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Uncertainty error inErrors types Relative ErrorMeasurement UncertaintyHuman Error.
Propagated Error Where does uncertainty come from The measuring instrument instruments can suffer from errors including bias changes due to ageing wear or other kinds ofdrift poor readability noise for electrical instruments and many other problems The item being measured which may not be stable Imagine trying to measure the size of an ice cube in a warm room .
The measurement process the measurement itself may be difficult to make For example measuring the weight of small butlively animals presents particular difficulties in getting the subjects to co operate Imported uncertainties calibration of your instrument has an uncertainty which is then built into the uncertainty of themeasurements you make But remember that the uncertainty due to not calibrating would be much worse Operator skill some measurements depend on the skill and judgment of the operator One person may be better than.
another at the delicate work of setting up a measurement or at reading fine detail by eye The use of an instrument such asa stopwatch depends on the reaction time of the operator But gross mistakes are a different matter and are not to beaccounted for as uncertainties Sampling issues the measurements you make must be properly representative of the process you are trying to assess If youwant to know the temperature at the work bench don t measure it with a thermometer placed on the wall near an air.
conditioning outlet If you are choosing samples from a production line for measurement don t always take the first tenmade on a Monday morning The environment temperature air pressure humidity and many other conditions can affect the measuring instrument orthe item being measured Measurement Good Practice Guide No 11 Issue 2 A Beginner s Guide to Uncertainty of Measurement.
Stephanie Bell Centre for Basic Thermal and Length Metrology National PLaboratory Measurement Uncertainty All measurements are subject to uncertainty and a measured value isonly complete if it is accompanied by a statement of the associated.
uncertainty Relative uncertainty is the measurement uncertaintydivided by the measured value Examples of MeasurementUncertaintyhttp serc carleton edu sp libr... .
Reducing Measurement Uncertainty Calibrate your equipment to a known standard i e length concentration resistance ect A systematic error an estimate of which is known as a measurementbias is associated with the fact that a measured value contains an.
offset In general a systematic error regarded as a quantity is acomponent of error that remains constant or depends in a specificmanner on some other quantity Can be fixed by math A random error is associated with the fact that when a measurementis repeated it will generally provide a measured value that is different.
from the previous value It is random in that the next measured valuecannot be predicted exactly from previous such values Will besignificantly reduced by taking averages Relative Errorhttp mathworld wolfram com Rel... .
If the Actual Value Xo is unknown then take the error in your result as a percentage of your results Indirect measurement Usually an electrical output of something i e Measuring change of temperature to determine specific heat Measuring amount of water to determine volume.
Thus uncertainty in measurement is not the same as uncertainty inthe result Sensitivity coefficients Error PropagationD 0 2 0 05 m.
Calculating the line of best fit Least Squares Linear Fit 1 2 2 4 8 162 4 1 2 2 48 2 16 4 .
Best Fit Line Equation slope and Assignment Fill the table plot the data Add the line of best curve fit by the equation.
Work on Yesterdays Lab or TestThe measuring instrument - instruments can suffer from errors including bias, changes due to ageing, wear, or other kinds of drift, poor readability, noise (for electrical instruments) and many other problems. The . item being measured - which may not be stable. (Imagine trying to measure the size of an ice cube in a warm room.) The ...

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