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Tiers II and IIIPrincipal sDr Kathleen J BrownUniversity of Utah Reading ClinicJanuary 23 24 2014.
www uurc orgkathleen brown utah edu 1 What Causes ReadingDifficulties Reading Difficulties are.
Constitutional and orEnvironmental in the kid outside theBrainstorm with a colleague What are.
some examples of constitutional 2 Research Questions Are there profiles of struggling readers o Good Decoders w Poor Reading Comprehensiona k a Word Callers .
o Good Reading Comprehenders w Poor Decodinga k a BK Compensators o Students who struggle with BOTH decoding comprehension Are any profiles more prevalent than others .
Shankweiler et al 1999 ScientificStudies of Reading 3 Call went out for kids with learningproblems N 361 students ages 7 5 9 5 w IQ 80.
Measures reading comp word id pseudo word id listening comp etc plotted composite reading scores onscattergram n 114 students average or above readers.
n 71 students too close to call buffer zone Remaining students poor readers n 127 n 32 n 17Draw a quadrant Where do youthink each group of poor readers.
is located 5 n 127 equally poor at decoding n 32 better reading comp scoresthan decoding scores Dyslexics n 17 better decoding scores.
than reading comp scores WordCallers 6 Take Home Message forPrincipals Most children are equally good or poor at both.
decoding comp n 241 of 361 or 67 There are a few discrepant readers n 49 of361 or 14 of total population There are very few Word Callers n 17 of 176or 10 of total poor readers .
It is a stretch to label these students WordCallers Even though they are relatively betterat decoding than at comp they are still lower onaverage than good readers at either Take Home Message for.
Principals The vast majority of poor readersdemonstrate deficits in decoding skills 159 of 176 or 90 of poor readers High quality decoding instruction is.
necessary Miles on the page are necessary Neither is sufficient on its own Let s Build SomeBackground .
Why is reading so easy for good Why is reading so hard for poor Let s look at the research When I walked into the Hall of Mirrors Isaw phantasmagoria happen with my.
Kathleen my husband said No onewould ever accuse you of beingbreviloquent How did you identify pronouncethis word .
How did you figure out what it black green blackgreen red greenblack black redred red blue.
black greengreen blue Representation in the Mind Phonological rep sound Semantic rep meaning.
Orthographic rep spelling all 3 working in parallel automatic wordrecognition Expert Reading Word Rec X Comp Comprehension is both.
Word Recognition Automatic is Automatico accurate fast o accurateeffortless.
o effortlesso know how totroubleshooto flexibleo persistent.
Adams 1990 Gough Tunmer 1986 Rayner Foorman Perfetti Pesetsky Seidenberg 2001 He had never seen dogs fight as these wxxxishcxxxxxxxx fxxxxt and his first exxxxxxxxx txxxxthim an unfxxxxxxxble lxxxxx It is true it was a.
vixxxxxxx exxxxxxxxx else he would not havelived to prxxit by it Cxxxx was the vxxxxx Theywere camped near the log store where she inher friendxx way made adxxxxxx to a husky dogthe size of a full xxxxx wolf thxxxx not half so.
large as xhe Thxxx was no wxxxing only aleap in like a flash a metxx clip of teeth a leapout exxxxly swift and Cxxxx s face was rippedopen from eye to jaw Novice Reading Word Rec X Comp.
Comprehension is both Word Recognition is Automatic Necessarily Strategico accurate fast o often inaccurate effortless.
o effortful o know how totroubleshooto flexibleo persistent Adams 1990 Rayner Foorman Perfetti Pesetsky Seidenberg 2001 .
Who Delivers ReadingIntervention Struggling readers difficulties range from mild tomoderate to severe Depending on resources your SPED personnel will.
serve moderate to severe This Tier IIIintervention IEP required for certain age Depending on resources your regular ed and or TitleI personnel will serve mild to moderate This TierII intervention .
Who delivers Tier II and Tier III reading intervention inyour school Is there adequate coverage 17 Effective Tier II IIIReading Intervention is Explicit.
Systematic Cumulative Sequential andIncremental Paced by Data.
Effective Tier II IIIReading Interventionincludes Assisted reading atinstructional level.
Word Study P A phonics spelling Fluency WorkAll of the above needs to be paced viadata as fast as the child can go There.
is not a moment to waste Tier II BasicIntervention Should include key components assisted reading word study fluency work .
At least 2x weekly for 45 minutes more is better more may be needed Delivered by someone who has been trained Supervised by Literacy Coach and ClassroomTeacher who use progress monitoring data to.
Here are some examples Early Higher Steps Tier III IntensiveIntervention Should include key components assisted reading word study fluency work .
At least 4x weekly for 60 90 minutes Delivered by someone with strong expertise Supervised by Literacy Coach and SPED Teacherwho use progress monitoring data to pace Examples Orton Gillingham Wilson .
Lindamood Bell Barton Alphabetic Phonics etc Identifying ReadingDisability in Utah Utah Schools may use any of the following options A Response to Intervention.
B Discrepancy 1 5 s d between readingachievement intellectual ability e g IQ 100 WRMT 78 C Combination of A B above Which method does your school use How well is.
it working for students parents teachers you Types of Tier IIIStruggling Readers Slow learners don t qualify w discrepancy method Students with moderate to severe communication.
disorder fewest Students with moderate to severe dyslexia most Note these issues do not go away They are womb to tomb However with enough of theright intervention students can improve .
