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Transportation Logistics Career DayFriday February 27 2015What you need to know What is T L Career Day .
Recruiters from regional national and internationaltransportation and logistics companies are invited toparticipate in one of only two discipline specificrecruiting event on campus T L Career Day bringscorporate representatives and students together for.
one on one prescheduled interviews for internship part time and full time positions Transportation Logistics Career Day started in 2002with a handful of companies and was held as an annualevent until 2007 In 2008 Career Day became a.
biannual event held in the fall October and spring February T L Career Day Sponsor T L Career Day is sponsored by theAmerican Society of Transportation .
Logistics AST L AST L awards the Certification inTransportation Logistics CTL UNF is one of only 28 universities in thenation that offers the CTL part of the.
Blanket Waiver program to all graduatesthat apply The CTL is the CPA of logistics www astl org Lunch and ReceptionLunch Sponsor Yusen Logistics.
Networking Reception Sponsor C H UNF Herbert University Center Bldg 43 Room 1058 2 15 p m 4 30 p m immediately following interview Career Day participants are required to attend Appetizers and cash bar.
Thank you to our sponsors Companies registered for T LCareer Day Spring 2015 AV Logistics Jaxport CEVA Logistics Landstar.
C H Robinson Michael s Con Way Freight Distribution Conser Moving Co PLS Logistics Crowley Services Dollar Tree Rexel Gexpro.
Hybrid Logistics Suddath Companies Interline Brands TargetSC Total Quality Interline Brands LogisticsINT W O Supply.
Requirements for Students Minimum GPA 2 75 Must be S T A R certified through CogginCareer Management Center CMC by Feb 13 Resume must be critiqued or refreshed by CMC.
All students must engage in at least 1 mockinterview prior to Career Day even if previouslyS T A R certified Students who are working for a company thatis participating in Career Day are not allowed.
to review resumes of other students under anycircumstances Resumes must be critiqued by the CMC prior to submission Use UNF or professional email address on resume Format to name resume Use All Caps .
LASTNAME FIRSTNAME Gradmonth G... Sample SMITH JOHN 5 15 F docxJohn Smith graduates May 2015 seeking full time position SMITH JOHN 5 16 I docxJohn Smith graduates May 2016 seeking an internship .
In this case internship part time Don t use P or PT use I Submit approved resume in MS Word toLynn Brown unf edu by January 23 How the interviewschedule is determined.
Recruiters will have access to the resumes of all participants ona secure website Recruiters will rank candidates in order of preference based onthe resume Recruiters submit position descriptions .
Students receive position descriptions Students rank companies according to preference based on jobdescription if provided or company profile 1 being best Email ranking spreadsheet that will be provided toLynn Brown unf edu Due date Feb 11 .
Rank every company if unable to relocate and it isrequired place an X in the cell for that company Preferences of students and recruiters are put into amathematical model that makes a logical match I didn t get an interview with my.
first choice Why not The interview schedule is based on the datareceived from students and recruiters If you ranked a company as 1 and thecompany does not want to interview you .
you will not get an interview If you are not qualified grad date etc thecompany may decline an interviewregardless of your preference If you don t submit a preference the.
schedule will be completely random Scheduling Last Minute Issues If you have to start late leave early or have anyother time constraints please indicate byFriday February 13 .
If you can t make it at all let me know by Friday February 20 so the schedule can be adjusted If you are a No Show it will make you andthe program look very bad you will not beadmitted to the next Career Day .
Keep your phone on vibrate because you mayhave an opportunity to fill in at the last minute Helpful Hints Make sure you check your email every day Make Lynn Brown unf edu a safe sender so.
messages don t get caught in junk mail When you send resume rankings or any otherimportant information request a deliveryreceipt or expect a response from me If youdon t get a response within 2 days check back.
to make sure your email was received Sign up for mock interviews and practice inthe CMC Recruiters can tell who is prepared Helpful Hints cont d Research every company.
Prioritize your research and focus on the companies you are mostinterested in Read articles in Jacksonville Business Journal Wall Street Journal annual reports online articles trade journals Be proactive Don t wait to start doing the research after you.
receive your interview schedule It will be too stressful Do enough research so that you will have a working knowledge ofevery company attending Schedules are subject to change so you may get to sit down witha recruiter that is not on your list Keep your phone on vibrate if.
you are not in an interview Be aware that some companies do not have open positions butparticipate in order to meet new students and create a pipeline of talent when a position opens up Be prepared for ANYTHING Attitude is everything .
Informal interviews There will be many opportunities for informalinterviews and networking Be prepared to makea good impression during the Networking breakfast.
In the break room In the elevator At the networking reception at 2 15 p m Ask for a business card offer your resume sell yourself Don t be shy and give it your best shot .
T L Career Day ScheduleCoggin College8 00 9 00 AM Registration Coggin LobbyNetworking Breakfast Room 10209 30 11 40 PM Series of 25 minute interviews.
followed by10 minute break between11 40 12 20 PM Box lunch in Room 102012 30 2 05 PM Interviews resume2 15 4 30 PM Networking reception UNF HerbertUniversity Center Bldg 43 .
You will receive your interview schedule the day before Career Day Do not email me to ask when you will receive your schedule Your schedule is subject to change You will be called or texted if there is anopportunity for an additional interview Be ready Break room with refreshments on 3 rd floor in room 3136 and 3138 .
Do not blow off any interviews no matter what T L Career Day Committee If you would like to volunteer to help withthe event please contactLynn Brown unf edu .
This is a great way to network in a moreinformal atmosphere It is also a great way to prove yourself inreal time T L Career Day.
Questions Lynn Brown unf eduTransportation & Logistics Career Day started in 2002 with a handful of companies and was held as an annual event until 2007. In 2008, Career Day became a biannual event held in the fall (October) and spring (February). ... Students rank companies according to preference based on job description (if provided) or company profile, #1 being best ...

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