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AGENDA FOR AUGUST 28 2019Current drug NewsReview Continue with Chapter OneQuestions regarding newspaper or written assignment Drugs NEWS.
Opioid crisis in AmericaIn 2017 the most recent year for which data is available opioidoverdoses killed more than forty seven thousand peopleThe United States is grappling with one of its worst ever drug crises Morethan nine hundred people a week die from opioid related overdoses.
Opioids a class of drugs derived from the opium poppyplant can be divided into two broad categories legallymanufactured medications and illicit narcotics Opioid medications including oxycodone hydrocodone and morphine are commonly prescribed to treat pain .
while methadone is primarily used in addictiontreatment centers to reduce patients dependence on Drugs News Cont d Drug News cont dhttps www cfr org backgrounder... .
G30tDTGaUO6WzIgjHgSZxoC X0QAvD... An Oklahoma judge found Johnson Johnsonguilty in fueling the state s opioid crises andordered the corporation to pay 572 million ina landmark ruling with vast implications .
https www cbsnews com news joh... judge in opioid abuse lawsuit Illegal Street Drugs Some Stimulants cocaine meth Depressants alcohol barbiturates.
Hallucinogens Magic Mushrooms LSD PCP Marijuana Narcotics opiates Heroin Codeine Fentanyl OxyContin and VicodinSome legal drugs Alcohol Tobacco.
Marijuana State level only still against the law federally What is a Drug Any substance that modifies byenhancing inhibiting ordistorting mind and or body.
functioningWhat the class said Some class results of what a drug isStimulates some part of the body to satisfy a needAddictive thing that alters your actions.
Substance to make the human body feel comfortableCan benefit or harm your bodyAlters your perception mindChange your behaviorTake to feel rewarded.
Interacts with the body and affects their sensesAddicting substance that you can t get rid of without help Some class results of what a drug is cont dTake pain away legal or illegalHelps to escape reality feel relaxed or free.
Life changing effectsSomething to heal youHelp them in some waySome indicated the various types of drugs and how they areadministered into the body.
Dimensions of Drug Use Drug users are found in all occupations andprofessions at all income and social class levels andin all age groups No one is immune to drug use which often leads to.
drug dependence Thus drug use is anequal opportunity affliction Insiders Outsiders Insiders People on the inside those who approve of.
and or use drugs Outsiders People on the outside those who do notapprove of and or use drugs Four Principle Factors That Affect Drug Use Pharmacological Factors How does a drug affect the.
body How do drug ingredients interact with the body andthe nervous system Cultural Factors How do societal views determined bycustom and tradition affect our initial approach to drug use Social Factors What are the specific reasons why a drug is.
taken curing an illness self medicating peer pressure family upbringing membership in drug abusing subcultures Contextual Factors How do physical surroundings rockconcerts nightclubs or fraternity and sorority parties affectdrug use 12.
Substances thataffect both mind and bodyAlthough substances that affect both the mind andbody functioning are commonly called drugs researchers in the field of drug or substance abuse.
use a more precise term Psychoactive drugs substances PsychoactiveHow drugs affect the body How drug substances have an effect on the Central.
Nervous System CNS Withdrawal SymptomsGenerally speaking any substancethat modifies the CNS and statesof consciousness is a DRUG.
Dimensions ofdrug use cont dFor many substances a user is at risk Whenever thedrug is not supplied a chronic user may then riskaddiction and experience withdrawal symptoms that.
are physical and or psychological in nature wheneverthe drug is not supplied Withdrawal cont d WithdrawalPsychological and physical symptoms that result when.
a drug is absent from the body physical symptomsare generally present in the cases of drug dependenceto more addictive drugs such as heroin physical andpsychological symptoms of withdrawal includeperspiration nausea boredom anxiety and muscle.
Psychoactive Drugs Psychoactive drugs are classified as either Licit Legal Examples may includecoffee tea alcohol tobacco .
and over the counter drugs Illicit Illegal Examples may includemarijuana cocaine LSD etc Over the Counter.
Drugs sold without a prescription Gateway DrugsStimulants Gateway drugs are types of commonly used drugsthat are believed to lead to using other more.
powerful mind altering and addictive drugs such ashallucinogens cocaine crack and heroin Alcohol tobacco and marijuana are the mostcommonly used gateway drugs Table 1 2 Page 8.
The word gateway suggests a path leading tosomething else when used excessively may lead tousing other and often stronger and or more addictiveAlcohol tobacco and marijuana are the mostcommon uses drugs Almost all abusers of more.
powerfully addictive drugs have first experimentedwith these three substances Major Types of Commonly AbusedStimulants considered to be Gateway drugs Act on the Central Nervous System by increasing.
alertness excitation euphoria pulse rate and bloodSome types of stimulantsCocaine and methamphetamineCoffee tea chocolate and nicotine Stimulants.
Hallucinogens psychedelics LSD PCP Mushrooms Depressants Derived from opium barbiturates Hallucinogens Psychedelics.
DepressantsThese drugs depress the CNSRelieve boredom stress and anxietyBarbiturates Quaaludes Rohypnol roofies Depressants.
Known as a gateway drug ethanol is a colorless volatile and pungent liquid resulting from fermentedgrains berries and other fruits and vegetablesAlso a gateway drug Very addictive colorless highlyvolatile liquid alkaloid found in all tobacco products.
