoom etc cause up to 125 000 employeedeaths each year and add up to.
Employee Cafeteria with Healthy Food 130 billion in excess annualSubsidies company costs Onsite Child Daycare Subsidized DayCare According to Pfeffer sresearch some European.
Onsite Laundry Dry Clean Pick Up countries report on average Extended Bereavement Policies 22 4 less in workplace healthcare costs than U S companies Scholarships Continuing Education If the U S were to take upSubsidies similar European approaches to.
workplace health and health Rewards and Recognition Programs care it would result in a 42billion reduction in health carespending he said .
A strong social connection leadsSocial to a 50 increased chance ofConnectedness longevity A revealing sociological study.
showed that the modal number Wellness Technology Platformsof close others i e people with Company Paid Volunteer whom one feels comfortableDays Community Giving Days sharing a personal problem .
Americans claimed to have in Pet to Work Days Child to Work Days 1985 was only three In 2004 it Tickets to Local Sporting Events dropped to zero with over 25 of Americans saying that they Happy Hour Social Gathering Events have no one to confide in .
Monthly Data indicate that promoting Paid Days for Activism or Non Profit relationships among colleaguesBoard Participation is an area for improvementamong employers just 30 ofemployees report that they have.
a best friend at work and onlyPersonal Financial Planning Services. Credit Monitoring Services/Identify Theft Protection. Estate Planning/Wills and Trust Setup “Survey data show that 28% of employees report being distracted at work due to personal finances.5 Among those, 46% say they spend three hours or more per week thinking about or dealing with personal finance issues.”

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