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his first grade classmatesMount NittanyChristian School I Flat Stanley was able to visit theBenson Family in the Midwest .
Dubuque IowaDubuque is onthe tri stateborder of Iowa Illinois and.
Wisconsin Dubuque is a rivertown on the MightyMississippi Dubuque Iowa land is not typical of the rest.
To the left is the 4th StreetElevator This is a smallversion of the PittsburgIncline There is an icecream stand at the bottom.
that is open during thesummer To the right is Horseshoe Bluff This is part of the Mines of SpainRecreation Area I went trail.
running here with Mandi shecarried me in her waist belt Like State College Dubuque is also home tocolleges and universities I got to hang out with Karise and Karlee .
Karise is 7 and in 1st grade Karlee is 5yrs old and is in preschool Pictures are from their egg hunt in their backyard and apicture before their school dance Karise and I eating breakfast together She.
eats bagels almost every morning This is Carver Elementary School Karise lovesbeing a cougar The Benson s enjoy camping We went out in thecountry to get their pop up out of winter storage All I.
saw was fields It was FLAT Each night and on the weekends we all eattogether as a family If the weather is nice we eat on the deck During my visit we didn t go out to eat .
We did order take n bake pizza I dove right in This is Dubuque Bible Church AWANA is Wednesday nights andSunday is Church and Sunday School .
Chris works at John Deere He is a senior engineer in the CrawlerDivision While I was there he went to Phoenix AZ on a work trip I went to Dubuque Senior High Schoolfor a day too This is where Mandi teaches science .
Thank you for sending me to Dubuque IA I will be arriving back to school soon sometimes the mail is slow don t worryabout me I will make it I enjoyed my visit I hope that you were.
able to learn a little more about the WorldAround You See ya soon F Stanley.
Chris works at John Deere. He is a senior engineer in the Crawler Division. While I was there, he went to Phoenix, AZ on a work trip. I went to Dubuque Senior High School for a day too. This is where Mandi teaches science. Thank you for sending me to Dubuque, IA. I will be arriving back to school soon (sometimes the mail is slow, don’t worry ...

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