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Up and Running withMICROSOFT EXCELEastern Monroe Public Library Excel 1 Spreadsheet Program Why we use Spreadsheets.
Create organized lists with large amounts of Sort text data Calculate numeric data Perform what if calculations withoutchanging the underlying data.
Excel BasicsExcel spreadsheets organize information text andnumbers by rows and columns This is a row Rows are represented.
by numbers along theside of the sheet This is a column Columns arerepresented by letters.
across the top of the Excel BasicsA cell is the intersectionbetween a column and aEach cell is named for the.
column letter and rownumber that intersect to Data EntryThere are two ways to enter information into a cell 1 Type directly into the.
Click on a cell and type inthe data numbers or text and press Enter 2 Type into the formulaClick on a cell and then.
click in the formula bar thespace next to the Nowtype the data into the barand press Enter Excel Vocabulary.
Workbook An Excel File Sheet One page of an Excel file Cell one box within a sheet every cell hasboth a column and row number A1 A2 etc Formula bar where data and or formulas.
may be entered Basic Skills Entering Data Sorting Data Formatting.
Autofill Autosum Inserting new rows and columns Simple formulas Saving and copying spreadsheet.
Advanced Skills Not covered in this class Complex formulas Charts and Graphs Pivot tables.
Statistical analysis Additional Free Excel Training Excel Easy http www excel easy com Mr Excel http www mrexcel com Excel Exposure http excelexposure com .
Excel Tips http excelribbon tips net YouTube Channel of Excel tutorial videos https www youtube com user con... Learning Express Library If you get stuck .
Just Ask Professor Google Let s Get Started Excel Vocabulary. Workbook – An Excel File. Sheet – One page of an Excel file. Cell – one box within a sheet – every cell has both a column and row number: A1, A2, etc. Formula bar – where data and/or formulas may be entered

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