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Undergraduate Participation in Bioinformatics Training UPBiT Ming Ying Leung 1 2 Stephen B Aley 2 3 Vladik Kreinovich 2 4 and Elizabeth Walsh2 3Department of Mathematical Sciences 2Bioinformatics Program Department of Biological Sciences and 4Department of Computer Science The University of Texas at El Paso El Paso Texas 79968.
Abstract Student Training ActivitiesWith the advances in biotechnology there has been an exponential Weekly Workshops to Develop Interdisciplinary Communication Skillsincrease of biological data deposited in databanks around the world Writing and presentation assignments in bioinformatics related topics Theme 3 Gene Expression and Proteomics Data Analysis The interdisciplinary field of bioinformatics came into existence Group work to help trainees select research partners The analysis of high dimensional gene expression and proteomics databecause of the demand of well trained professionals to extract useful Discussions on ethical issues to build awareness of social responsibilities from microarrays and mass spectrometry has been a recent topic of.
information from this enormous amount of data with carefully designed interest Locally generated data from studies of rotifers T cruzi andmathematical models statistical methodologies computational Computer and Wet Lab Training nodaviruses will be analyzed by Bayesian variable selection andalgorithms and experimental validation Building on the existing Learn to use software like Shadow graduate students or spectral analysis techniques infrastructure for the graduate degree in bioinformatics we are MATLAB MINITAB and basic research staff in wet labsdeveloping an undergraduate training program of bioinformatics programming in Java and Perl.
research at UTEP This research experience will better prepare Theme 4 Protein Structure Prediction biology and mathematics students to pursue graduate studies or Understanding the mechanisms for efficient and precise assembly ofcareers in fields dependent on mathematical tools for biological data large macromolecular complexes is an important problem inanalysis biochemistry While crystallography and cryo EM can determine proteinstructures optimization theory and large scale simulations will reduce.
Teams of faculty mentors from biological sciences and mathematical the cost sciences will work with groups of undergraduate majors in biology andmathematics on projects stemming from four research themes Biomolecular Sequence Analysis Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Curriculum DevelopmentGene Expression and Proteomics Data Analysis and Protein Structure New biology and math course contents.
Prediction It is also expected that from these interdisciplinary Undergraduate Bioinformatics Minorcollaborative projects the interaction among faculty and students from 4 1 BS MS Program in Bioinformaticsboth the biological and mathematical sciences will bring about BiomolecularSequence Analysisdevelopments in the undergraduate curricula of both disciplines We.
plan to implement modifications in the contents of a number of biologyand mathematics courses and to establish new bioinformaticsEcoinformaticsand Phylogenetic Long Term GoalResearch Rotation Analysis.
undergraduate courses which will be the foundation for graduate Each trainee will go through a The UPBiT program is a pivotal stepdegree studies in bioinformatics research rotation to work with Research towards establishing an interdisciplinaryfaculty mentors on several smallRotations Bioinformatics Research Center at UTEPprojects from two to three of the Molecular.
to bring together talents among ourMicroarray andProgram Organization four research themes describedStructure andProteomics Data undergraduate and graduate students.
Analysis and the expertise among postdoctoralresearchers and faculty to addressResearch Management significant challenges in both theStudent Recruitmentbiological and mathematical sciences .
Biomolecular Sequenceand Retention Drs Aley Analysis Drs Aley Almeida Kreinovich Leung Sha andDuval Johnson Leung and Sha Program Administration Velazquez.
Drs Aley Kreinovich Leung Specialized Research ProjectEcology and EvolutionaryBiology Drs Ceberio Duval Walsh and Ms Torres Program.
Curriculum Development After research rotation trainee will choose a specialized research projectAcknowledgementsDogan Kreinovich Lougheed Drs Duval Leung Shpak UPBiT is supported by the National ScienceShpak and Walsh and Walsh from one of these themes Foundation NSF Grants UBM Institutional .
Gene Expression andProteomics Data Analysis Advisory Board Undergraduate Training in Bioinformatics DUE Drs Fuentes Johnson Leung Dr Morrobel Sosa Dean.
Evaluation Drs Aley Theme 1 Biomolecular Sequence Analysis Narayan and ShaCollege of ScienceDogan and members of the.
0926721 Mathematical Models for RNA DMS Dr Mariani ChairAdvisory BoardProbability models and statistical methods can be developed to analyzeMathematical Sciences 0800272 and the following grants .
Dr Kirken ChairBiological Scienceswords and string patterns on DNA RNA and protein sequences SuchProtein Structure Prediction Drs Almeida Bernal Fuentes .
External Advisors Facilities Drs Almeida analyses can provide good predictions for important functional sites andJohnson Leung Lougheed National Institutes of Health NIH Narayan and Velazquezand Mr Saldivar have also motivated unexplored mathematical problems Programmer Analyst S06GM08012 35 2G12RR008124 11.
and 1T36GM078000 01Theme 2 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Research topics include models for aggregability and speciation andTexas Higher Education Coordinating Boardecoinformatics analysis of rainfall and water resources at UTEP s Indio.
Norman Hackerman Advanced ResearchMountain Research Station where mathematical modeling involving linearwww bioinformatics utep edu UP... algebra tree building and graph theory will play important roles Program NHARP 003661 0008 2006 and 003661 0013 2007.
Teams of faculty mentors from biological sciences and mathematical sciences will work with groups of undergraduate majors in biology and mathematics on projects stemming from four research themes: Biomolecular Sequence Analysis, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Gene Expression and Proteomics Data Analysis, and Protein Structure Prediction.

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