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Web Engineering and The BaBar, 30 April 2003, Yogesh Deshpande. School of Computing and I T , University of Western Sydney. Introduction, Myths realities and challenges of Web development. An overview of the BaBar Web, Web Engineering Introduction. Web development maturity model, Review of current Web development approaches.
Non technical issues policies procedures management. Web auditing, Summary findings of the BaBar Web Review. Web re engineering, Conclusion and Future Directions. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 2, Introduction, Looking back . SLAC seminar in December 2000, Loosely translated from Sanskrit . My first contact with knowledge made me feel, That I had embarked on a world conquest and I knew it.
As I came into contact with wise people who knew far. more and were humble for that , I realised that I was a mere fool. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 4, some tenets, observations and experiments as basis. more than one way to do it Perl philosophy , to do it right . this is also a corollary of what the physicists do. If it needs doing a physicist will not wait for someone. else to do it, counterpoint many more ways to do it wrong. apply to everything tools technologies techniques . methodologies even solutions to problems, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 5.
tenets 2 , even simple rules lead to complex, behaviour Wolfram New Science 2002 . consolidation of collective experience, hence constant questioning . how do you and others do Web development , when it comes to the Web how do you know. you re doing it right , can it be improved , 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 6. We never do anything well till we, cease to think about the manner of.
William Hazlitt, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 7, myths realities and challenges of Web. development, the backdrop , Shifting Focus of IT and Apps 1 . From To, More information Focused information, Static information Dynamic information. Collecting information Sharing information, Automation and support Integration and. coordination, New technology New applications of, technology.
Information age Communication age, Words and numbers Data and voice and. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 9, Shifting Focus of IT and Apps 2 . Data processing Decision processing, Fit user to interface Fit interface to user. Proprietary systems Open systems, Programming by programmers Programming by. Infrastructure Infostructure, Burrus and Gittins 1994 .
29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 10, Application Development. People, Procedures, Data Information , Technology. in no particular order at this stage , 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 11. People end users , user ignored, user acknowledged. user tolerated, user interfaced, user driven end user computing .
user involved, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 12, end users can t win. new technologies are introduced even before, users can work comfortably with the current. new words and acronyms are flying around all, no one will train them except at the most. elementary level , 3M model set aside 10 of your time to. explore or even do nothing , 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 13.
not just a publishing medium but, a new environment for the development and. deployment of new applications, Web based systems involve a mixture between. print publishing and software development , between marketing and computing between. internal communications and external relations , and between art and technology Powell 1998 . 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 14, Perspectives on the Web.
Academic IT , Academic non IT , Government, Business and Industry IT . Business and Industry non IT , Professional bodies IT . Other professions , 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 15. Disciplinary Perspectives, Graphic design and information design. Information and library science, Journalism, Usability engineering.
Marketing, Computer Science, Technical writing, Architecture. Product management, source Rosenfeld and Morville 2002 Information Architecture . Information Systems, Software Engineering, Information Management. Hypertext community, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 16. Web Site Design 1 , Visible Characteristics, What is the purpose Collection of pages .
Functionality, Structure, Performance, User identification. Feedback, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 19, Web Site Design 2 . Invisible Characteristics, Document management, Link management. Security, Infrastructure, Information structure. Information management, Database Connectivity dynamic pages .
Dynamic pages, Dynamic content, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 20. Web Site Design 3 , Invisible Characteristics, Maintenance. Standards, Upgrades service, Organisational issues. Information ownership ODER , Legal and copyright issues Music industry . Shetland newspapers , Social and ethical issues lies propaganda .
User profiles, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 21, Web Reality 1 . need to understand contributory disciplines, Technologies. Techniques, Methodologies, and introduce innovations. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 22, W3C Initiatives 1 . Accessibility Annotea CC PP, CSS Validator Device Independence.
DOM HTML HTML Tidy, HTMLValidator HTTP Internationalization. Jigsaw Libwww MathML, Micropayments Mobile Patent Policy. PICS PNG Privacy and P3P, Quality Assurance QA RDF. Semantic Web SMIL SOAP, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 23. W3C Initiatives 2 , Style SVG TVWeb, URI URL Voice WAI.
WebCGM XForms XHTML, XLink XML XML Base, XML Encryption XML Protocol XML Query. XML Schema XML Signature Xpath, XPointer XSL and XSLT. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 24, Sockets IP TCP, JavaScript VBScript CGI. JSP ASP PHP, SQL JDBC database, Web servers servlets UML. ASP ADO COM DCOM, CORBA RMI Jini, LDAP net , 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 25.
