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Physics SkillsTim Freegarde Physics skills BECOME A BETTERPHYSICIST .
GRADUATE WITH A BETTER DEGREE GENERAL identify physics in a physical situation apply physical laws logical deduction and mathematics.
analyse qualitatively and quantitatively compare theory with experiment or predict whathappens next Physics skills1 IDENTIFY PHYSICS IN A PHYSICAL.
SITUATION parse the question QUESTION TERMINOLOGY draw a diagram representing the State What Identify Express Findinformation provided no derivation required.
Explain Describe How in words Derive Prove Show that Determinestate assumptions proceed.
logicallyIndicate Calculate Evaluate Estimatenumbers with clear assumptions Sketch.
diagram establishes problem definesparameters visualizes question fundamental principles physical laws and general.
assumptions particular assumptions approximations values regimelimitations mathematics.
tautologies which introduce nonew physical information but Physics skills2 APPLY PHYSICAL LAWS LOGICAL DEDUCTION MATHEMATICS.
STRUCTURE OF A DERIVATION diagram establishes problem definesparameters visualizes question fundamental principles.
physical laws and generalassumptions particular assumptions approximations values regimelimitations.
mathematics tautologies which introduce nonew physical information but DERIVATIONS SHOULD BE logical.
vectors symbols variables definite integrals especially 1D differentiation especially products powers functions offunctions .
SKETCH or PLOT GRAPHS label axes show asymptotes trends plot specific values label important features.
COMMENTARY required to explain logic assumptions interpretation conclusionsclarity and accuracy of language essentialhttp phyweb phys soton ac uk q... .
feedback and progress Make sure to include and label all information from attach to every set of coursework Consider errors and give values to appropriateDiagram excellent .
B RESOURCES advice in lab manuals examples in every textbookwww southampton ac uk evans PH... .
Physics skills. identify physics in a physical situation. apply physical laws, logical deduction and mathematics. analyse qualitatively and quantitatively. ... Physics skills. COURSEWORK RECORD CARD. feedback and progress. attach to every set of coursework. RESOURCES. advice in lab manuals.

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