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Watershed Analysis Detention BasinFlood Routing and Outflow Path Analysisof Rudd Creek Drainage Farmington UtahProject Location.
Cristina Nelson Term Project CEE 6440 Fall 2007 Rudd CreekDetention Basin Background The Rudd Creek canyon outlet is in.
a residential area on the East benchof Farmington City In 1983 a large flood and debris flowdestroyed 35 homes causing 3million dollars in damages .
In 1984 an emergency detentionbasin was built at the canyon mouth Berms were built along some roads and new development in the areawas restricted .
Recently Farmington City has beenasked to open development for landparcels near the canyon mouth City officials believe the Basin willovertop in the 100 year storm .
Objectives Study the Rudd Creek watershed and the detention basin todetermine the100 year flood and if the Basin will overtop Also makepreliminary flood plain estimates for the undeveloped Land Methods Delineate Watershed Calculate 100 Year Maximum Flow Rates.
Create Basin Flood Routing Model Determine if Basin will Overtop in 100 year flood Detention Basin maximum outflow rate and drainage paths GIS Data Sources 5 meter resolution DEM AGRC .
1 ft Orthophotographic image AGRC GIS Analysis Terrain Analysis Watershed delineation Spatial Analyst Slope analysis.
Statistics and Histograms Hill shade Networks Length and weighted Slope of Longest flow path Arc Hydro 9 Tools .
Terrain Analysis Trim DEM to Study Area Extract by Mask 5 meter DEM reconditioning fill sinks burn in streets .
Flow Directions Flow Accumulation Stream Definition segmentation Catchment Delineation andprocessing.
Drainline Processing Watershed Delineation Batch Point Watershed Delineation At Detention Basin Results Drainage area 0 77 mi2 Weighted Average Watershed Slope 42 .
Weighted Average Stream Slope 46 6 Longest drainage Path 13 287 ft long 100 Year Flood EventRational method Qmax CiA I is the rainfall intensity IDF Curves .
A is the drainage area 0 77 square miles Where C is the runoff coefficient C is usually determined from land cover tables This approach does not work well for steep mountain watersheds Less infiltration times on steeper slopes leads to greater C values.
C is primarily a function of Slope at slopes greater 10 Rudd Creek watershed is too steep 42 average slope Runoff CoefficientResearch Paper Rational Coefficients for Steeply Sloped Watersheds .
Cutter McCuen 2007 Where Co is the runoff coefficient at a 6 slope S is the Slope n is the manning s valueSlope function in the Spatial Analysis was used to create a.
histogram of slopes classes versus area Runoff CoefficientSlopeSlopeClassClass HistogramCELL COUNT.
0 001220703125 0 5 1 5 5 10 10 15 15 20 20 25 25 30 30 35 35 40 40 45 45 50 50 55 55 60 60 65 65 70 100 150 200 210Slope ClassesSlope ClassesUsed slope class histogram to calculate a weighted average C for the watershed Intensity.
Intensity was determined from Farmington City Engineer sIDF Curves Frequency 100 year storm Duration is equal to the time of concentration Tc Tc was calculated from longest drainage path length slope andestimated channel characteristics to be used in Manning s Equation .
Overland Flow Rainfall Intensity Duration Frequency Curve Farmington UtahChannel FlowIntesity in hr Tc Tt Tt1 10 100 1000 10000.
Duration minutes Tc 15 min 2 Year Event 10 Year Event 100 Year EventI 3 68 in hr Qmax CIA 1 200 cfs Detention Basin Flood Routing ModelModel Applied using Step Method in a Spreadsheet.
Basin Influent Qmax 1 200cfs Estimated influent hydrograph Detention capacity 14 acft Depth as a function of Storage equation Model Outlet structures to determine Outflow hydrograph Low level outlet pipe Capacity 50 cfs piped to the river Emergency overflow spillway capacity 1000 cfs modeled as a weir with.
known spillway dimensions Detention Basin Flood RoutingPeak Outflow 1400inflow hydrographOutflow hydrograph.
Q Pipe 50 cfs 1200Q Spillway 880 cfs 800Q Total 930 cfs 600Thus Basinembankment is not.
overtopped in 100 00 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000year storm Time s Flood Mapping Need more detailed DEM and surveyed cross.
section to create a HEC RAS based Flood Map For the purpose of this project simplisticmethods were used to estimate the flow path ofthe discharge out of the emergency spillway toFarmington Creek.
5 meter DEM Streets and other known smaller flow paths burnedinto DEM With AGREE DEM reconditioning Flow path Tracing Conclusions and Recommendations.
Watershed 100 year flow Q 1200 cfs Max basin outflow Qout 930 cfs Basin will not be overtopped in 100 year event Some of the undeveloped area is effected by the flowpath predictions .
The area may be able to opened for development if aBerm is created to contain flow to the streets near 500North and Main Street More accurate flood plain mapping data andanalysis is still needed .
Better estimates of the shape of the Basin s influenthydrograph could be made by studying adjacentwatersheds Questions .
GIS Analysis Terrain Analysis - Watershed delineation Spatial Analyst Slope analysis Statistics and Histograms Hill shade Networks Length and weighted Slope of Longest flow path 5 meter resolution DEM (AGRC) 1 ft Orthophotographic image (AGRC) GIS Data Sources Arc-Hydro 9 Tools: Terrain Analysis Trim DEM to Study Area (Extract by Mask) 5 meter ...

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