Tier III Slow Learners Well below grade level in both reading and math even after good classroom instruction intervention Do not present with a discrepancy between ability.
and achievement Need basic Tier II Intervention but more often o Double hits per day oro 5 days per week Your experiences with this type of student .
Tier IIICommunication Difficulties in learning using language caused byproblems with vocabulary grammar and puttingsentences together in a good way .
Problems can be receptive understandinglanguage and or expressive producing Not to be confused with articulation problems Need identification specific intensive frequentlanguage intervention from an SLP.
Your experiences with this type of student 25 Tier III Dyslexia Dys difficulty Lexia words Many misconceptions e g seeing backwards colored lenses marching eye training .
Core deficit phonological system i e significantproblems matching speech sounds to letters results in poor fluency spelling word recognition Math and oral language often are normal or above Your experiences with this type of student .
Neurobiological Basisof DyslexiaTypical Readers Dyslexic ReadersEden et al Neuron 2004 27 The Heart of the.
Understanding the alphabetic principle andmastering all sound symbol correspondences Dyslexia is a language based problem not avisual problem dyslexics do not see things.
backwards exists across all levels of intelligence is not caused by lack of motivation all socioeconomic levels slightly more boys than girls.
may occur in spite of good classroominstruction is resistant to intervention may occur with other disorders e g ADD Utah s SLD DefinitionA disorder of one or more of the basic psychological.
processes involved in understanding or in using language spoken or written that may manifest itself in the imperfectability to listen think speak write spell or domathematical calculations such as perceptual disabilities brain injury minimal brain dysfunction dyslexia and.
developmental aphasia that affects a students educational performance A specific learning disability does not include learningproblems that are primarily the result of visual hearing ormotor disabilities or intellectual disability of emotional.
disturbance or of environmental cultural or economicdisadvantage USOE Specific Learning Disability Definition 300 8 10 which relies on the federal definition of a specific learningdisability SLD May 2 2013 IDA s Dyslexia.
DefinitionDyslexia is a specific learning disability that isneurobiological in origin It is characterized bydifficulties with accurate and or fluent wordrecognition and by poor spelling and decoding.
abilities These difficulties typically result from adeficit in the phonological component oflanguage that is often unexpected in relation toother cognitive abilities and the provision ofeffective classroom instruction Secondary.
consequences may include problems in readingcomprehension and reduced reading experiencethat can impede growth of vocabulary andbackground knowledge Lyon G R Shaywitz S E Shaywitz B A 2003 A definition of dyslexia Annals of Dyslexia 53 1 .
How Many Dyslexic 80 85 of students with anidentified specific learningdisability SLD have aprimary problem with.
reading and or language 10 20 or 1 out of every 5 10 students has symptomsof dyslexia National Institute of Child Health and Human Development 2003 .
4th grade writingI was perfectly happy disintegratingin the dark I heard a scraping thena snap sunlight flooded in Benpicked me up in a pile of leaves I.
jumped out he caught me I wasstuck Ben showed me to his family I was flattered from all the ahhs andoohs I got bagged boxed and put itin the freezer for 5 months .
1 Review the symptoms of dyslexia 2 Evidence that this student is dyslexic 3 Additional evidence needed What is Dyslexia 1 Work with a partner to flesh out a semantic.
web that summarizes dyslexia as defined in Utahand by the IDA 2 Use key words not complete sentences 3 You have 7 minutes to complete this task Spreading Accurate.
Info about Dyslexia Scenario 1 A You are a veteran teacher who has beensearching on line for reading intervention ideas You are excited by claims of a research based.
cure for dyslexia Try to convince your principalthat s he needs to spend building funds topurchase colored lenses for struggling readers B You are a principal Use your knowledgeabout dyslexia to tell the teacher No .
Spreading AccurateInfo About Dyslexia Scenario 2 A You are a district administrator who is tired ofbeing brow beaten by parents of struggling.
readers You are about to issue a district policythat forbids teachers and administrators from usingthe term dyslexia in discussions with colleagues parents and students because it is too vague B You are a principal Use your knowledge.
about dyslexia to tell the administrator this is notconsistent with state policy or research Take Home Message forPrincipals We can t assume a child is Tier III has a.
disability w out trying Tier II intervention Constitutional deficits show up early Assess intervene in Kindergarten The discrepancy formula is not enough We alsoneed to look at response to intervention .
Intervention can reduce the LD population Take Home Message forPrincipals For students with moderate reading difficultieswho do not have IEPs and who are unlikely to.
qualify for an IEP a 504 Plan can be a life saver A 504 Plan will allow accommodations that help ajunior high high school student to keep up withcoursework and demonstrate optimumperformance on standardized tests e g ACT .
Teachers need to be in the 504 loop for the planto work well A 504 Plan is not cheating Definition of Terms Phoneme An individual speechsound sh p .
Grapheme A letter or letter groupTiers II and IIIThe Principal’s Guide. Dr. Kathleen J. Brown. University of Utah Reading Clinic. January 23-24, 2014. www.uurc.org. [email protected]

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