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Vets LMC Vets Service at a Glance Demographics of US Vets Berrien County LMC Demographics.
LMC Declared Majors What Do They Think How They Serve d 42 of Service Members areReservists.
Over Army Reserve Army NG Almost all military members willspend time in the reserve What is it to serve in the Demographics of Current Vets.
15 of Vets are 40 10 Mi 9 30 201385 1478661 5 0 20 10384 31 0 20 24 310193 54 0 25 29 742642 88 0 18 are Post 9 11 10 Mi 80 84 1514201 78 030 34 1069812 95 035 39 1077475 45 0.
50 Army75 79 1685148 14 0 25 2940 44 1377769 56 0 94 Enlisted 35 39 82 White 12 African 70 74 2036904 64 0.
45 49 1625754 47 0 50 54American 87 MI 65 69 3151898 3 0 9 Female 7 Mi 50 54 1908349 63 0 22m US 658k Mi 55 59 2007152 25 0.
60 64 2303000 18 0 Berrien County 12 211 Veterans Projected 14 decline by 2020 Math 099 Results.
Population under 40 1221 Post 9 11 1221 854 Women LMC s Veterans Directionally 266 Veterans 100.
LMC Vets by Age Group 66 Male 34 Female Average Age Start 33 What do they study 18 25 35 45 55 65 75 More.
Declared Majors First Semester n 249 Groups for 142 StudentsAssociate in General Accounting Nurse Imaging Law E Corrections P Studies Business MM Para Dental P6 6 6 6 6 6.
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 42 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 21 1 1 1 1 1 1s in ng se nt ad ch rts ol er ch gy gn es ed re P E PP lth ity ist ic gy try ry M sic ng ce ss IS ng sh ch ss w rt ns ce es ce ci erie r e e o e y o i d u l s d o a D e C ti gli Te ne La A o n iti ffi liS t.
tud Adm rketi nu em re R l T al A e T ine Ps ciol Des Tra ecid cult s P EC EP Hea pita As me iol mis ulin EP Mu unti Offi sin s is En al ell re ati S cie an l O Po heaS e c ra r i n g d i n s l a B e C o n u s i P i cal ss a Pr or P e be hEn So hic lled Un Agr ctio tion aHo dic Pa.
Ch c i B lA tr W un ro Hum Leger sine t M g Enf no Gen Li Mac re a p ki e ca e re Ac dm ta du d m nvin P r S rr A n In E m EGe Bu en rsin Law S o G Co Edu M P De l Coin em N u a y s ica.
June 2013 Veteran Survey n 12 What should the College do As a Veteran what do you want at LMC Interest in mentoring 70 Interest in work study 50 .
Interest in a job fair 80 Interest in VRC 90 Major Have transportation 90 June 2013 Survey What Can the.
College Do Military Credit 4x VRC 7x Job Assistance Placement Fair Mentor 1x .
Facilitation with Benefits More tutoring Community Outreach March 2015 Survey n 24 Question Response.
Primary Campus Napier 71 South Haven 5 BX 4 Aware of VRC 80 Mentorship Interest 63 Mentor 17 Mentee 4 Work Study Interest 54 13 Co Op Interest 50 12 .
Course Load 50 4 or more 35 2 3Current Military Affiliation 13 3 Drilling Reserve 8 2 IRR Fully Separated 67 16 Activated for OEF OIF 80 Participate in OEF OIF 54 Separated from AcDu 50 less than 3 years 29 more than 5 years.
Attempted to get Credit 54 Hours Awarded 50 0 3 12 2 7 9 38 6 10 or more hours March 2015 Survey n 24 Question ResponseHours Meet Expectations More 12 2 About right 30 Slightly Less 12 Far Fewer 50 .
Satisfied with Process Somewhat or Highly Dissatisfied 40 Faculty Support of Reserve 33 Some faculty not supportiveFocus Group 67 YesCo Op Interest 50 12 Course Load 50 4 or more 35 2 3.
Current Military Affiliation 13 3 Drilling Reserve 8 2 IRR Fully Separated 67 16 Activated for OEF OIF 80 Participate in OEF OIF 54 Separated from AcDu 50 less than 3 years 29 more than 5 yearsAttempted to get Credit 54 .
Hours Awarded 50 0 3 12 2 7 9 38 6 10 or more hours March 2015 Survey n 24 If you did not attempt to get academic credit for your military training and service why did you not attempt to get credit I was told it wasn t needed for the program I was trying to enter I was advised not to due to classes that I attend would not be effected and to wait for when I goto transfer to ferris state university.
Already fulfilled in first B S degree I didn t know what I would get credit for and didn t think anything I got would count for anything towards my degree When I first started attending LMC there was basically no veteran support and the registrar s office was not very helpful about recording credit from other institutions I didn t know I could I use the GI Bill.
