TITLE:  Eco-friendly Eco-printing technique on cotton fabric: Use of plant material with mordent.

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1.TITLE:Eco-friendly Eco-printing technique on cotton fabric: Use ofplant material with mordent.

2.Eco Printing• The Eco-printing is where plants material leavetheir forms, prints and shades on textilesurface.• Eco printing can be proposed as an alternatestyle to regular natural dyeing. This techniqueis a rich blend of scientific method and art(Ismal, 2016).

3.Objectives of this reseach•To develop ecofriendly printed cotton fabricwith eco printing technique.•To analyze the washing and rubbing, ironingand lightfastness testing on fabric.•To eliminate the harmful chemicalprocessingeffects from printing method

4.Plants• Especially plants are consider best naturalsource of coloring.For utilizing plants materialas functional material helps us to make itecofriendly and to follow “Go Green”concept

5.Guava leaves natural coloring source

6.Cotton Natural fabricCotton is the multifunctional and mostcommonly used textile material .Cottonis cheapest natural cellulosic fiber. It isselected for this experimental studybecause cotton has greatmagnetism todye and willingly available. It is simplyinexpensive(Udeani, 2015).

7.Cotton fabric

8.Mordents• Alum• Iron. Mordent is not only help maximum dye take up and color fastness but canchange shades and hue. Mansour and Heffernan (2011),stated that mordenttype has different effects on shad strength, ratio of fixation, color as well as thefastness to light by making maximum bounding with dye particles

9.Alum Mordents

10.Iron mordent

11.Procedure of eco printingcollect the materialPlant material arranged andcompactly rolled inside cloth. Thentied with thread and boiled until thenatural dye extract from plants andmake the pattern on the fabric

12.Procedure of eco printingcollect the material

13.Mordenting processLeaves wereimmersed inmordent .And cotton fabricwas placed inmordenting liquid.

14.Leaves arrangement on fabric

15.Cover the arrangement with plastic sheet

16.Roll the fabric on wooden bar

17.Tie these roll with thread

18.Steaming process

19.Open the roll

20.Eco prints

21.Eco friendly eco printed fabric with Guavaleaves


23.A display

24.Colorfastness tests1. Washing fastness test2. Rubbing fastness test3. Ironing fastness test4. Light color fastness test

25.Test reasults1.2.3.4.Washing fastness testRubbing fastness testIroning fastness testLight color fastness test goodgoodgoodpoor

26.Elimination of synthetics• Synthetic dyes are harmful. These dyes createpollution problems, to eliminate the harmfulchemical processing it is required to findnatural replacements. Eco printing is a bestreplacement of synthetics . All material whichused in this process were natural.



Eco printing can be proposed as an alternate style to regular natural dyeing. This technique is a rich blend of scientific method and art (Ismal, 2016). Objectives of this reseach. To develop ecofriendly printed cotton fabric with eco printing technique.

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