Long term use of tobacco products can lead to severaldifferent chronic respiratory ailments and cancers NicotineCigarette smoke is a complex mixture ofchemical compounds which are created by.
the burning of tobacco leaves Cigarettesmoke includes tar and 4 000 otherchemicals including 43 substances thatcause cancer Others include gases such ascarbon monoxide Carbon monoxide.
interferes with the blood s ability to carryoxygen to the body s tissues However addiction to smoking is caused by anothersubstance called nicotine Nicotine acts as.
a stimulant and a Tobacco Silos CannabisMarijuana and HashishCannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in the.
United States Marijuana Anabolic SteroidsSteroids are a synthetic form of a the male hormonetestosterone They are often used to increase muscle.
size and strengthMedically steroids are used to increase body tissue orto treat allergies InhalantsOrganic Solvents.
Are also considered gateway drugs and veryattracted popular to preteens and younger teenagersGasoline model airplane glue paint thinnerGenerally things around the house or garage Inhalants.
Narcotics OpiatesOpium morphine codeine DemerolFrom opium we get what What is Opium Opium is a naturally occurring substance.
found in the seeds of the opium poppy Opium which contains morphine isextracted from the poppy seeds and usedto produce heroin Heroin is an illegal highly addictive drug and its use is a.
serious problem in America It is both themost abused and the most rapidly acting ofthe opiates Designer Drugs Synthetic Drugs.
Innovations in technology have produced newcategories known as designer drugs synthetic drugsor synthetic opioidsMDMA known as Ecstasy syn thet ic.
of a substance made by chemical synthesis especially to imitate a natural product https www merriam webster com ... Designer DrugsThese relatively new types of drugs are developed by.
people who seek to circumvent the illegality of a drugby modifying the drug into a new compound Designer Drugs Synthetic Drugsor Synthetic Opioids Structural analogs are drugs that result from altered.
chemical structures of current illicit drugs Involves modifying the basic molecular skeleton of acompound to form a new molecular species Designer Drugs Synthetic Drugs or Synthetic Opioids New categories of hybrid drugs e g Ecstasy .
These relatively recent types of drugs are created asstructural analogs of substances already classified under theControlled Substances Act Overview ofDrugs in Society.
Many people think that problems with drugs are unique toHowever drug use and abuse have always been a part ofnearly all past and presentEvidence of wine only appeared as a finishedproduct in Egyptian pictographs around 4000 BC.
The earliest evidence of alcohol in China are wine jarsfrom Jiahu which date to about 7000 BC This early drinkwas produced by fermenting rice honey and fruit Drug Misuse Drug misuse is the unintentional or inappropriate.
use of prescribed or over the counter OTC types of Photos com Six Examples of Drug Misuse Taking more drugs than prescribed Using OTC or psychoactive drugs in excess without.
medical supervision Mixing drugs with alcohol or other types of drugs Using old medicines to self treat new symptoms of an Discontinuing prescribed drugs at will and or againstphysician s orders.
Administering prescribed drugs to a family memberwithout medical consultation and supervision Dimensions of Drug Abuse Drug abuse is the willful misuse of either licit orillicit drugs for the purpose of recreation perceived.
necessity or convenience Drug abuse refers to a more intense misuse ofdrugs often to the point of addiction Also known as chemical or substance abuse How Widespread is.
Drug Abuse As mentioned earlier drug abuse today is more acuteand widespread than in any previous ageDrug use is an equal opportunity affliction No oneis immune from the use and or abuse .
Erich Goode s Four Typesof Drug Use Legal instrumental use taking prescribed drugs orOTC drugs to relieve or treat mental or physical Legal recreational use using licit drugs like tobacco .
alcohol and caffeine to achieve a certain mental state Illegal instrumental use taking non prescribed drugsto achieve a task or goal Illegal recreational use taking illicit drugs for fun or Drug Use Statistics and Trends.
Social drugs 104 billion for alcohol 51 9 billion for cigarettes 2 billion for cigars chewingtobacco pipe tobacco .
roll your own tobacco and snuff 5 7 billion for coffee teas Prescription drugs 430 billion worldwide and 176 billion in the U S 53.
Drug Use Statistics and Trends continued OTC drugs 23 5 billion Nonmedical use of prescription drugs.
In 2001 16 of Americans 12 or older 36million had misused prescription drugs at leastonce in their lifetime Miscellaneous drugs such as aerosols nutmeg morning glory seeds etc .
Amount unknown National Household Surveyon Drug Abuse 2006 203 million Americans used alcohol during their 163 million Americans used cigarettes.
112 million Americans used any illicit drug s Most commonly used illicit drugs lifetime use 40 used marijuana 6 0 used in last month 14 used hallucinogens 20 used a psychotherapeutic drug s for nonmedical.
reason s 2 8 used in last month 14 used cocaine Drug Use Additional Major FindingsAge Patterns 18 20 age category report the most illicit drugRacial and Ethnic Differences highest rates of use past.
month 2006 Native American Alaska Native 13 7 Two or more races 8 9 Black 9 8 White 8 5 .
Hispanic or Latino 6 9 Drug Use Additional Major Findings continued Males were more likely than females among personsage 12 or older to be current illicit drug users 10 5 .
vs 6 2 The rate of past month marijuana use for males wasabout twice as high for males as the rate for females 8 1 vs 4 1 Pregnant Women.
Pregnant women are less likely to use drugs thansimilar age women who are not pregnant Drug Use Additional Major Findings continued .
14% used cocaine Age Patterns: 18–20 age category report the most illicit drug use Racial and Ethnic Differences (highest rates of use, past month, 2006): Native American /Alaska Native 13.7% Two or more races 8.9% Black 9.8% White 8.5% Hispanic or Latino 6.9%

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