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Tyler Technologies Injustice Within the JusticeTexas State University Tyler Technologies TYL Tyler Technologies is a.
software solutions companies Software for governments schools and courtrooms Tyler has a singular focus delivering essential software.
solutions that empower thepublic sector Odyssey Case Management System Odyssey CaseManagement System.
provides integrated courtand justice solutions todeliver organized and up to date information Consequences.
User Harms Misallocation of Resources Wrongful Incarceration Backlog of records Inmates Erroneously Released Inaccessibility of Records Extended Jailtime Calendar Issues Drug Offenses Reclassified as Sex Excess Time Used to Fix Software.
Misrepresentation of Character Technology Phased Rollout Counties purchase a Tyler software Suite contains individual modules.
Each module is installed one at a time Different groups work on different Confusion can lead to data quality Test Driven Development Predetermined test cases dictates.
source code Globally optimum software What should be tested Varying county sizes for scalability Inmate record I O comparison.
The Tyler Cloud and SaaS Software is used by clients over aninternet connection rather thaninstalling it on their hard drives Counties have the option to.
integrate Odyssey with the Tylercloud or have their softwareinstalled in house Lack of variability control for on prem counties.
Convert all counties to the Tyler Easier to push updates and runsimulations Short Term Risk Mitigation Stress test Odyssey testing its behavior when its working at its maximum.
Finding the limit for which it can handle the most data What is its maximumpayload Consult Odyssey engineers Inmate record I O comparison Use Macro Scheduler 85 A 3rd party source code audit might be necessary to gain better public.
reputation Smart Bear Raygun Guidelight Business Solutions Harm Caused Through Laws Broken.
We spent an inordinate amount of time on this he said We did very much duediligence It s so frustrating not to see the ethical behavior from the company Torney Smith Ventura County Relevant Cases The county of Jefferson Missouri v Tyler Technologies Inc .
Ventura County v Tyler Technologies Inc Powell Ingram v Oldham Tyler Technologies Inc The People of The State of California v Eric Cruz Patricia Smith Driver Clayton v The Marion County Sheriff Does Tyler Admit Fault .
How Tyler will be held accountable Counties sue for breach of contract or negligence Ex Jefferson Missouri v Tyler Technologies Sovereign Immunity Class Action.
Companies identify mostdamaging factors ofclass action lawsuits Coming under exposure Cost of settlement or.
Financial Impact of Legal Problems Direct cost of past current and future lawsuits Cost of Class Action Lawsuits Reputation cost Direct financial cost of settling or going to trial.
Reputational cost losing out on potential government contracts Alameda chose not to implement Odyssey in the family probate or civil side of Loss of contracts Every contract Tyler Technologies loses is money out of their pocket Sovereign Immunity.
Legal Aspects of Solution The solution we bring to the table is legal There are no laws or regulations that will prevent Tyler Technologies fromimplementing our solution Potential lawsuits if Tyler Technologies does not provide the updated Odyssey.
system to the counties it is already in contract with Guarantee of lawsuits if Tyler Technologies Financial Business Practice Quick corporate growth.
Management structurecan t keep up Number of insider shares 81 shares bought 156 429 shares sold.
Software Development Life Cycle Where do TYL Maintenance Fees go TYL charges 3 4 million for counties to use OCMS 360 000 for maintenance annually per county Maintenance fees .
Support services Ongoing development 72 000 for corrective maintenance annually per county Corporate Losses Unintended Costs.
Taxpayers and counties are forced to payGovernment funding of counties being potentially harmedLegal costs can quickly surpass revenues if more decide to suePublic response may hinder future growth Ways to Mitigate Immediate Risks.
Hire software developer team to implement patches Effective 5 person team 348 280 annually Inform clients of work on patches QA team work on new test cases and stress test scalability How to drive your test cost to 0 Don t test.
How to drive your user base to 0 Don t test Ways to Mitigate Future Risks Hire software auditor Ensure satisfactory system designprinciples and design management.
principles Convert counties to Tyler Private Benefits greatly exceed the Metric Stream Overview Subversion of justice.
In violation of mission statement Poor allocation of resources Reducing effectiveness of law enforcement efforts Tax dollars on incarceration and processing Negatively affecting productivity of society.
Duty to uphold social and physical contract Subversion of Justice Erroneous software persists the multiple ethical violationsSystem is generating false arrest warrantsImposing on peoples freedoms and autonomy.
Reducing the operational efficiency of local justicesystems and the efficiency society as a whole Ultimately treating people as means to an end What Tyler TechnologiesRepresents Dedicated to helping local.
government and schoolclients streamline theirprocesses and make iteasier for them to managetheir business functions.
State an understandingthat their clients want andneed to operate moreefficiently A focus on innovation and.
earnest commitment toour clients Emphasis on the fact thatthey want to develop implement and support.
software solutions thatdeliver again and Responsibility of Being Truthful When you sell a good or service it needs to do what youadvertise it does .
The company wants to help local businesses with their day today operations Tyler Technologies owes it to their customers to deliver aproduct that functions exactly as they are marketing that it Breaking of a social agreement and treating their.
customers as objects instead of individuals Accountability Certain products of essential function put responsibility on producers Justice medical industry financial services Accountability in justice sector needs to be raised.
Standards of public servants People rely both directly and indirectly on OCMS Operational efficiency needs to be more of a priority Harming the utility of justice systems Poor allocation of resources.
As industry leaders they need to be leading A Corporation is a Guest in Society Business entities are legal fictions created by operation of law Like citizens corporations have rights and also obligationsto society.
Tyler Technologies owes its success to the people and thegovernment Fiduciary role as a company that bids on government Duty to hold up their end of both physical and social contract Solution.
Corrects ethical violations In accordance with all parts of mission statement Maintain honesty and credibility with stockholders No longer subverting justice Set a quality industry standard.
Improve efficiency of local governments Fulfill duty of contract Conclusion Solution Short term solution .
Hire software developer team Inform clients of work on patches Implement more quality assurance testing Long term solution Hire auditor.
Convert counties to cloud Benefits of Proposed SolutionFunctional productGood Satisfied Newreputation clients clients.
Confident Strengthstock overholders legal costs competitors Resourceshttps www tylertech com career... .
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Resourceshttp galorath com software mai... https www courthousenews com c... https www techdirt com article... lony convictions wrongful arre... .
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Legal CasesClass Action Jessica Powell vs Bill Oldhamhttps assets documentcloud org... ods ECruz Original Odyssey pdfhttps www commercialappeal com... .
lone jail computer problems 94... https www theindianalawyer com... problem at marion county jailhttps www theindychannel com n... n county jail.
https www argusleader com stor... strates city 14190055 http emcgazette com troubling ... Tyler Technologies Injustice Within the Justice.
Texas State UniversityTYL makes around 800,000 annually, but Cali $10 million class action lawsuit: The county (or counties) in which the applicant is located must have a 90% average on both adult and juvenile criminal history dispositions reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety for calendar years 2011 through 2015. Criminal Justice Division

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