I didn t know it was available March 2015 Survey n 24 What can LMC do to help foster veteran success at the College For a veteran recently separated no PE class It was a joke that I gave 0 effort Transfer military credits to LMC making it not a problem to have to take 2 weeks off for your ADT .
Inform veterans of the services provided to them through the school and in the area More campus awareness of the services available to veterans Instructors who understand that many veterans have families and that it can be challenging to balance family work and school It would have been nice to have earned more credits for my service a lot of the things I did didn t count as transfer credits and I had to take classes to things I alreadyknew fairly well and could do by heart .
I think LMC does a lot to help Veteran be successful by employing Linda Pliml to answer any and all questions about Va benefits Get rid of the stereotype that all veterans are young males We come in both genders and ALL ages Vererans should not have to take PE they should automatically get a PE credit A veterans only parking area would also be nice with having a veterans school IDHave a list of tutors with the classes they can help with and show how you can get in contact with the tutor Offer more information for employment assistance.
I think LMC does a great job helping veterans A second va rep during registration times would be incredibly helpful Put more information out to the public Maybe put info in American Legion places recruiting offices Highlight in the catalog more Have senior veteran mentors to help students transition March 2015 Survey n 24 What are your top challenges in meeting your educational goals at LMC .
My top challenges would be balancing school work and family time Maintaining the work study balance Balancing my school obligations and my familyMy only personal challenge has been time family work and school has been challenging but flexible class schedules help tremendouslyFinding enough time to get all of my homework done.
I haven t had any notable challenges Having to work full time and carry a full load plus be a single mom to two kids Finding educational programs that meet my needs LMC is a very good school but does not have programs in fields that interest me Some teachers are difficult to work withFinding babysitting.
Finding resources to assist in success Finding a tutor to help me understand what we go over in class and help it click Reverse discriminationLack of only classes in my degree programAlready working trying to find the time to continue education around work and family while trying to further my education Online classes are very helpful Not qualifying for FASFA so money is an issue but LMC is helping by in district fees for me at this time A big thank you .
A degree to add to my resume so a job application will have a better chance of being recognized Recent years of applications are a lot different than they used to be I have appliedfor several and never receive any response not even a chance for interview This is probably because the application required a long list of questions to answer about what I woulddo in various circumstances Since I know nothing about the rules and customs mandated by that business location there is no way I can answer what they expect from their rulesand business practice However what I have seen in almost all local stores including where I used to work is that customers are greatly short on good service because there arehalf as many employees available as before So my answers apply to better services customers need which may be the reverse of current business strategy Complete proper actions.
on appearance and safety is totally impossible So what I would like to do it enforce common sense that is so missing just to save money Getting out of military mode and into study school mode March 2015 Survey n 24 What are your top challenges in meeting your professional goals Finding a job that works around my school schedule All of my classes are during normal work hours which makes finding a job in the field I want to go into very.
difficult Not having the education to move up Finding educational programs that are close to home Some classes have too many locations for assignments and no notification of new assignments added March 2015 Survey n 24 .
Is there anything else we should know The veterans resource center has been a great asset It is a place in the school more comfortable than the library but quite where I have been able toget work done I have also had interactions with other veterans where we have been able to share information about resources available to us thatWe may not have know about without the interaction The process of simply getting quality answers to simple questions about the possibility of receiving any type of college credit for any type of military.
stuff It is understandable that the process of getting the credit would take time but asking the Veterans and foreign students school counselor aboutgetting credit for military shouldn t be met with a blank stare the first two times asked and then a lazy answer that is a mix of i don t know and no The veterans center at Napier needs heat in the winterI feel there should be a Veterans orientation that can show where you can go to receive help and a directory for persons of contact Also I have heardof the Veterans resource center but do not know where it is located .
8 Keys to Success1 Create a culture of trust and connectedness across the community to promote well being and successfor veterans 2 Ensure consistent and sustained support from campus leadership 3 Implement an early alert system to ensure all veterans receive academic career and financial advice.
before challenges become overwhelming 4 Coordinate and centralize campus efforts for all veterans together with the creation of centralized5 Collaborate with local communities and organizations including government agencies to align andcoordinate various services for veterans 6 Utilize a uniform set of data tools to collect and track information on veterans including.
demographics and retention and degree completion statistics 7 Provide comprehensive professional development for faculty and staff on issues and challengesunique to veterans 8 Develop systems that ensure sustainability of effective practices for veterans .
50% Army. 94% Enlisted. 82% White, 12% African American (87% MI) 9% Female (7% Mi) 22m US (658k Mi) 9/30/2013 < 20 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 ... South Haven 5%, BX 4%. Aware of VRC. 80%. Mentorship Interest. 63% Mentor, 17% Mentee (4) ... A degree to add to my resume so a job application will have a better chance of being recognized. Recent ...

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