Web Development 1 , problems, deceptive simplicity of page creation. confusion between page construction page, design site design application development. end user computing , marketing tactics of software industry. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 26, No Problem 1 , Welcome to NetObjects Fusion Since its debut . NetObjects Fusion has been the pioneer of the site wide. approach to creating and managing Web sites An, approach that other systems are still trying to copy You.
can use NetObjects Fusion to plan build and publish your. business Web site effectively , Map out your site quickly and easily. Enjoy complete page layout control, Make global style changes in seconds. Build links automatically as you work, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 27. No Problem 2 , Add exciting interactive features. Incorporate dynamic database publishing e commerce. Get over 300 in FREE bundled software, Explore the benefits of NetObjects Fusion and you ll see.
why it s the fastest easiest way to create business Web. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 28, Web Development 2 . What may go wrong, business model Web as a marketing brochure . project management outsourcing , information architecture. page layout graphics for good looks , content authoring Web vs print medium . linking, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 29, Ad hoc development.
lack of disciplined approaches, need for new methods and tools. understanding of special features of the medium. legacy systems, multimedia, user centric development. new types of applications, Education, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 30. An overview of the BaBar Web, BaBar A Community Web Site. in an Institutional Setting, Ray Cowan SLAC Yogesh Deshpande.
UWS Bebo White SLAC , for the BaBar Computing Group. March 28 2003, Overview, We propose that management and. B0 maintenance of the BaBar Web site can be, modeled as a virtual community. This BaBar community must co exist with, that of the hosting institutional Web site. SLAC and its policies and procedures, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 33.
Scope of the BaBar Web, UNIX Apache AFS some content on IIS servers. B0 Size , Documentation 30 35 GB recent growth rate of. 200 MB week, HyperNews 4 5 GB 120K postings , 80 100 postings day average 24 x 7. PubDb Oracle publications database 5 GB, Code base Program source code library 30 GB. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 34, Goals of a Virtual Community Web.
A virtual community s knowledge has both, explicit and implicit components. A virtual community requires collaborators to, communicate asynchronously. A virtual community supports the ability of, computing to represent information with new tools. allowing a broad range of different people to, understand complex or conceptual information. and participate in exploring it, 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 35.
Goals of a Virtual Community Web, B0 Site cont , A virtual community indicates an organizational. or community structure that is flexible enough to. optimize individual and group performance under, new and changing conditions. A virtual community should create a sense of, sharing experience perspective support and trust. between people working toward similar goals or, solving problems together. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 36, Personnel Organization.
Glossary Detector, Sitemap Computing, Search Physics. Hypernews Documentation, This home page is intended for our collaborators Many links require access authorization . Click the link below for our public pages which include our latest physics results . PEP II and BaBar performance data and educational and other information . B0 BaBar Public Information Visitor, The BaBar detector was built at SLAC to study the. millions of B mesons produced by the PEP II storage. ring The BaBar Collaboration consists of approximately. B0 600 physicists and engineers from 75 institutions in 10. countries This website is hosted at SLAC and RAL . Employment Employment Opportunities in High Energy Physics Employment. Opportunities at SLAC Employment Opportunities at SLAC . Links for new BaBarians Offline workbook BaBar web info Computer Access . External links HEPIC Databases PDG HEP preprints . 28 February 2003 10 36 Asymmetric B Factory workshop information and. registration, 27 February 2003 BaBar 2003 Collaboration Meeting in La Biodola Isola d Elba. 26 February 2003 February 2003 BaBar Collaboration Meeting Agenda. pdf ps html , Monday Tuesday Large Version pdf , Wednesday Friday Large Version pdf .
16 January 2003 Babar February 2003 Collaboration Registration Form. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 37, 13 December 2002 The SLAC Guest House is accepting reservations for stays. beginning 1 July 2003 , 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 38. Collaborator Physicist Produced, B0 Information, Static reference information HTML PostScript PDF text . Powerpoint Excel etc , Physics analysis documentation physics only. Publications, Presentations and talks, Detector operations and maintenance.
Computing, Physics analysis includes computing details. Planning, General interest e g scientific knowledge and advances . Education information e g photos etc , Measures of performance e g for funding . Workbook Getting Started in BaBar FAQ. Doxygen hyperlinked documentation of code base library. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 39, Collaborator Physicist Produced. B0 Information cont , Dynamic information, B0 Daily communications HyperNews .
Detector operation electronic logbook , Detector monitoring performance graphs . Performance statistics, CVSWeb software management revision. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 40, BaBar Authoring Modus. B0 Operandi, Goal To enable occasional non professional authors to. effectively produce and publish content that is tool. B0 independent and meets accessibility standards comments . Method, Minimalist approach to page authoring, A minimum of professionally designed graphics.
Basic HTML, Minimal client side programming e g DHTML . Navigation via standard BaBar wrapper, Infrequent use of style sheets. 29 4 2003 c Yogesh Deshpande 41, Conflict Resolution. Web Engineering and The BaBar Web 30 April 2003 Yogesh Deshpande School of Computing and I.T. University of Western Sydney

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